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if you see something on my scroll you want then more then lightly ill trade it, forum and scroll name are the same :P HAPPY DRAGON HUNTING!!!!!!My Scroll don't click this!

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    anime, manga, yugioh, reading ect

    wish list
    prized dragons (always first priority if you have any i will want them...any gen)
    cheese dragons
    paper dragons
    gold dragons (non prized dragon)
    silver dragons (non prized dragon)
    striped dragons (priority any color)
    magma dragons (priority)
    ice dragons (priority)
    thunder dragons (priority)
    black dragons
    orange dragons (magi)
    x-mas, v-day, and halloween dragons (priority)

    i can breed if i have a slot open so if there's anything on my page that you want then let me know i will trade