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    Hello :).

    I haven't got much to offer, but if you especially like something on my scroll, I'm happy to help.

    Please understand that I value nice, PB or even-gen lineages a lot . While I'll happily accept any gifts, it always makes my heart stop for a moment when I see a nice lineage. I also LOVE caveborns <3.

    My wishlist (if not stated, only clean lineages or CB please):
    ~ CB seasonals <3
    ~ Shinies
    ~ Anything even-gen PB/checker
    ~ CB/PB reds (not higher than 2nd gen)
    ~ CB/PB Blusangs
    ~ Holly
    ~ Yulebuck
    ~ Snow Angel (any variation)
    ~ Ribbon Dancer
    ~ Winter Magi
    (Yes, I skipped all the Christmas releases so far :C)
    ~ Marrow
    ~ Undbreedables (dinos, cheese, paper)