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  1. ooooh new drakes awesome TJ!!! Thank you!
  2. you have 2 fogged eggs at least with 0 everything
  3. Yayyy got two If you can't get your scroll to load between the database errors try going here dragcave.net/dragons /1,1,0 this is the hatchling/egg page and seems to load for me even when the whole thing wont. VERY pretty I hope they end up just as blue as their eggs that would be SOOO pretty <3
  4. caught one! Saw it for a split second and then gone LOL pretty blue one!!!!
  5. we broke it hahahah pretty eggs! No idea if I caught any or not. Kinda just started clicking and then my scroll wouldn't load lol MERRY CHRISTMAS and good luck peps
  6. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:Kara_Dark_Wolf Fully leveled. Now I wanna see it leveled bwhahahh cause ehh why not? that was fast almost rubble!!! And have decided I need a few snow kittens. Found out they lose their head when damaged bwhahahah edit;ANNNND it's gone XDDD wish the big snow dragons would damage too that would be sweet thanks!!
  7. You can throw a snowball at yourself but you don't gain any experience points 0.o it even says "you throw a snowball at your own fort..." double click buildings to delete them you'll even get 1/2 your snow back.
  8. This is an awesome idea and I like the predetermined drop down menu. As for asking to offer again there could be one that says too many eggs/things please offer these again and a check box next to each egg in which you check the ones you want.
  9. whooot! New release Thanks TJ!!!! now to try and snatch some before they disappear for months
  10. Lucky me I've been collecting these for 2 separate linages so I have more then the. usual i-happe- to-have-2-Cb-from-when-i-started-here (Hellfire x skywing, horse x Lurker/ horse dragons are awesome) Loveeee the color of these guys really hoping they are a horse shape breed <3
  11. these look like tomatos 0.o and I am doing much better today then I did yesterday 0.o caught one with only 30 min or less sitting here. I also have an extra black cap egg (day 1 release) if someone would PM me for a tele link I'd love to hand it over to someone who's been having trouble found someone~~
  12. Can't wait to see what these look like!! Not having any luck even with brand new rather fast internet o.o and this is hour 2. I can finally see every 5 min drop but I'm not fast enough to actually nab them :/ Good luck everybody and thanks TJ/ sprinters for awesomeness
  13. It will be possible!! you can get 3 of each release if you have a gold trophy and a ton of incubates just going to be super duper hetic 0.o
  14. My God!! Both species adults are BEAUTIFUL!!
  15. The adults are beautiful!!! Love the tiger like stripes!
  16. When you have nightmares about your new eggs dying(even old hat common eggs).
  17. Decided not to. The purple ones and setting up the door/path way was hard enough when realizing one piece isn't quite set right which means you have to redo all the ones after it >> But I did fence them in!! http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Kara_Dark_Wolf And Time for BED!!
  18. Thank you you can barely see him but it makes me laugh. looking back through the thread at alll the houses makes me want to redo the roof with shingles. and fense the dragons into the yard >> The houses are so awesome!!! anyone notice the codes? wrapping paper. lol (course I'm probably WAYYYY behind in noticing....*haven't been on all day since their relase at midnight)
  19. Adding my purple explosion with a holiday bird santa and rainbow chicken raindeer on the roof http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Kara_Dark_Wolf
  20. I think this is the first truely CREEPY dragon I've seen perfect for halloween, the hatchlings are rather cute unless I examine their toes again 0.o creepy little digits. perfect halloween release Thanks TJ and spriter
  21. wow 0.o I can't believe I just came across someone who is *Still* haveing a hard time catching this release so I happily handed across 3 of my midnight catches Will be replacing them as soon as they're picked up whoot! the hatchlings are cute in a ready to eat/lunge at you kind of way
  22. This, SO much this!!! Though a friday night catch is easier to manage then a tuesday night one!! The codes are epic and a good rememberance.
  23. same hatchling, different adults
  24. halloween is a free for all holiday, there is no limits on halloween dragons!! Enjoy the catching you wont lose them!! edit: DOUBLE 'd ! 0.o
  25. Clicking like a crazy person hope any eggs I clicked after being locked ended up in the AP (would be awesome, not sure if they actually go there >> ) Whoever picked up my shadow walker enjoy! Debating dumping the other one.....I don't have any more incubates!!!