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  2. Not much luck on my end, either. Most of my other shimmers are spitting out shinies left and right. This is frustrating
  3. Over the Garden Wall was apparently made way after this episode was made. And you're thinking of Ivan Pavlov's classical conditioning, yeah. The way her parents treated her is downright horrific and abusive - they made her associate the bell with negative consequences (which could have ranged from anything from verbal scolding to full-blown physical abuse). They gave her so much character development that made you go from hating her to wanting to hug her ;_; ALSO HOLY CRAP DID YOU GUYS SEE THE TRAILER FOR NOT WHAT HE SEEMS
  4. Katie92

    DC Lore AMA

    Does each person own all of their dragons in the single cave on the site? How big would this thing have to be to fit hundreds of thousands of dragons (some of which are huge)? Where is it located in Valkemare? Or is it that each person has their own personal huge cave somewhere on the continent where all of their dragons live?
  5. Yeah! I was freaking out so much at the bombshell ending. The last 30 seconds were so intense. I'm so pumped. Stuff's about to get real ugly. http://www.themysteryofgravityfalls.com/countdown/ I just love how this show is nothing but continuity and subtle foreshadowing and nods to the overarching plot; it's so good.
  6. I mean, Alex has hinted in a couple of tweets here and there that the kids shouldn't be focused on romance, so there's really nothing to go off of by concluding it'll be a romance episode. That said, I have complete faith in this one being full of good character development. Also, the episode after this one will be airing on March 9th and is titled Not What He Seems. 'Nuff said. I'M SO EXCITED FOR A STAN EPISODE AAAAHHHH
  7. -15 with a windchill of -35 tonight. 8D; i have to walk home from work and i'm going to die
  8. Personally I'd go with a Valentine for now just because it's a once-in-a-year opportunity for that kind of prizekin. You can always make shinies year-round. :3
  9. A few questions, since I was on semi- hiatus for much of last year 1. How much are 3rd gen shimmers worth nowadays? 4th? 2nd? 2. What are CB pyralsprites worth? 3. CB Almandines? 4. What about undines?
  10. Woot, the influence worked and Orkid gendered female! And... has over 55,000 views?! Thanks, The_Bucket, whatever you did
  11. Eugh, that's awful. I know CB prizes are protected from sickness, but it's still kind of heart attack-inducing to see the sickness message on Orkid. ;
  12. My first PM was within minutes of me saying I'd won a raffle redraw, and I received a few more after that until I put a note in my signature directing to my profile for more info (and the dang thing hasn't even hatched yet!). They weren't annoying or anything, just one more thing I get to add on top of a stressful day. All in all it hasn't been too bad.
  13. My egg arrived eeeee Say hello to Orkid! Gonna influence it female. o3o
  14. My shimmer arrived and I got the code I wanted!
  15. Holy crap, thank you! This is so useful o3o
  16. Okay, so this is really stupid, but I still have literally zero idea on whether I want my prize (silver shim) to be male or female. I heard there were more female silver shimmers than males, but at the same time I really like some of the lineages a female could make, and then lineages males could make. :x Gaaah, what to decide...
  17. This thread is really helpful! I won the redraw, but have no idea on where to even start with picking a name, gender or even a code. ;
  18. Apparently I'm a backup winner for a CB silver shimmer... Absolutely speechless.
  19. I think these are absolutely beautiful, Pie and tiki. They might be my favorite Christmas dragons to date.
  20. I was hoping there was a thread for this series. =D It's by far my favorite animated series ever created. Just. The humor, the character development, the relationships, the mysteries - everything. Though the random hiatuses are kind of agonizing. I heard we're not getting any new episodes until February at the least (January's Disney/XD lineup didn't show anything new)...
  21. By some insanely act of stupidity and carelessness, I bred Caliphate (my 3rd gen holly x white) without realizing I was locked. >.< I caught a nice solstice, though, so I guess that's nice.