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  1. Been working on this for about a year, finally done! Forum name: Foxpaw Lineages you made: I am the Ill Intent - Marvel's Daredevil Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Not currently.
  2. TV Shows -Daredevil (Netflix) -Jessica Jones (Netflix) -Stranger Things (Netflix) -Vikings -Doctor Who -The Originals -30 Rock -Parks and Rec -Constantine (I know it was cancelled, but I refuse to let go!) -Psych (Series ended, was so good!) -Justified (Series ended, but still one of the best shows I've seen) -Burn Notice (sigh. Throw it on the Series Ended pile) -The Santa Clarita Diet -Haven (also ended, still rewatch when I'm in the mood) -Buffy -Gotham Movies -Princess Bride -The Avengers -Captain America: Winter Soldier -Thor: Ragnarok -Airplane! -Blazing Saddles -Aliens -Star Wars (Original Trilogy to New Trilogy. NO PREQUELS!) -TMNT (1990) -Deadpool -Tucker and Dale Versus Evil -Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them -Lion King -LOTR trilogy -Just about any MCU movie except for the Hulk movies
  3. Ooooooh, I forgot about the SWs prequels. Those are truly abominations! I think my brain is trying to protect me by erasing them from my memory. 'I don't like saaaaaaaaand!' No. Best to leave the prequels in the past with all the other wretches of movie Mankind. Like the first Star Trek movie, and Waterworld.
  4. I've gotten through a lot of horrible, trashy movies by watching the MST3K/Rifftrax versions, but even those couldn't 'save' Manos: Hands of Fate. Literally the worst film I have ever watched in my entire life. Couldn't finish it even with the guys mocking what was happening. Sometimes there's refuge in awfulness (Sharknado types), but this... no. Other movies on my No list: Twilight and all subsequent sequels/knockoffs (50 shades of awful included). These are not vampires. Spiderman 3. First movie: good. Second movie: great. Third movie: raging dumpster fire what happened, guys? Eragon. Still not over that one. The Happening. What the was this? The Last Airbender. My sister, the biggest Avatar fan in my family, still refuses to talk about it. That Fantastic Four movie. You know the one. If you don't, consider yourself lucky. Cat Woman. No 'horrible movie list' is complete without it.
  5. See, yeah, that's what I thought, which is why I just binged everything else. And then I watched season 2 and, aside from some name drops and a minor cameo by Foggy from DD, there was very little reference to the rest of the shows. It was just the first Jessica Jones season you had to watch. I'd assumed with all the craziness that went down in Luke Cage, Daredevil, or even just in Defenders, that there'd be more, but nah. It's pretty self contained. Which is nice in a way, since it means you don't actually have to watch 80 episodes or whatever of all these other shows just to see the second season, at least of JJ, and so my marathon ended up being mostly for fun (not that they had to twist my arm for Daredevil and Jessica Jones; they're my favorites anyway). Next season she has, I might just re-binge her own series and give myself a little extra free time for things like sleeping and eating.
  6. Last two weeks or so I've been re-bingeing all the Netflix Marvel shows in prep for Jessica Jones season 2 - so I ran through Daredevil, JJ season 1, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders (Already did Punisher when it came out, so that was recent enough). Got that done in time and binged the new Jessica Jones season in about two days. I'm now side-eyeing Supernatural, but there's so many episodes that it's a little intimidating thinking about catching up. I'll probably chew that one down in bits and pieces. Gotta find something else in the meantime. Maybe Santa Clarita Diet since that has a new season coming out soon...
  7. Turkey. Oh God, the turkey. Dad's got a special, secret recipe he's perfected over the years for the basting sauce, and the turkey gets flipped twice while cooked to keep it all moist inside. It's amazing. When it finally comes out, we're all hovering around like vultures vying for a piece of the turkey. Dad always has to fight us off with a spoon. Also, Pumpkin pie. Yes!
  8. According to the IQ test, I got 93. Hooray! I'm apparently an idiot when it comes to silly math problems that have no practical purpose and questions focusing on the exact things my body has trouble answering! VIVA LA LOWER IQs! \o/ Just you wait. When the oil runs out and you're all struggling to get around, I'll be the one - with my redneck IQ and life experiences - riding the horse and stealing your supplies, galloping off into the sunset as I continue to not give a about IQs. Me and the Australians*. *salutes* *and that one little country above South Africa, if that map is to be believed.
  9. There's a major ick factor for me in the idea of immediate family inbreeding, I'm not going to lie (when I watched Supernatural, I avoided the fanfics like the plague. Waaaay too much incest going on there for me, gave me the same squicky feeling). I'm in agreement with some of the others, once you start getting into first, second, third cousins, etc, things get a little foggier. Even just genetically speaking, with immediate inbreeding, seems like too many problems would arise (there's a rescued horse at the farm I ride at, was inbred to an insane amount. He's as neurotic as they come, despite his owner being an experienced trainer). And it may take years (or in some cases, generations) to see the genetic consequences take effect. I wouldn't wish that upon children. :/ I don't know enough about genetics to guess how it works out with more distant inbreeding. Someone's great-great grandcestor marrying a cousin doesn't phase me, though doing it now might cause me to lift an eyebrow.
