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  1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/21rVu What might this 3rd gen EG PB gold be worth? Could I get a regular 2nd gen gold for it? What about shimmers?
  2. 2/10 bred true this week. ._. Sadly one was accidentally bred to a non-CB mate, so the lineage was ruined.
  3. Traded for this, watched him like a hawk, and he grew up this morning without getting sick
  4. https://i.imgur.com/ifVJeVk.jpg I put this together to try and visualize how I want to do a PB project. Am I suicidal? Maybe. Still not really satisfied with the way the colors are blended, though. I'd like a smoother transition from red down to green.
  5. *sigh* So I had an influence blatantly fail on me with this gold shimmer here. Given its value has dropped significantly, would it be worth trying to trade it for something (and if so, what could I get?) or would I be better off freezing it?
  6. *sigh* Got 2 fails and 2 shimmers out of 10 breedings. Is there a drought going on or something?
  7. In addition to Fertility, try new mates as often as you can, if possible. I'd had a horrible streak with a lumina mate for one of my silver shimmers, with nothing but no eggs/interests and fails, but the first breeding with a new mate produced a shimmer.
  8. Bred two shimmers and a fail out of ten. ._.
  9. This is a really cool breeding experiment! Tried out a (coast-dwelling) green male copper to a (desert-dwelling) female red nebula. Got a brown copper. o3o Fiona, I also tried out stripe x verdigris (both male and female) and stripe x liver of sulfur. I got: M Stripe x F Verdigris = Verdigris M Verdigris x F Stripe = Green Stripe M Stripe x F Liver of Sulfur (brown) = Liver of Sulfur (brown) M Liver of Sulfur (brown) x F Stripe = Red Stripe If anyone wants these, PM me; I need the scroll space. Edit: Just to clarify, has this been tried out with any CB tinsels or shimmerscales yet? The eggs (if tinsel/shimmer fails) would be the copper's color, right?
  10. All of my shimmers aren't cooperating. Got a bunch of no interests/no eggs and a fail. :c
  11. Getting the same errors here, or just a slow-loading page.
  12. This is ridiculous. The lag is insane. Let us turn off our damn javascript.
  13. My plan for catching, hatching and raising new eggs is going well so far; I also received this pretty.
  14. I'm having slightly better success than I thought; the internet down here in southwestern middle-of-nowhere Texas is crawling at a snail's pace. Gonna try trading/gifting a few.
  15. My gold shimmer bred a fail yesterday. :c
  16. Just traded for this beautiful 3rd gen shimmer! That gives me one 3rd gen of each color.
  17. My only silver and gold third-gen shimmers just produced shimmers. Only one more IOU to go...
  18. Would a CB Silver for a 4th gen shimmer be a good trade these days? Or could I get something better?
  19. Just bred two silver shimmers in a row after using Fertility a few minutes before.
  20. Tinsel/shimmer fails I personally hate calling them 'kins'), misclicks, needing different bred eggs, and sometimes I'll temporarily pick up caveblockers in hopes of moving the biome along faster.
  21. My 3rd-gen Jewel has given me nothing but shimmerfails. :c
  22. OH MY GOD. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Xz8wC
  23. One of my silver shimmers just came off cooldown. Kind of scared to breed it now. Gonna plop on a Fertility and try waiting a day or so...
  24. *sigh* Another fail. Wonder if we're headed toward a drought - the ratios should be caught up by now, right?