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  1. Before Vik could even protest against the autopilot, he was send away. A few moments later the SPIT hitted ground. The impact of the transport ship caused great clouds of dust around the area. Just when Vik exited the vehicle the stalker landed, causing another cloud of dust to rise. When the dust had fallen again Vik watched the area. It looked just like the desert-like area where the academy was in. "So... this is where i get my training? It looks just like where we were before." The stalker smilled and said:"We aren't there yet. We, well actually only you, have to walk to the other side of those mountains." "What mountains? i don't see any." "You will after one day walking. Now give me your weapons." Vik handed his lightsabers to the stalker. "Bad quality weapons." the stalker said after inspecting them "you'll get a better one soon." After having said that the stalker cutted Viks lightsabers with his own. "You need to learn to survive first. Learn to see the weapon in every object. Here this is all you get from me." He threw a bag to Vik. in it were two bottles of water, one small first aid kit and a lightstick. " You will need everything in that to survive. As i said your training will continue on the other side of the mountains. You will know where to go when you are near. Oh yes, one last advice: don't go near water." With those words the stalker activated the autopilot of the first ship and flew away with the other just seconds after.
  2. "Just great" Vik thought while walking out of the arena. "And i didn't even want to become a stalker in the first place. How did i end up in this mess again?" At the gate the human trainer looked to Vik. Vik felt the hate in the mans eyes, Atkis was their favourite. but Vik knew the trainers wouldn't dare to do anything to him, for their fear of the stalker. With his head full of thoughts Vik watched the last few duels. They were certenly more interesting than the fights planned first. But Vik didn't care, he thought about the next day. What kind of training would he face? At that moment he realised he still had the lightsaber of his former opponent in his hands. He decided to keep it together with his own "You never know..." The next morning he was ready at the given time. At this time of the day the building was filled with darkness. Because only a few people were awake at this time they decided to save energy and put most of the lights off. "Mhh where do i go now? the damn stalker didn't say where i am supposed to go to." Vik said against himself.
  3. Vik had to admit that he secretly admired the efficiency of the stalker. Every move he made was calculated and controlled. And the speed frightened Vik a bit, but still he said: "What do i have to win battling you? If i lose i'm dead, if i win i just show what everybody allready saw in my duel against Atkis. Because i know you all wanted and expected him to win this duel. As i said before: you saw him as a perfect stalker. And i've beaten him. Also as soon as i defeated you a horde other stalkers would probbebly come in the room and cut me to pieces as revenge of your death. So i won't fight you, all i can do is lose."
  4. "And, if you are ok with that sir Stalker, we shall put both candidates on a different part of the course" said the Muun "On this way we will enjoy a nice hunt instead of just the removal of the weaklings. We will enjoy a hunt of the predator and the useless struggling of the prey." While saying this the eyes of the muun slid from Atkis to me. The stalker just nodded. "Great, now Atkis has the opportunity to become a stalker, he will become unstopable. I have to kill him as fast as possible" Vik thought "wounds or a lowered stamina won't slow him down, but it will to me." Vik and Atkis both were brought to another place in the room. Vik tried to visualise the duel. He knew Atkis was reckless because of his power, but not stupid enough to just run into an ambush. He would probably stay in the middle of the room, staying away from the walls. So an ambush was not the right tactic here. Atkis would get the attention of most of the lasers though. With this in mind Vik finished his strategy. "We will see who will be the predator now" said Vik. On that moment the signal was given that the duel started. Vik immediately began climbing the walls, meanwhile slowly using the force to conceal himself. He knew Atkis could still see him if he looked straight at him, but that was not likely going to happen. As expected Atkis stood in the middle of the room between two metal blocks, defending himself against the lasers who fired at him. "Thanks for drawing all the atention towards you" Vik thought. "This makes it easyer for me." Vik climbed slowly to a ledge that hung that was the nearest to the center."Vik, you coward! come and experience your fate like a real man"Atkis shouted. On that moment Vik decided to begin his attack. He jumped from the ledge towards a metal rod that was closer to Atkis. Using the force as balance he walked on the rod. Only than he reached for his lightsaber and jumped towards Atkis. Even before Vik landed Atkis allready turned towards Vik. Smiling viciously Atkis begun to launch attack after attack. "How long