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I accept and give iou's, list in my profile shows I make good on ious given. Christmas Dragons(parents) to swap/trade: CB Wrapping Wings, Ribbon Dancers, Winter Magi's, 4th gen Holly x skywing stair, Yulebuck x vine (2gen), Yulebuck: http://dragoncave.net/lineage/fYGm , Snowangels: http://dragcave.net/lineage/X7i5 , http://dragcave.net/lineage/jWh6 Pm Me!! Swapping for Yulebucks and Snowangels!! THANK YOU IceSapphyre for my beautiful holly <3 breedgif.jpg http://dragcave.net/user/Kara_Dark_Wolf

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    Somewhere, Anywhere Ninja
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    5TH gen Alcoholic x terra perfect stair http://dragcave.net/lineage/SQsCG
    5th gen Bronze Ivy x Ember Perfect stair
    6th gen Galletian Victory x F. hellfire Perfect stair
    8th gen Hypnotizing x Ember Perfect Stair
    8th gen Tanoth the Dragon King x terra also Alexandria Aurelix x terra tinselfail
    Interesting near EG lineage, is a Dorkface, and decendent of several Doctor Who lines.
    8th gen Inextra x Nebula -stair, w/1 kink..

    Whites from this(sweetling/pink x whites): http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=saUP&gen=6&mate=c4ogE&style%5Bbg%5D=y&style%5Bborder%5D=n OR sibling to white mate

    OWE: me:them

    From others
    boscodelta - icexwinter, magmaxember for yulebuck
    assassinuk: - 2 trio eggs from magmaxember or thunderxelectric

    AGREED UPON:(me:them)
    Volitaine: breed 3 RB, pick up CB RB's when I see them for: PB Shadow walker remind when halloween is near!

    IF THEY WILL I WILL: (Them:Me)

    Tirition - geode hatchling
    OnABadBet- 3 pink hatchlins for CB Gold wyvern
    basic teleport offer: my 2nd gen winter for a 2nd gen bluna
    fainewebbe my 3rd gen nebula for a cheese egg!
    Miyon - my 2nd gen moonstone for 2 low gen red eggs
    fanficlover09 - 2 gen rosebudxdream: a 2 gen sweetlingxpink
    cucu8873: IOU 09 valenite continue BL: 3rd gen PB black egg
    animalworld7 - magma 3rd gen egg for CB gold wyvern egg
    fainewebbe - CB gold wyvern for 2nd gen rosebud
    Edrawr - cb wyvern for a moonstone x sunSONG
    Painter - CB storm hatchy for CB Gold wyvern
    pisceslion - any hatchy after v-day after winter hatches
    lilysally - PB gold wyvern for CB low time ember egg
    Eldrene - 6 CB hatchlings for 5th gen gold egg <3
    Amazon Warrior - gifted 2nd gen pink/whites from sweetlings for sweetling mate project <3
    katz - 2nd gen thunder FOR: 3 CB hatclings
    Mylorite - 2nd gen geode, bluna, ridgewing for christmas
    kerolovesgunpla - magmax BS for my 3rd gen snowangel
    Kelkelen - 3 female pinks : CB gold wyvern egg
    lovenellie -2 CB terra hatchlings: CB gold wyvern egg
    Varnayrah - TINSEL egg from hypnotizing for CB royal blue
    alabaster_demon - 2 male influenced hatch- guardian, whiptail - CB gold wyvern
    amberheun - bred nebula for CB gold wyvern
    SnowSherry breed sib to this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/uHoqB for white sib to this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/RoYKU
    DragonRider13: 1 TINSEL egg from dark wolf for CB shimmer
    celis - 4 BBW hatchlings for 2 CB shimmer
    Fire-Ice-2 BBW hatch for 2nd gen geode egg

    Seraphinu Ninja'd me a beautiful silver even more special since it's the first day of the Valentines week. I shall be greatful forever! And shall be paying it forward somehow! No asking for it though. tis a special secret surprise to be ninja'd

    Thank you to these people for being very kind: <3
    Bloodonmyfangs-kindly donated guardian from Dean winchester, and a pink from sweetling
    Xythus - thanks for the 2nd gen geode! :)
    Mystericalangel - kindly gave a CB Gold wyvern <3
    sammie113 - gifted a CB gold wyvern <3
    Psykotika: Gifted a Spring from winters for a lineage project <3
    CDM: Gifted a Spring from winters for lineage project <3
    Everyone who PM'ed me with 5/21/12 eggs and hatchlings <3
    FortyTwo: 3rd EG PB black helping out my refusal problem <3

    2nd gen Gold from turpentine <3
    2nd gen silver from frill to match: http://dragcave.net/lineage/aTj2L
    3rd gen summers from 2nd springs from winters(PB seasonal)
    tsunami x ice either egg <3
    PB EG gold wyverns

    *****ACTIVE CB HUNT*****

    *****WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE*****
    metals (would LOVE low gen/CB but prob not possible :/ though once I got it I'd try to share the love)
    mates to the blacks on my scroll(match the lineage)

    Doctor Who dragons

    *****NEED FOR SCROLL GOAL*****
    CB everything. For freezing or having 5CB pairs (eventually)

    anything else rare or cool leniaged, love Thuweds.
    Check my [url=http:/dragcave.net/user/Kara_Dark_Wolf]Scroll[/url] for things you might want. I breed almost anything.
    Holiday IOU's only last for THAT holiday, and I don't do early IOU's most I do is a month in advance. Though you can request non-holiday eggs from holiday parent at any time.

    pisceslion - Raises eggs for you in return for a hatchling at a later time when you arent in dire need of scroll space :)