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  1. I feel the same on this. They pop out too much I feel around my other metallics.
  2. Updated the OP, dragons still have yet to be updated though... Changes to the concept: -Time released will be removed. Chances rely solely on the breed. -Hatchlings have the chance to hide from you now. (Idea from Recila) -Percentages of befriending dragons have been changed. It's slightly harder to befriend dragons now. (By about 20%) -Alternate befriended dragon scroll: I'll continue to flesh out the idea, figuring out how all the percentages will work. Dragons will slowly be added.
  3. The idea may be old, but I haven't forgotten about it. ^^; Maybe I should've replied more to show that... If the people writing the encyclopedia would be willing to implement something like this, I think that'd be pretty neat. If TJ were to implement this, as well as tie it to upcoming events I think that'd be cool too. Maybe the dragons you befriend could play a role in the event? Like, if there are collectables, perhaps they could assist in the search, and grab one for you earlier than normal? I'll slowly read over all the posts I haven't and take down notes for the concept. I'll slowly update the OP over the course of the weekend. (Including adding dragon information for new breeds/and or edits on old breeds)
  4. I'm liking the look of the new eggs! managed to snag two of the gems and plated, and three of the striped. The striped egg for some reason looks familiar, but I can't think of any dragon I might've seen that goes with it… It's probably just in my head, but that makes me eager to see the adults even more!
  5. Excited to enter this year. I was originally going to continue my fantasy series and write the 4th book for this month, then this great idea popped into my head and I'm deciding to go with that instead. Instead of fantasy or some attempt at Sci-Fi, this year I'm doing an attempt at a more realistic style of fiction. I have nearly nothing planned, so I'm not saying anything here since anything's up for changing… ^^;
  6. I'm a little iffy on the jaw-like horns, but other than that I absolutely love the design! I first saw the picture, and thought it was cool enough, then I saw the video and fell in love with it, the streamers sold it. Why do they just work so well for Rayquaza?
  7. Alright, the poll time is up! Diaveborn is the winner of the 4th Hatched contest!
  8. I'll let it run for a day or two more. Not sure how many more votes it'll get in that span though…
  9. My cat caught a baby mouse alive… Now I'm caring for it. Definitely wasn't expecting to have to do that today.
  10. Yes… Yes… I do kinda agree that DC as a whole was a bit bland, but while I did like the simplicity, I welcome this change! ^^
  11. I feel I should update my list again. I felt my last one cut out a good number of ones I like. Acorn Ancient Luminescent Antarean Aposematic Water Archipelago Artistic Assassino Azure Glacewing Black Dino Blazeback Blossom Angels Bulwark Catkin Charred Citrus Cloud Weavers Coral Cyan Deep Cave (Mostly the CB) Deja Drake Diamondback Sandrunner Diver Drake Duality Earth Dwellers Earthwyrm Erselik Ethereal Eve Faerie Fear Firebelly Flame Quetzal Forge Frigate Frill-Gill Frostbite Wyrm Garden-Leek Garden-Boc Choy Garden-Mushroom Glorious Maned Glowy Ice Stalker Indigo Fire Iridescent Jade Jellyfish Jinx Lepidoptera Limpar Lotus Luminous Lupine Drake Messenger Mithril Neglected Pygmy Neotonous Opal Penguin Phoeinx Pygmy Phos Psion Dark Blue Pygmy Dino Rainbow Darters Saddleback Sand Wyrm Serpent Queen Shaggy Shellusticus Shiny Scale Silver Bell Six-legged Gila Smolderfrill Sock Soot-Faced Spacewarper (I NEED THESE) Stardust Stratos Strelitzia Sugarpony Tawny Themian Threadwing Toxic Tropical Seadancer Twin Royal Utopia/Dystopia Whitewater Wildfire Worm-Grunting Zmey
  12. Yes! Always open for more egg slots! No matter what it always seems you never have enough.
  13. Ever dreamed of creating your very own dragon egg? Well then, here's your chance! For this contest, you will be given a theme and have to create a unique dragon egg that adheres to that theme. Each artist will be given two weeks to create their egg and then post it here to be voted on. Rules: 1. Each user may only submit ONE egg design per contest, no exceptions. 2. Eggs must use the standard egg format for DC. 3. Eggs must be your original design, no copying! Those who copy eggs will be disqualified and will not have a chance to participate in the poll. 4. Artists will have 2 weeks to complete their designs and submit them. There will then be a poll to determine the winner. 5. Be creative, and have fun! All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on September 10th to be considered. The theme for this contest is: Minerals/Gemstones Prizes: The winner may ask for any egg to be bred off my scroll and given to them. Previous Winners: gloryKAT HawktalonOfRiverClan Floralpikmin99 ENTRIES: - diaveborn "This egg is made entirely of peridot." -MessengerDragon "This emerald spotted egg has a ruby centre." - Tiga "This smooth egg is milky white and green." - Fiarlie "This pearly egg shimmers in the light" -PonyFalls "This egg is made of thick Sapphire covered with hard rock"
  14. Thanks to everyone who voted! ^^ Well, HawktalonOfRiverClan contacted me and said I could host the next one. I'll post the new topic once everything's sorted out. ^^
  15. The hatchling I definitely recognize! I know what this dragon is! Oh man, this is awesome, I finally get to see a dragon I watched be made in the cave! =D
  16. Oh my, something about these eggs looks familiar... If they are what I think they are I'm going to be super happy!
  17. I just added the three new dragons onto the list. I would like to know if there are any dragons I've missed…
  18. "This flaming egg is strangely covered in frost." Obviously Fire and Ice. I'm probably going to use this for a topic sometime… I like how it turned out…
  19. Dang, I lost a pretty lineage that had a few Thuweds in it… =/ Oh well, at least I was still able to freeze the ember I had to before it grew up, so it wasn't a complete loss. ^^;
  20. It's always been shot down to actually use Wild dragons. As for a points based system, I feel it just makes it harder to gain the trophy. Considering how it's just a side thing it should remain easy and simple. While I like past dragons potentially remembering you, I agree it might be hard or perhaps impossible to implement. Also I think the way it was meant to be implemented was that it was the same chance for everyone. Even if they were to get a dragon's code that was relatively easy to befriend, it's not to say that it would be the same outcome for them. Now I do hope the upcoming encyclopedia does shrink the neutral list. Aaaaaand I also forgot to add the new avatars to any of the lists. Here are the categories they are in: Friendly/Playful: Avatar of Change Gentle: Avatar of Creation Agressive: Avatar of Destruction
  21. Alright, slightly bringing this back… I updated the OP with new dragons and such, and added the limit as suggested earlier. If there are any dragons I missed please tell me. ^^
  22. Oh gosh… I actually learned anatomy and how to shade on this forum. I think if it wasn't for this forum, my sprites and other art would be nothing like they are today (Those hind legs used to be the death of me, and now I understand completely how to draw them.) I also learned patience… Lots of patience… Not just from the forum, but the main site as well, especially near new releases, or if I had a dragon request up. X3
  23. It's mostly Pokemon art and my own fanfic, but here. ^^ http://floralpikmin99.deviantart.com