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  1. 82454 It was in my Password Reset verification email
  2. I'm 36 and my hubby, who got the whole family addicted to DC, is 47. Love it !!
  3. I am one of those over 100+ - yes, I'm a hoarder I have 49 golds and 63 silvers. When they actually produce gold/silver offspring, I gift them to those who don't have any or those who only have a couple. Or just send them to the AP. Though if any of them are inbred, I try not to breed those unless someone wants an inbred gold/silver. Lots of them are offspring of those already on my scroll.
  4. I successfully summoned one this morning!! I have been summoning almost every chance I can get for the last year and am SO excited I finally got it!!!
  5. I also have several Dorkfaces Huntress Mischief Dorkface Huntress Wicked Dorkface Burning Shallyna Dorkface Carnelian Empress Dorkface http://dragcave.net/view/SJW3 Magick Cuileann Dorkface Aurelius Lag Dorkface Wicked Transgression Dorkface I Lady Daydreamer of Dorkface Ice Mistress Dally Lag Dorkface Ravishing Shallyna Dorkface Druid Elder Sagefeather Dorkface Beguiling Wyatt Dorkface Beguiling Xenos Dorkface Delectable Darius Dorkface Darkest Dorkface of Darkness Shade de Esprit Dorkface - I Those that have an 'I' means they are inbred
  6. Of mine, I tried and resulted with: 1 Red (Evaded) and female Purple hatchy (Died and Lived again), 1 Black (died), 1 Sunset (died), 2 white striped (zombies!!) My son didn't has good luck He resulted with: 1 Hatchy (died), 1 Vine (Died), 1 Vine (Zombie!) 1 back (died) and I think 1 stone (died and Lived again), 1 striped (Died)
  7. This is what I do as well. There has only been 1 time I did a mass breed, but that was for rares. I don't plan on participating in those anymore though... Count me in