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  1. I'm permanently closing Zuko's breeding list for anything other than 2G prizeswap or 2G holly. I'm at the burnt out stage. He's a reasonably good breeder, but I'm tired of dealing with everything that goes along with trading/giving away 2G prizes.


    Anyone else close off their list, or were yours closed from the start? Thoughts on closing off a prize list?

    I'm going to close Orkid's list after I'm caught up with all the breeding, and just do spot-on trades/gifts after that.

  2. Just curious... what would be the equivalent in CB Golds of a 2nd Gen Bronze, Silver, Gold Prize?

    Depends on who you ask. There's not really a set value in them because every prize owner is different in what they desire for trades. smile.gif

  3. Did anybody else catch that the swings in the credits were the ones from Stan's mind? I had seen a theory about the rotted side of the mind-swing representing Stanley, but never actually believed it! Also right before I watched the episode one of my friends siad "I can't believe its over," meaning the episode, but I thought she meant Gravity Falls as a whole. After having a twenty minute panic attack, I googled it and found out  that it wasn't over, thankfully. But I am upset about ANOTHER hiatus. But hey, I could be into Sherlock.


    Yeah, the swings were the same! It's also worth noting that waayy back in early season 1 during "Headhunters" when Stan was so distraught at the wax figure's death, what we thought was a funny instance of him being egotistical was actually him mourning his brother. The continuity is so extreme. (source)


    The wait for summer is going to be painful. I'm so scared for the kids and their relationship.