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  1. I agree with both of your suggestions, and yeahhh, quick job in MS Paint sorry LOL (: I was also thinking of perhaps a scrollbar to pick what dragon to forward to? If you know what I'm saying? Like a drop-down menu thing. (: Not extremely necessary but it would be nice.
  2. I think, personally, that this feature would be extremely helpful and would just make scrolls easier to navigate when you want to focus on individual dragons. Instead of having to go back and click on another dragon, you could just click the arrow to go to the next dragon on your scroll. Perhaps something like this? Sorry if this has been suggested before, feel free to erase. (:
  3. I think the divider separates the eggs from previous years and this years. If this is your first year, then you don't get a divider, am I right? :/ YAY 42/42! First year participating, thanks TJ. (: My favorite is the one that shows the egg spriting process. (:
  4. Alma

    The name traders!

    Have: Orem Otso Hink Kelis Tibor ...more on my scroll Seeking: Rune Rhyme Alphabet Alma (for obvious reasons, LOL) & names fr/ KH, KH2, etc.
  5. My first was an Ochredrake stolen on Aug. 02, 2009. (:
  6. I collect bouncy balls (yes, those cheap ones they have in vending machines in dusty laundromats for only 25 cents) and classic coke bottles. (:
  7. @Darkling, I was thinking, typhlosion's body, but with pikachu attributes added to it w/ pikachu's coloring. Hope I'm making sense, LOL.
  8. Might I request another one? A Typhlosion () fused with a Pikachu()? :DDD
  9. Cute, but since I'm obviously a girl, and your avatar is a guy....no.
  10. Took the Night - Chelley (older, but saaassssy) Barbra Streisand - Ducksauce DJ X Face - Eternal Rhapsody (RECOMMEND)
  11. D'OMG! That looks incredible. Thanks so much!
  12. Hi there, I'd love to see the result of this: Pokemon 1: Luxray Pokemon 2: Suicune Pokemon 3: n/a Fusion? The major pokemon should be luxray. (: Thanks if you decide to do this. <3