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    Then you'll see where we come from when we call pro-life as a euphemism for "pro-forced-birth".
  2. Congrats to all the winners! c:
  3. AAAAAAHHHHH That was incredibly fast! I hopped on the list only a few weeks ago. Thought I'd be waiting 'till next year.
  4. Bred a 3rd gen shimmer! Almost done with a short IOU.
  5. Congrats to the recent winners!
  6. Don't worry, you're spot on! It basically means that your results may differ from someone else's.
  7. Called crazy or not, it's cool you've found a creative way to deal with them!
  8. Could be due to the fact that she won a gold tinsel, which (I think?) are the rarest of the CB prizes right now. I think I heard somewhere that only one of the original CB owners is still actively breeding?
  9. No idea why my hopes were up this year; it was silly to think I, 1 of 60,000+, would win
  10. Congratulations to all of the winners! I unfortunately didn't win anything, but next year for sure. *shakes fists*
  11. Katie92


    Sex is a completely natural, healthy way to show affection between partners and can really strengthen emotional bonding. How the hell does someone not have integrity if they enjoy it? You CAN love your partner in every way, shape and form and still have an active sex life, or you can keep it casual. It doesn't make you some ****ty demon with no integrity.
  12. If I won a prize dragon, well... I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I'm sort of quiet/antisocial and rather unlucky, so the only low-gen prizes I have were traded for for an arm and a leg. I have a few people in mind I'd gift 2nd gens to; then after that I'd probably glomp gift strangers, people who have helped/gifted to me in the past, or people I've had nice conversations/trades with. And hold a creative lotto or two. Maybe with riddles.
  13. Finally made it onto the thuwed list! I can't even remember what pair I clicked, my cursor was going so fast.
  14. Just got on the breeding list for the first time! Aaah!
  15. Well, crap. It's still 11 over here in Texas and I subconsciously thought I still had enough time to make some last-minute changes. Now it's stuck in this awful half-finished state...
  16. Hhhhng. I know this is impossible given that they're both females, but still.
  17. Might I just say that this is one of if not *the* most beautiful dragons I've seen on the site <3
  18. We're kind of poor at the moment, so a bit of chocolate, some slippers and socks, a little bit of cash, and some hugs. ^^
  19. Was gifted this beauty by a kind user, and traded for this and this yesterday. I never thought I'd ever get my hands on a 3rd gen holly. Now to find a swap for one of them before holiday breeding ends tomorrow night...
  20. What would this thing be worth? It's a 2nd - technically 3rd? - gen Holly deadline, but I'm wondering if it's still worthy enough to trade for a real 3rd or even a 4th gen. I know there're some people out there who don't mind deadlines, and others who despise them. :'D
  21. Is it possible to remove items from your fort-building space? I've got some snowballs/walls an igloo I'd like to remove; I've been going all-out with an ice fortress after reaching level 25.