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  1. My biggest pet peeve is when people use/say "would of/could of" instead of "would have/could have". Very frustrating!
  2. WELL THEN. I don't really have any pictures of myself that I really like, so here's a picture of me being a creep. Yay!
  3. More people are killed by car accidents each year than the amount of military infantryman that have been killed in Iraq in the past eight years.
  4. My favorite animal is the American alligator! How could anyone not love something so adorable?
  5. Just froze my first one today actually, ha ha. Royal Blue male. I'll definitely be freezing more in the future, I like how they look.
  6. Your Forum name: foxhead Your Scroll name: naruhodou The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code: U0TDC Egg type: Split Time of Unfog: 5:49, 2/23/2012 Time of Death: 5:59, 2/16/2012 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0 This is my first experiment... Pretty excited to see how it'll go. Edit: Died. :-(
  7. I've got none so far. :-( Still trying, though!
  8. Could I have the tail and head of the Arbok on the Honchkrow? You know, instead of the Honchkrow's head and tail? I'd like it to have the shiny Arbok's colors~ If not, you can just put the Honchkrow's head on the Arbok's body. Whatever's easier for you.
  9. Pokemon 1: Shiny Arbok Pokemon 2: Honchkrow Pokemon 3: N/A Recolor: I'd like the Arbok to have Honchkrow colors please. Fusion: I want the Arbok head (without the hood) and tail on the Honchkrow. Please and thank you!
  10. My username is actually the name of my dog! My scroll is the Japanese name of the video game character Phoenix Wright.