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  1. I dreamed that my friends were throwing tropical fruits at me while balancing on giant orange turtles. And then they locked me up in a closet and gave me a mango but it turned into a fish. And then the closet turned into an amber color and I was attacked by chibis and I suddenly into a hole and ended up on a sea horse. Don't ask. >..<
  2. Ooh that's a cool one, Green. In California it's illegal for women to drive in a house coat.
  3. More people die from falling coconuts than shark attacks.. and in Rhode Island you're not supposed to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday.
  4. Black Ops: Well I was playing multiplayer online and my teammates were in front of me trying to keep the zombies out. So I was wondering if you could kill your own teammate in friendly fire.. So I shot one dude in the head with a sniper.. and he died.. And I was like "Oops..." xP
  5. I firgured out how to make it my sig.. Thanks earwig!! :3
  6. Omg that's soooooooo cute!! And yesh, Holo ish awesome. I like the 1st one better thank you soo much! Can I use it as my sig now? :3
  7. WOOHOO!!! Could you make me one pwetty pwease?? Username: VheleKun What image do you want on your sig?: Chibi Holo Source image link: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/213...345-438-436.jpg Any text?: No I'm not a gummy bear Anything else?: Please and thank you?
  8. I have a pretty large collectioni of manga. ^^