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  1. I gotta sday that Skags and Psychos from BL and Rad Scorpions from F3 are my favorite
  2. Hello i need Help killing Craw. any suggestions for a Lvl 58 Syrin?>
  3. Hoorah. Its a great game but Playthrough 2.5 Is Unbeliveably hard
  4. Ill admt it is. And Bad reviews are from HC Critics who dont like anything. The Game is a massive Open ended RPG with over a million plus weapon combonations
  5. Totaled out? O Dear - Bioshock 2 Pokemon silver Pokemon red, blue, nd leaf green, Fable 1 &2 Halo 1,2,3,ODST,Reach,and Wars Kamio Red Faction, 1,2 and Geurilla Jac 1 2 3 and X R&C 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  6. *whistles loud* Who thinks playthrough 2.5 Bosses are just a little bit unmatched?
  7. Thats one use for him. Just have a Scorpio backin him up
  8. i use Brick quite a lot cause he makes Launchers auctaly worth somthing, And he can become a hell fo a living tank, But ya most people use Mordicia and Roland and Lilith
  9. Ive seen the plot and some new guys, Looks like Roland wont be making a playable apperance, but Brick, Lilith, and Mordeci will.
  10. Hi Reaver.... - Rider how did you do that?
  11. I love uin Lilith. Exspacly with a Hellfire, But i must say my fav is Mordeci. Massive power with Snipers, and tons of stuff with Bloodwing.
  12. Oblivion Gate are Horrible. Exsapcly for a Vampire High elf. The turrets and Land ines always kill me
  13. Easy Daxter from Jak and Dexter, Or. Clank from Ratchet & Clank
  14. All Oblivion players agree wit m e - That damn Adoring fan!
  15. Thats not a fail. That should be an Achievement
  16. Guild master from Fable= Try and get your combat mutplier higher. SHUT THE HELL UP! - The Geni from The Sims= Keeps lighting my damn house on fire!
  17. My Best/ Worst fail? - Was plyaing Borderlands online. And got this really good missle launcher. What i didnt know was that this was bugged. It destrioed all my saves... I wasnt laughing. Not at all...
  18. Master hand from Super smash bros Brawl. Cause its just so damn weird! - And the Snake sister from God o war 2. GODS she is ugly - And Simon whals from Bioshock 2
  19. Lets see.... Oblivion (360). Well its a great game, I Bought it twice. It could use some work but other than some minor glitches, wich can be fixed by downloading it to your HD, i have next to no complaints.
  20. Friday night Thunder tanks (PS1). Thats all i remember. If anyone knows the real name please tell me.
  21. Daxter. From Jak and Daxter series. Come on who dosent love the little fur ball?
  22. Hm... Comotose by Skillet Sloop Jonbie by Beach Boys and Riot by 3DG (Saw them LIVE)
  23. Do you love this? DO YOU!? tell us about your best weapon, fail, or kill. Or just about the game