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  1. Waited a day or so in-between using fertility and breeding; no interest from my gold shimmer. Edit: Bred a silver tonight; also a fail.
  2. Random - for those who use Fertility, is there a set time you prefer to wait between using it and actually breeding the shimmers? I feel like my success increases the longer I wait.
  3. And religion has no place in politics or civil rights. Marriage is more than a religious ceremony. It's a legal contract. There are thousands of legal benefits gay couples could receive if their marriage was recognized - why deny them this?
  4. I'd say it's a 50/50 shot for me. My only gold was fairly good at breeding true repeatedly until last weekend, when I had my first fail.
  5. I only saw one metal today, a gold in the Coast just now (stared at it dumbly for about five seconds before clicking :| ). Are they slowing way down, or are people still seeing several?
  6. Just received this beautiful 3rd gen shimmer from Jewel. <3
  7. Egglocked with CB metals and my four crimson hatchies gendered as pairs, despite not being influenced. Aww, yiss~
  8. My only silver shimmer finally bred (>.>), allowing me to give it to someone for an IOU.
  9. I've never gotten close to this before. Best. Egglock. Ever.
  10. Caught a cb gold; also traded for three cb silvers.
  11. "Your Aspie score: 103 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 106 of 200 You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits" I had a feeling my results would be somewhere along these lines. I've noticed lately that I seem to act very "submissive" in social situations - I rarely make eye contact, my voice is always monotone (and raspy from disuse), I'm distracted with my own thoughts so much that I often need the person to repeat what they said, and I'm very cautious when talking to strange/unfamiliar people who aren't my few close friends. It could be the depression and mild social phobia, but I'm wondering if it's not largely in part of me being neurotypical or having some Asperger's tendencies. I agree wholeheartedly. I've got horrible ADHD (to the point where I really can't focus on day-to-day tasks without medication) and it frankly pisses me off how many college students around me treat stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin as cool study pills rather than save them for the people who actually need them.
  12. Just passed the certification test to handle my local zoo's education raptors (we currently have a Bald Eagle, American Kestrel, Eurasian Eagle Owl and Red-tailed Hawk). Put a small spark in an otherwise-depressing week.
  13. Would've gotten a gold in the desert had my mouse not been acting up. ;_;
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm surprised the original Prize Dragon Discussion Thread got to over a hundred pages before mods closed it - surely there were "chatty" posts according to their strict criteria dozens of pages back before, but from what I'd observed, the majority of them were completely harmless and still generally talking about shimmers. When mods opened the new thread it seemed way too restrictive. It was a discussion thread about shimmers - aren't internet discussions generally supposed to be "chatty" as long as it generally sticks to the original topic? Isn't that what helps the community grow together? Nowadays I rarely post in Site Discussion threads and never hold conversations because I'm frankly afraid anything I say in there in reply to someone else's post will be scrutinized by a mod and regarded as too casual and "chatty" and then bam, insta-warn. My awkward introversion and social phobia could be part of it, but the strict criteria mods have placed on some topics is a big turnoff on wanting to participate in discussions and doesn't really help the perceived rudeness thing.
  15. A kind soul just gifted me my first silver shimmerscale. You know who you are. *huggles*
  16. Managed to catch 3 or 4 CB silvers and 3 CB golds (starting to lose count ) during the month of March.
  17. My 3rd gen goldxgray shimmer hatched without getting sick at all. *knocks on wood*
  18. Thanks! I know what you mean. The highlights in the silvers, to me, make them look more shiny/reflective, though that could be because silver is already a base color for them. With the golds it's just a bright gold color for the highlight rather than that striking whitish yellow like in the egg. But hey, I'm not complaining. They're beautiful sprites.
  19. My first shimmer! And it looks like it's the first third gen from this line! Gold x gray looks better than I'd thought.
  20. BAM.. So glad the pair likes each other enough to breed successfully again after the first try! The sibling is a silver.
  21. Just caught a CB gold! Holy crap I'm at five CB metals now!
  22. Caught a CB gold yesterday afternoon and a CB silver just now!
  23. Katie92


    I would not hesitate in aborting if something went wrong. Sure, I could adopt out. That's cool. But that would involve carrying it to term. For me, it would involve living as nothing more than an incubator for nine months, having the fetus feed off of me like a parasite, draining away my energy 'till I'm constantly fatigued. It would involve gaining copious amounts of weight (weight that I've worked hard to lose), living with aches and pains I can't get rid of until the nine months are over, and dealing with recurring depression all over again, potentially to the point of suicide. Then those nine agonizing months would go out with a bang as the fetus is either cut out from my stomach or rips through my vagina. To add on the icing to that lovely cake, I'd get slapped with a pretty bill from the hospital that would drive me into debt. Now, does that mean I'll never have sex? Of course not. Sex is fun. It's a healthy way to bond with your partner. Am I selfish for wanting to abort than give birth? Of course not. I'd be being responsible because I know that I could not financially handle giving birth and the physical and mental problems associated with it (such as paying for more antidepressants, therapy, and so on). Women shouldn't have to be punished for doing something completely natural. I've decided a long time ago that I'll never have kids, not only for my personal reasons, but also because there are over seven billion people on this planet sucking away Earth's resources. I do not - and never will - want to contribute to that.
  24. Just saw FOUR golds and a silver fly by in the Desert in five minutes. o_O