  10. This does help, thank you! We've been wondering how we could work on this with him for some time, and there are days poor Dad just throws his hands up and lets Ranger go sit outside until one of us comes downstairs or home from wherever we are. Ranger has gone on half-way 'hunger strikes' in the past, so to speak. If my mother, who he is most attached to, goes on a business trip, he won't eat breakfast AND there are nights he won't eat all his dinner for as long as she's gone. Even when he stops eating in the mornings, despite a girl's presence, he usually starts eating all of his dinner after 1 or 2 days of this because he gets hungry, fortunately. We'll keep an eye on him nonetheless, while we try this (we're open to anything at this point, since food is usually the motivator!). We'd like him to be a stable, happy dog and this does not speak of stability. :/ I hadn't thought to use one of us girls showing up as a reward for him when he shows any signs of improvement, that actually seems like a good idea and makes sense. What is it the Dog Whisperer says? Consistency with rules, boundaries and limitations? I think we can get the consistency down, this will just require a slight modification in our behavior already (Food goes away when a girl comes down if he doesn't show any interest, instead of just taking it away after a while; also we start using us gals as a reward). It's the showing weakness that we'll need to work on! Dad gets frustrated and the rest of us can feel pity, that's not what Ranger needs. We shall try this solution for a while (a month or more) and see if we get results! *salutes* (never thought I'd find good advice about it on a dragon cave forum. )
  11. Foxpaw

    A Wrinkle in Time

    I am always amazed, no matter how many times I read them, how much things are connected. Like you said, she takes these million pieces, things that seem to have no relation whatsoever, and ties them up in a way that just makes sense. Gaudior connects a boy a thousand years ago with Charles, the Cherubim (What was his name, in Wind in the Door? I can't remember) fights evil on the tiniest scale in order to cause change on the largest scale (thus allowing Charles to be around for the events of Swiftly Tilting Planet), Wrinkle connects things billions of light years away (and time) to what's going on here on Earth... how long did Madeline L'Engle take to work out these connections? The books always find a new way to blow my mind. Though I don't think I'll ever totally understand the idea of a tesseract. Too advanced for me. Many Waters was not my favorite just because, I agree, I liked Charles Wallace. But I guess other characters need some time in the limelight too. At least Charles, arguably, got two of the four in the series (The first, though it had Charles, seemed more about Meg). -waves hands- I didn't like it enough to keep it with my other copies of her books, so I haven't read it in forever. I usually skip it when rereading but it's fun to read at least once. And I'd recommend at least A Ring Of Endless Light if you're going to read one of her other books outside the Time Quartet. Then again, maybe I'm just biased because I like dolphins...
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    A Wrinkle in Time

    I read Wrinkle in Time when I was... hm, maybe 9 or 10. A little bit of the physics went over my head, but I enjoyed it a lot, enough that I ended up with the rest of the Time Quartet. I can re-read it now and understand more of it, fortunately. But I don't think an understanding of all the physics mentioned in the book is needed to enjoy it. That's part of the mystery. I'm with Babylon2260. I think Swiftly Tilting Planet is my favorite (I was so fond of Gaudior). Wrinkle and Wind In The Door are tied, I think. I haven't read STP or WITD for a while, I'll have to go back and re-read them now. Nothing like 10 years of perspective. I've read Many Waters. It's... certainly an interesting read. Wasn't my favorite of the quartet, but it's still very well written. A little sad. It feels a little different than the other three, though it still has a kind of time travel like the first three. Oh! A Ring Of Endless Light was amazing (though I can't ever stop picturing one of the characters as a young Sam from Supernatural since I saw the movie once, tyvm Jared Padalecki. ). I don't own that book, sadly. I have the one after that, though - Troubling A Star. Not bad, if you liked the characters from Ring Of Endless Light.
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    I see some other riders here. Hi! *waves* For about year I've been working on barrel racing. Before that, it was 4-5 years of just traditional Western riding (with English style in the beginning to teach balance). For non-riders, barrel racing is where a rider and a horse circle around three barrels, following a clover-leaf pattern, and back to the start in as quick a time as possible. Good teams can come within inches of the barrel without touching it, and the horse is relying on you to keep upright and hold your balance, because he's turning on a dime and leaning towards the ground. You lean with him, you AND the horse are going down. If you haven't seen it, I recommend taking a look. Good barrel races are fun to watch. I used to dance, wasn't for me. Played soccer as a kid, also wasn't for me. My idea of athletics was riding my bike up and down the street, didn't really get into anything organized until I started riding. I like watching football, I can follow a baseball game. LOVE watching PBR. As for basketball and soccer, I just know that ball-in-net=goal.
  14. We have three dogs, two GSDs and a Labrador. Our eldest German Shepherd, Ranger, has some... neurotic behavior when it comes to eating food. We think he might have been neglected or possibly abused before we got him as a puppy, because he's always been sort of scared of men. Took my dad forever to earn his trust, whereas he just latched onto my sister, me, and my mom. Now to get to the problem. My Dad's usually the one who feeds the hounds in the morning, and gives them their morning pills and cheese. If my mom is not home (like, you know, off to work) and I or my sister are sleeping (so, to Ranger, it's like there are no girls in the house), he refuses to eat his breakfast. He will not take the pill and cheese from my dad. He goes out into the yard and sits. He will sit for hours until one of the girls gets up. Then he comes back inside, will eat, and behaves as if nothing ever happened. And there lies our conundrum. Obviously, Dad can't seem to win him over with food in the morning. He gets fed in the evening with no problems, no matter who feeds him. It's his switch back to completely normal that's a little strange. He is 4 years old and he had a few other odd behaviors we've had to train or fix, but this one's quite puzzling to us. Any ideas?
  15. That sounds amazing. I grew up in the city and moved to the country later, so I didn't get to run around in nature as much as I would have liked. Got out here and was like, 'wth, why are there so many trees here?'. But it means I get more enjoyment out of the native wildlife and the seasons here than some of my native friends. I know, right? But they were the only ones who would play the games I wanted to play. I would tolerate their idiocy if they would let me be the Red Power Ranger and play pokemon. Fellow 21 year old here. Pokemon and beer (That's actually a lie. I hate the taste of beer)! I'm hoping to have a big yard eventually too, but mostly because I want a pack of dogs and children running around. Nothing is healthier for a child than running with the dogs! Teaches them speed and how to avoid tripping over the gallivanting hounds. Or that's how I was raised, anyway. And it'll have to do, I couldn't build a tree house to save my life.
  16. I have an old GBC, a DS Lite, an old gameboy advanced hanging around here somewhere, a Wii. And of course, my beloved PC. That's where I spend the most time gaming. With all it's purty graphics... Can't take advantage of Dragon Age's graphics without a PC!
  17. ^THIS. My early years, despite being a little girl, revolved around the Ninja Turtles. My parents got tired of the movies, I watched them so much. And I was a Ninja Turtle for Halloween when I was 3. And that was when my mother gave up on me ever being a princess for that holiday. I was kind of an active, slightly boyish girl. The three families who were closest to us back then all had boys, no girls. One of the dads, when he was watching me and his boy, would throw a ball for us to bring back to him. Points for pushing and shoving and knocking each other down to get to it, and that was before I was 4. And the three brothers - all older than me - of another family taught me to climb and run and throw rocks, play with toy guns, etc. I had more action figures than barbies. Typically, one of the barbies I DID have would be captured by the enemy (dinosaurs and and monsters, usually) and the good guys - Power Rangers, Godzilla, dragons, a Warf action figure (Star Trek: TNG FTW!), etc - would have to rescue her. I took a barbie horse and named her Argo after Xena's horse. I played Xena a lot, come to think of it. Had my toy sword, ran around trying to make that lalalalalalala sound. I had a gameboy color, only game system I had (My parents liked to encourage me to play outside), but I played mario and pokemon on it usually. God, freaking loved the pokemon games (still do, have a couple and I have my orginals!) Even though I was active a lot, I LOVED books and consumed them like nothing else. Got some... interesting 'teacher comments' on my report cards about how reading was good and all, but I needed to do it after class and not while we were learning something else. I spent more time outside, than inside, with the kids on the street or the next block, and we'd play soldiers or Hurricane (Run! Hide! THE HURRICANE IS COMING! Phew, that was close. OH LOOK, ANOTHER ONE!) or feral dogs. At school I'd try and play Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers with the boys. My imagination was the BEST and I was constantly putting myself in movies or TV shows or books, loved pretending I was a character and running around (lots of Xena, again. She kicked ). So, in short: -Rough play (wrestling, throwing things like rocks, etc) -Action figures kidnapping and then rescuing other toys -Xena. All. The. Time. -Imaginaaaaaation -Sometimes gameboy -BOOKS! -Running around playing Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Batman, Dogs, etc.
  18. I've brought little nail clippers on flights in my carry-on, and they haven't taken them away so far. But like Imbecamiel said, occasionally they get picky and decide you can't have them. Chalk it up to a bad day. I think you'll be fine, but maybe take a pair of clippers you wouldn't mind losing, just in case.
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    ^Same. I am barefoot 99% of the time in the house, and about 75% of the time outside. I generally go barefoot inside and outside all the time for Spring, Summer, and Fall, unless it's raining (and even then, if it's not raining too hard and I'm just walking on the patio, I'll go barefoot) or I'm going somewhere and have to wear shoes. One of the few things I don't like about Winter is that I can't go barefoot as often because of the cold and the snow. I feel like my feet get weak and then when I step on things, it hurts. I actually have very poor circulation, my feet are always cold and can't warm up even under blankets (I have to stick them in hot water), so my toes tend to get a little blue during winter even in the house but I just can't stand being in shoes all the time. THE COLD SHALL NOT DEFEAT MEEEE!
  20. Classic prank, if you can get ahold of these. You will not regret it: Endless pranks arise in my family, because about 4 or 5 years ago, my mom had a promotion at work with a bunch of 'characters' for their commercials. She asked if she could take a few of the life-sized cardboard cutout guys home, cause they were funny looking. Cue chaos. Normally, they're in our garage windows. When the garage is lit at night, anyone driving/walking by sees eerie, unmoving silhouettes just standing there at the windows, staring... Had one on our porch for a while, that was a hoot. Got worse when I started a chain reaction by upping the game. On April Fools, I took the cutout of a big ol' viking and ninja'd him up the stairs and behind the bathroom door (harder than it looks getting a cardboard cutout that big through the house without sound). Eventually, Dad went up and as he shut the door, Mr. Viking was suddenly revealed. I have NEVER been able to scare my dad but that one time, and he yelled so loud everyone in the house heard it. Point to me for my stealth skills! But then him and my mom got me back a week later by putting the Pilgrim in front of my (closed) door while I slept. Opened it, sleepy and drowsy, and screamed, cause there's this taller-than-me man with a freaky smile standing right in front of my door.
  21. Wasn't wearing my glasses, had to get closer to the screen. Got a 4. I would assume wearing glasses might make it harder, just because something in my brain says the lenses might dull the colors, or a not-noticeable smudge might throw your perception off. Fun test, though. I'll be passing that one around. **edit** Wondering, what part of the color test did others have trouble with? My test indicated four errors smack in the middle of the yellow-to-green area.
  22. Considering the season, that makes a lot of sense. The only guess I had was that maybe people who wanted to cook the roadkill (they do that here... a lot. ) would mark it so the collection crews wouldn't take them. So many deer here, I can't even imagine how busy the collection guys would be. Ty for the answer! Now, not only do I know what the Xs are for, but I know not to report a carcass if it's marked. Now I just have to hope I don't hit one and have to report it. It's a PA curse. All drivers hit a deer here eventually and everyone in my family's already hit one... I'm the only one left. The deer are coming for me...
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    YES! I thought I was the only one who did that. In Psychology, someone would ask me how I remembered some part of a theory, and I'd say something like 'Um, do you watch... -tv show-?' (I still remember a character from Supernatural representing the bottom parts of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. ). Usually results in blank looks. lol. And of course, I will always have Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally for math. I stay away from geography as much as possible now. That subject was the bane of my existence. Names, dates, locations. None of it ever stuck. A map test of African countries scarred me for life. wut. Joking, some went over my head but I think I have the basic idea. But I get the part about explaining it to others. I remember reading a book where the character talks about how once you reach a certain level of understanding, the best way to learn more is to start teaching other people and helping them understand. Makes sense, cause then you have to remember what you're talking about and learn to talk about it in a clear, concise way.
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    Song Name Game

    Standing Outside the Fire - Garth Brooks
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    Certain classes that I excel at, I don't really need to study too much. I pay attention in class, take notes, and that seems to be enough. The meteorology class I'm taking this semester, for example, is mostly stuff I already know, so not a lot of studying is required. A lot of professors will tell you what's going to be on the test. If there's something I don't now, I read over that info and my notes as a refresher. I had a few harder classes, and any time I had problems studying, I had two key strategies: A: Flashcards. You have the question/idea on one side, the answer/idea on the other. If it's not a solid answer, or it's you might have to write an essay answer on, you just put the topic on one side of the flashcard and key points on the other. If you can talk/write/remember the key points, you're good. If it's a specific answer, you write that on the other side. B: This is the best one I've found: association. Remember things and the key to studying, I believe, is all about CONNECTING it with something else in your head. Anagrams, stuff like that. A real easy one I had was which type of pressure system had good weather and which had bad - high or low? Well, bad weather makes you feel down, and sad and low; good weather makes you feel good and high. Obviously, some associations will be easier than others. I had to go stretch things a little in one of my bio classes, but the association is the key. Then, when you see a word/question, the key word will trigger the answer in your mind. Of course, this is all meaningless once you get out of college. There are no multiple choice or essay questions when you're working. You just have to know what you're doing/what you're talking about (and sometimes not even that).