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  1. Have: 2x CB 1 CB 2nd gen https://dragcave.net/images/el76.gif x silver shimmerscale (Orkid) Want: 2x CB Will trade 1:1! Link 1 (CB ribbon) Link 2 (CB ribbon) Link 3 (CB snow angel) Link 4 (2nd gen aegis x orkid)
  2. I'm going to close Orkid's list after I'm caught up with all the breeding, and just do spot-on trades/gifts after that.
  3. AAAAAAAAHH I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I knew LadyLyzar's sprites would make the cut. Absolutely incredible. The details, the shading, the preserving of the original sprite. They're beautiful!
  4. This game messed me up.
  5. Dunno what I'm going to do for Halloween (or Christmas); I'll probably do a trade so it'll depend on what the other person wants. Orkid's been spitting out nothing but fails for the last several months
  6. so how about that new happy episode where everything's fine
  7. Woah, I am loving these updates sprites. Can't wait to see the Silver one, too. Great job, artists.
  8. For anyone who uses Safari, what extension are you using to block the "buy a subscription" ad at the bottom of the page? Neither Adblock nor Adblock Plus do crap for me.
  9. That episode broke me
  10. Depends on who you ask. There's not really a set value in them because every prize owner is different in what they desire for trades.
  11. Anyone have any luck yet with getting prizes out of gemshards?
  12. Was an idiot and bred Orkid with a gemshard without remembering I was locked. Now it's on someone else's scroll...
  13. Just joined. This site is so much more confusing than dragcave ugh
  14. Oh, that makes sense! I sometimes swap out mates just to see if it helps or hurts, and more often than not I'll get better results that way.
  15. holy crap YES Excited to try them with gold, silver shimmer, and Heartstealing.
  16. OOOOMG, these are so pretty! I'm so breeding Orkid to a gemshard the next chance I get!
  17. One of my best friends was just disowned by her parents for being atheistic. I don't know what to do.
  18. Here we go again... *grabs popcorn*
  19. It's cloudy and 35. Booooo. but I'll take this over -10 and snowing any day
  20. Yeah, the swings were the same! It's also worth noting that waayy back in early season 1 during "Headhunters" when Stan was so distraught at the wax figure's death, what we thought was a funny instance of him being egotistical was actually him mourning his brother. The continuity is so extreme. (source) The wait for summer is going to be painful. I'm so scared for the kids and their relationship.
  21. Finally got a second gen from a green copper 6_9