do you think you can hold me Quarren?" Atkis asked. The attacks of Atkis were easy to defend, but still the fear of losing crept into his heart. "You know i'm stronger Quarren, why don't you just give up now, and i'll make it quick for you." Atkis continued. With the courage of despair Vik launched an attack, and to both surprise Viks lightsaber cutted through Atkis right arm. The arm he used for his saberfighting. "The first wound is one of yours Atkis and you will get a few more soon enough."Vik replied. Atkis moved his lighsaber to his other hand and laughed maniacally. "I've just started Quarren." He jumped back and he used the force for throwing blocks and even the laserturrets towards Vik. Vik evaded the obstacles, but he couldn't defend his back now. And sure enough he was hit on his shoulder by one of the lasers. "Now were even" Atkis shouted. "Just a fleshwound." was Viks answer. Vik than saw an opportunity. He closed the gap with Atkis and pretended he would make an attack towards Atkis head. Atkis reacted automatically by raising his saber. But instead of going for Atkis head, Vik quickly turned his attack and wounded Atkis leg. With an growl full of anger Viks opponent reacted by cutting in Viks shoulder, the one who was wounded allready. Atkis than dropped his weapon and begun to throw lightning towards Vik. Vik couldn't evade it. Collapsing of pain Vik heard again Atkis talking "you had a few nice actions there Quarren, but you see you are no match for a real Sith like me. So why don't you just give up now. It makes things so mutch easyer for you. Not that i don't enjoy doing this, but you know i have an appointment with a sith stalker. You are no match for me, so just give up." With those last words he again threw lightning towards Vik. Vik did not fall for the same trick this time. Vik jumped away and threw his lightsaber towards Atkis, using the force to keep his sword focussed towards his target. As a missile it pierced Atkis in his chest. Atkis felt down on his knees with a surprised look. "How is this possib.."were his last words. With an grim look Vik walked towards his nemesis and took both the lightsabers. "I won" he thought "but the sith just lost here, Atkis could have been a good addition if he just had a lot more training." "You all thought i was going to lose from a guy who you all thought he was THE perfect sith stalker. So if this is all for being a stalker, hah than i'm a stalker for years allready. Even my old combat teacher who teached me being a bountyhunter could have been a stalker, and he didn't had a force connection. A feared striking force, don't let me laugh. Than i can better establish a new elite corps, thats better for my reputation. Elite within the elite hah!" Said Vik to the people watching. ((wow, it turned out to be quite a long story , and i wanted to keep it as short as possible. Ah well i hope you enjou reading all of it ))
  5. Found myself another Dorkface egg
  6. Than another trainer stpet forward, a human this time. "This last test is important. Not only we test if you are ready, but we also dertermine the future path for those without a master. If you hear your name step in the middle of the arena. When you both are inside, everything inside the arena is allowed. The first two are: Er-II and Leonaro." Two humans stept forward. this was hardly a fair duel. Er-II was considered to be one of the strongest of the year, while Leonaro was considered to be one of the weakest. This went on for a while. Most duels were over before they begun. There was only one duel that was interesting. Both fighters were as strong, and in the fight they both were wounded. one lost his hand, the other lost one eye. But neither of them got the upperhand. After an hour of them fighting the trainers decided to make an exception. Both may leave the arena alive, but in future they would have to do everything together. Slowly the amount of people on Viks side of the arena decreased. He gradually began to worry. Most of the people still sitting were almost twice as strong in the force as Vik. Vik wasn't strong in the force, he was able to survive the first years of the training due his knowlegde and skill of weapons. He easely mastered the art of lightsaber combat. But the first step of telikinesis took him over a month to master, while the rest mastered it in a week. At that moment the Muun trainer called Viks name....and Atkis a Zygerrian. It was widely known the trainers had a place in the inquisitors in mind for Atkis. He was strong, but lacked skill in combat. In theory it would be even matched, but at that moment the human trainer said: "what do you think people? I'm bored of this place. Shall we have the next fights in the Battle room?" The sound of cheers filled the arena. Now Vik began to fear for his life. The Battle room was the training room was an assault course, filled with obstacles and lasers. There were lost of places to ambush and a lot of loose blocks that could be used to throw. This was the ideal place to fight for Atkis. Vik would have to defend from lasers, the lightsaber and from the blocks. When they arrived in the room Atkis whipered:"I don't know how you survived the first years, but now i will make sure you will never become a real Sith."
