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  1. got the chicken You go to the door, then right back to the starting point and then follow the main trail
  2. I abandoned the Reek after I catched it at teh Ap I had a second, that has also reek in it´s code^^ I traded a ZRESt to someone this is also cool, sound pretty dragon like http://dragcave.net/lineage/daRUr
  3. I made a Santa dragon Sprite
  4. just bred a black stripe with the code F001Q, which looks liek Fool it´s up for trade,if yomeone wants it
  5. errm, I think you can try and calculate it if you read Night watch. i don´t remember it clearly, but I think there were some specific dates Is it snuff like the cold ?
  6. maybe Angua is growing old?
  7. Maybe it Nobby? (just a joke) It has at least 3 lecks, you can se a part of a hindled It looks like the werewolf-version of Dobby the House elf
  8. I think I have some dragons with a messy linage and if there are cool dragins in,I keep them like if there is a part with many golds and whites and another who consist of nearly no other breeds than pinks
  9. Kurtos


    you could just read online I also have no money for manga, especially not for the bad official german translations, or new books that are still about 200chapters behind -.-
  10. Kurtos


    I own no Manga book, but I read about.....lost count, but I´m tracking about 20 ongoing serieses, and thats not half of those I read. Bleach (all till now) Zombie Powder(all) Drifters(all till now) naruto(all till now) One Piece(all till now) Wanted!(all) Katekyo hitman reborn(all till now) Samurai deeper Kyo(all) onidere(all till now) medaka Box (just reading) World Embryo(most till now) Ares(all) Übelblatt(all till now) strongest disciple Kenichi(all till now) The Breaker(all) The breaker:New Waves(all till now) Hellsing(all) Air Gear(all till now) blood Lad(all till now) Psyren(all) Lucifer and the Biscuithammer(all) Love Hina(all) Mahou Sensei Negi Magi(all till now) Fairytail(all till now) Kuroshitsuji(all till now) Ao no exorcist(all till now) Kekkaishi(all) Break Blade(all till now) Nurarihyon No Mago(all till now) Samurai highschool(all till now) Rosario Vampire(all) rosario Vampire II(all till now) Bakuman(all till now) d.Gray man(all till now) The World God Only Knows(all till now) Kimi no Iru Machi(all till now) Aiki(all till now) XBlade(all till now) xxxHolic(all till now) Addicted To Curry(most till now) Witch hunter(all till now) Soul eater Not!(all till now) 07 Ghost(all till now) Sekirei(most till now) Mushibugyo(all till now) Black God(all till now) Princess resurrection (till about 56) gamaran (till 80) defense Devil (till about 90) Hayate the Combatbutler (till about 300) Gamble Fish (till 53) Gakuen Alice (till 120) deadman wonderland ( till 30) cage of eden (till chapter 75 i think) Beelzebub (only till chapter 95 or so) sidooh (till somewhere about 50) that would be most of them
  11. what are you talking about? Luke never built an own light saber
  12. I have read all discworld novel and some other books like "Good Omens. The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch" My first were Guards!Guards" and Mort and after that most of the wizzard-books
  13. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name:Kurtos Scroll Link:http://dragcave.net/user/Tandros Secret Word: Dirndl
  14. here are 3 sketches of different types of dragons I want to make them one ore more Dragon requests and all under the name of Resigna Dragon, cuz the sacrificed teh Ability to fly to gain more offensive or defensive power The Bladewing Wyvern. Instead of a membrane, he has winge similar to that of a bird, but instead of feathers, the are covered by blade shaped scales. I think this would be the male version. The Platewinged Armor Dragon. His wings are covered by tough steel-like Scales. Together wie the armor on his head and along his back he is armored like a turtle the moment he lies down. No difference between the genders. The Bonewhip Lindwyrm, males are calle Bonechain Lindwyrm. How to explain? They had once wings. to gain offensive power these wing merged together with the normal arms and the Wingfingers started to dissolve into more and smaller bones, giving better flexibility to the now called whips or chain. The bones look like marbled and plates. The whips have a muscle structure similar to an elephants trunk. (female)
  15. lol, just recently saw this http://dragcave.net/lineage/v84k
  16. got a Neotropical: jFK1l I named him John F Kennedy 1 a pink called L3EO3 ,and a KL1CA
  17. the gerat harlequin dragon my sketch for my drag request
  18. Kurtos

    Watership Down

    I know the movie
  19. They kill them because they have no other way to live. errr, comes down to the animal. Tigers were killed for the production of potency-boosters. the people who produce this are not poor and were never poor. They could have chosen an other live. If you speak about seals and the Inuid, then yes. The bulldozer are not the property of poor people, but that of big companys, they could do better things. unauthorized hunters who kill lions and elephants also choose to do these. They could have lived another life, but they want money. We all know better than throwing trash into the ocean. Theres no excuse, but we are lazy like hell. We could have chosen to do better. the really bad things are done by greedy people, not by those who need the money.
  20. Never heard if this, what race do you mean? Our (lol,ok) female dog allways had 10 or 11 pups, none of the died or was born dead. And i never heard of this chance, at least not with our race
  21. 200 bucks to the tigers and 200 for crocodiles and 600 donated to animal shelters and WWf and things like that (not greenpeace). Live is something we can only judge subjective. To every human, no matter what, some lives are more important than others. Like ,my family is way more important than a stranger, our dogs are also more important than the live of a stranger, to me. The only one who can really tell you whats more "valuable" in terms of worth, would be the one the christians call God, or any other beeing that creates souls and life. If there is no one like this, every judgement we make is right, not for everyone, but for us.
  22. bred a two finned bluna with the code 2AWIN , twice a win, its the second I bred, the first was unfortunately killed by an earthquake And a Canopy with HYGUB, I immeadially named him hygub
  23. But i want it to look like this Cuz its a Bloodstone Dragon http://www.karten-legen-deuten.de/shop3/pic/haematit2.jpg