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  1. Favorite. Show. Ever. Personally I like all three of the recent doctors. They all played their parts well. I can't wait to see the Christmas Special on Xbox Video tonight lol
  2. I love how these events are getting more and more elaborate as the seasons go by
  3. Tri-colored. It just seems more festive. Still, I like my full-gold Snow angels.
  4. Why are some recipes not working? I'm using recipes I know will work, yet all I get is a giant mess. Still, I like this year's holiday event!
  5. Is it just me, or is it really hard to find ingredients? :| All I've been finding for the past three days are recipes, and I still need ingredients to use them!
  6. Yes. And it should be indicated more clearly, as well. Perhaps in red.
  7. Well now, approaching Singles Awareness Day, are we?
  8. Most likely the original V-day eggs.
  9. 257 users split up between 3 eggs = average 85.6 users per egg....I'm gonna wait until that number is much less to even THINK about trying to catch more of these :|
  10. Well, time to devote my scroll back to unclogging the biomes >_>
  11. Are you kidding me, that drop lasted for less than two minutes -____-
  12. Eastern dragons have no wings. Since these hatchlings have wings, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they're not Easterns
  13. Well, in my quest for (mostly) equal numbers of these eggs, turns out I have six blues and one gold! Ah well, I know what the blues are, and I must say I'm quite pleased they're finally available :3
  14. This :V *goes to check settings*
  15. Sweet glory >:3 I've been waiting a while for these!
  16. Oh I really hope the blue ones are what I think they are @___________@ Edit: Ohhh they are *puts tape over mouth until after release is finished*
  17. Clearly these are not extremely-common breeds. There are other eggs mixed in with them, and their numbers seem somewhat frugal. This is a good thing as far as I'm concerned!
  18. Went to click on one, come to find it was a Magi egg -____________- Verrrry sneaky!