  7. Meanwhile Vik regretted the day he became a Sith. After his initiation Darth Shadonis sended Vik to the planet Korriban. On that planet the dark force was strong, that's why the Sith lords decided to place an training facility here. Due competition each apprentice would get the best out of itself, and those who were to weak would be selected soon enough. On the academy they teached how to use the lightsaber and many other types of weapons and the basics of using the dark force. After three full years the appreantices would go back to the lords who recruited them to get their final training of them or they would go to another training facility where different kind of classes of Sith were trained like Inquisitors, Warriors and the feared Stalkers. Vik was in the last year on the academy and he hated it. He hated the strong adepts for waisting their force to pick on the weaker. He hated the weak for existing and the teachers for being so sadistic, he hated the planet for being so dry in comparison to his home planet and finally he hated the way the Sith wasted everything. Although he hated the weaker adepts, he saw that even they could have a use for the Glorious leader other than being dead. Now the teachers demanded all the third year apprentices to come to the Blood Arena. Vik wondered why, usually that room was used for official duels. When they all sat down in the Blood Arena one of his trainers, a Muun, came forward and said: "Congratulations aprentices for surviving the training so far....You will now get your final training: a duel between either of you. You may leave the arena only when you or your opponent is dead." ((it wouldn't make sense for a sith to appear suddenly on a planet size computer which location is only known by a handfull, so thats why a new storyline))
  8. I have a 16th generation Dorkface and it can be leaded back to Midas Dorkface (so no fake). Ilia Dorkface
  9. i guess i enter this Rp too: and so it seems as one of the few bad guys. Name- Vik Mearis Age- 22 Gender- male Race- Quarren Class- sith Cause- revenge on jedi (evil) Rank- sith aprentice Personality: Distrustfull, lone wolf, thoughtfull, full of anger Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/4/...uarrenNEGAS.jpg Clothing: He wears a dark blue version of a sith armour that looks like: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2010...Warrior-TOR.jpg (without the facial part) Weapons: lightsaber and lightwhip Lightsaber Color: red Force abilities: - Force Fear - Force Phantom - Force Speed - Force stealth - Saber barier Short History: His parents were traders who were active on the black market. They lived on a planet that was close to one of the jedi training centers. One day the jedi came to put a stop to the illigal activities so close to them. Viks parents refused to stop and in the conflict that followed both Viks parents died. At that moment the jedi didn't notice the force within Vik. The nine year old Vik searched for a new home and found it in a criminal organisation where his parents often traded with. The gave him tasks, and later teached him to become a bountyhunter. When he was 19 he got the task to hunt down a Sineteen sith lord called Darth Shadonis. The sith lord beated Vik. He felt the force inside Vik. And instead of killing him he offered him a training. To enter that training he had to kill the man he saw as his second father: the crime boss. Now he feels the hard training of his new trainer and is almost ready to get revenge on the jedi. Other: Vik is very skilled saberfighter. He uses the version 2 of the combat: the elegant but deadly accurate version . Count Dooku did the same kind of lightsaber duelling. ((ps can anyone tell me short what is happening on the planet that has to be stabilized?))
  10. I'm playing: Roma Surrectum II (a beautiful Rome total war mod), Mount and blade warband and Warhammer 40000 Dark Crusade