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Wishlist: Ungendered Neglected Dragon and Staterae, will breed, catch, do IOU for them. 

😊I'm happy to breed any BSA dragon, if you need any feel free to PM me😉

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    I'd die of happiness:

    Ungendered Neglected Dragon :o Any Lineage

    2nd Gen Prize dragon *-*

    Always want: Stateraes

    Owe Shadowdrake 20 common/uncommon hatchlings
    Progress = 21/20

    Owe tjekan 10 Balloon CB Hatchlings.
    Progress = 10/10 = Done

    Owe Imbecamiel 1 CB Red Dorsal = Done

    Form for requesting BSA Dragons:

    Breed: Pink, Red, Magi, Purple, Green, Ice, Thunder, Magma.
    Lineage: 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, Stairstep, Even Gen, Other, Any.
    Amount: 1 or 2

    Please be unlocked when requesting.

    Have in mind that some of my Legendary Trio dragons are bipolar and give me eggs only when they feel like it.

    Some of my BSA Dragons already have set mates.

    I can catch CB's if I'm able, but I will offer them myself, don't ask me to catch them.

    I like pretty lineages therefore I refuse to breed messy and/or inbred eggs.

    I dislike impoliteness so I ignore PM's that are short, unexplained and/or in a disrespectful tone, otherwise I always answer PM's.

    Wait list for Magma:

    MagnusMango - Lineaged - Sent 4oir9

    Lineage projects:

    Rainbow lineage project: