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"You're coming across as paranoid."
"Everyone keeps saying that. It's like a conspiracy."

[ Female ||| Marvel ||| Classic Rock ||| Dragons ||| Bioware ||| 24/7 Pop Culture References ||| Forgets Everything ]

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    The Keystone State
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    I enjoy dragons, Marvel, pop culture references, and long walks on the beach. On and off player since 2008. Trying to catch up after 5 years away.

    Naming schemes: Every dragon is named. Each breed has a theme, but that breed theme is random. Some themes are songs by an artist/band I'm fond of, some are characters from one particular fandom, some are just pretty names that all start with the same first letter.

    All of my drags except for lyrical lineages will have their lineage marked at the end of each name.
    Caveborns = CB.
    Clean lineage = Gen # followed by G (so 5G would mean a clean 5th generation).
    Lyrical Lineage = no lineage tag. To separate from messies, all lyrical lineage drags are grouped together so their names form the lines in order as read.

    -BSA reds and pinks

    Currently working on
    -DONE! Fisk's Samaritan Speech from Season 1, Ep 13 of Daredevil. 63/63 drags accounted for