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  1. To actually have a half-decent internet connection out here so I could have a snowball's chance in hell at catching a decent-lineaged Holly in the AP. :< I'm stuck here watching them all fly by.
  2. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Katie92
  3. 2nd gen shimmer gendered correctly
  4. After months of waiting, EEEEEEEEE
  5. The wind chill was 2 yesterday. :c I'd kill for 51 degrees.
  6. After more than two years of trying, I finally summoned my second GoN! Now to figure out what stage to freeze it in...
  7. My first 2nd-gen spriter's alt. Also just caught a CB silver!
  8. Love these adults! I hope I'm not the only one that's noticed the male red-finned doesn't show its head in the lineage boxes. :'D
  9. I've been really on-and-off my scroll these last couple of weeks because of university, only popping in to breed stuff for people or make sure nothing dies. I noticed I had a new adult silver and gold shimmer, both 4th gen, and got all excited - until I realized that I owned the parents. So I bred my 3rd gens with the intent to trade them but forgot about them.
  10. Another 3rd gen gold shimmer, yei!
  11. If they're dying, there's a reason - it'd be irresponsible to get new fish right away until you can remedy the problem. What are your water parameters?
  12. One of my friends skins and stuffs birds at the infamous Cornell Lab of Ornithology for a living. They have skins of some of the rarest birds in the world, and many of them are type specimens of extinct birds (such as Ivory-billed Woodpecker and Carolina Parakeet, to name a couple). Without taxidermy we would have no way of studying these creatures. Taxidermy is a priceless tool for studying an animal's anatomy without cutting into something living, allowing us to make advances in all sorts of scientific fields. It's a priceless tool for education, also - thousands of people walk into museums every day with a little more appreciation of the natural world. Check out TheBrainScoop on YouTube; she has some great (and hilarious) educational videos using bones and stuffed specimens as examples.
  13. Finally made a blusang x gold checker! omg, portal, I need an egg from this lineage ;;
  14. I've had a little better luck compared to the last few months, got 5 shimmers out of 14 breedings.
  15. Katie92


    You can choose to use your body however you like, and I can choose to use mine however I like. You don't want me getting an abortion? Tough. You're not me.
  16. Merlin. I saw the finale a few days ago and cried for hours. :'D Still not over it.
  17. 14. 7 bronze, 5 silver, and 2 gold. Trying to keep them under 4th and 5th gen; 5 of them are 3rd gens.
  18. Katie92


    Who are anti-choice people to decide whether or nor I should have to incubate that mass of cells when I don't want to?
  19. I really hope it's a glitch. If not, at the very least I hope there's an opt-out.
  20. Best code ever. http://dragcave.net/lineage/R0de0
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    Arguing and debating points are two very different things.
  22. 3/10 shimmers bred true this week. :C
  23. In regards to the CB-metals-for-shimmers posts above, what sort of generation limit would you put in valuing a CB metal for a shimmer now since the trading prices are going a little haywire? I've been seeing them go for 3rd gens a lot, but occasionally a 4th gen or two. I'd definitely be interested!
  24. Articles for anyone starting a new tank or for those who don't know what the nitrogen cycle is and have animals that keep dying: Guide to Starting a Freshwater Aquarium Has some great info on the nitrogen cycle, stocking, filtration and such, for people new to the hobby. An article on cycling your new tank via the fishless method Also, Aquarium Advice is an awesome forum for anyone in the hobby. I prefer the Planted Tank forum, personally; I'm a live plants person. (Just an FYI for those wanting "fancy" goldfish - the general rule is that you should have 20 gallons for the first goldfish and an additional 10 gallons for each additional goldfish. They can get huge and are some of the messiest fish ever, and keeping them in communities with tropical fish (they're coldwater) is a bad idea. D:)