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  1. Here's the sad part: I understood the majority of that.
  2. You know i've noticed that too. You make a very good point there. That even got a laugh out of me
  3. *nods* I know. It's cause CHOCOBO'S ARE AWSOME!
  4. Who cares? Chocobo's in RL would be EPIC! Screw cars! Everybody would be riding chocobo's to work and school! though i suppose that would mean we'd have to worry about Chocobo Eaters...
  5. Omg... it has come to this... i'm afraid.
  6. And he DOES have spikey yellow hair... OMG CLOUD IS HALF CHOCOBO!!!
  7. Which is understandable. The shading problems like what kind of shading problems? Maybe i can help, i'm a bit of a graphic designer myself.
  8. what part in 8 are you stuck on? I've probably beaten the game at least 5 times. I will willingly help you out. As i'm sure others here would and have. Ok so you don't have a lot (two words, not one) of GF's or good Items. Do you have the high end weapons? Or at least Aura Spells? Also do you have Cerberus? Because if you have Selphie with Aura and you do over enough times your bound to get The End. An Auto-Finish FOR EVERTHING. It is basically an auto-win tool. If you combine Cerberus's Double/Triple you can basically cast a full Aura on the party and spam limits untill your a higher level. And have learned some good abilities. Plus the bosses in Pandora have some of the GF's that you may have missed earlyer on. I don't recall exactly which boss has what but i know for sure that when your fighting Tiamat that you want to use Draw on her. Because you will be able to Draw Eden. The godlyest most OP GF in the game. Your not exactly screwed but you'll be having a tough fight throughout it. I cannot wait untill March because then FFXIII comes out in North America! I will likely be camping out to get one and a PS3. BTW what have you guys heard about FFXIV? From what i have heard Square is going with PS3 exclusivly again.
  9. The egg would be easy enough to do. The sprite should be interesting. I'd love to see it when you have it done. The Adult should also be interesting to see. We need more people working on this!!
  10. FFXII does have the character development of some of the other games, which makes me dislike it. But it is still good IMO
  11. Ok well... if we can come up with a hatchling form, an adult form and an egg for it, then i'll gladly post it in the suggestion thread for the eggs.
  12. I toatally agree! still there needs to be a chocobo egg. And lol breeding pygmy with a chicken. That would be interesting to see.
  13. Know what i think: I think that Dragcave should have a CHOCOBO EGGIE! That would be sweet! And i agree, you can never have to many chocobo pictures!
  14. I was the same way when i first played Blitz, then i got addicted and craved to be better at it. Now, i am 245 and 0 in my new file
  15. I am a HUGE fan of the Final Fantasy Seris. Probably one of the biggest out there.... My all time favorite is of course, FF7 (It was the game that got me into gaming of course im going to love it!) But 8 was rather enjoyable and regardless of what people say, I liked FF12. I thought it was well done. You wanna start a flame war over it? Go ahead, you'll be fighting a one person war.
  16. CHOCOBO'S ARE THE BEST ANIMAL IN ALL OF FF! I say this and i believe it! Chocobo's rock! and there so cute! I have never met anybody who has played FF and did not love the chocobos! Btw which game's chocobo's are your favs? My personal favs are probably 12's even though the Black and Red ones are hostile.....