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  1. Yay, my CB Pink Gendered correctly. Lets hope they like each other.
  2. This. None here. It's so annoying, when you trade your egg for something you think is good, you see someone asking for the egg you just traded for one. Atleast, thats for me.
  3. Gusty Garden Galaxy. It has awesome music. But my fav has to be Bulblax Kingdom from Pikmin 2.
  4. Wouldnt it be scary to just be sitting in your house crafting stuff, then all of a sudden the block infront of you gets removed and you see an Enderman? o.o
  5. Please remove me from the People who Need a Hope Egg List. Also, my CB Pink gendered wrong, so here I go for a hunt again.
  6. Bah. This game is balls now. Nexon doesnt care anymore as long as their getting money. I had a level 69 Married Aran >.> Before I had a level 170 or something Evan till I got hacked.
  7. The game sucks. Too many inapropriate 50 year olds. Some dude tried to ask my bro where he lived on that game.
  8. ToonYoshi


    Aw man Spore? Jeezus man, havent played that in a while. Um. I should start playing it again. *goes off to boot spore* Edit: My New Spore Feel free to add me or send me a pm with your username and I'll add you.
  9. My name is a mix between my fav brawl char and my fav mario Character. Toon Link and Yoshi.
  10. What about Master Quest. I must've died about 5 times in the Great Deku Tree in that.
  11. Psp and Xbox fanboys will do just this. I dont even use the 3D. I'm in it for the gameplay.
  12. ToonYoshi


    Never played but I saw a YogTrailer for DinoRubbish. Saw a Yoshi Hat.... so happy.
  13. I love this idea. My Grandma and my 2nd fav teacher had breast cancer. Where do I sign up?
  14. Super Mario RPG- Got to the Fifth Star Piece and Game over'd Then remembered Last save was at Rose Town with 2 Stars.
  15. Zero in KD3 You dont expect that shizz in a E Game. Edit: Theres one in Pikmin and another in Pikmin 2 that I cant remember.
  16. Can someone explain the timing for this game. I'm shaking the remote madly in battle looking like a fool.
  17. Well. I'm playing Okami. But on my Youtube I'm going to be LPing Mario Sunshine and Pikmin 2.
  18. Well the first I can remember off the top of my head, is Mario Sunshine. But I know I played an early spyro game before that.
  19. Patch Dorkface I laughed at the name of the father. I'm getting ready to breed it with a Nebula once I unlock my scroll