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  1. To add my own test on the clicking and viewing to the experiences of others, I tried myself, and although the link takes you to the egg/hatchling page like normal, the click/view does not register as a click/view at all. My own conclusion to this is that if you get this message while using a land bound internet line (cable, DSL and the WiFi connected to it) you should use the Data side of your cell phone to give clicks and views, as it would appear that connection is not as effected by this issue. It's the only work around I have for it.
  2. And yet, I don't do any of that, so identifying that someone is using a proxy without also identifying additional browser behavior, such as but not limited to "viewbombing" and "multiscrolling" is just blowing empty air around over what might be nothing to be alarmed over, but that is a great deal of fuss for a single site to go through. I guess the real questions I have are, how can a proxy connection really stop someone from giving views and clicks, is it a technical impossibility due to compatibility or is DC saying it doesn't accept views and clicks from a proxy by its programed system default?
  3. In thinking about it, I find it both fascinating and a little troubling that DC would even be interested in knowing whether or not a "connection" to the actions of "clicking" and "viewing" are coming from a proxy or other source. I guess it makes sense to me that the system would want each click and view to be unique, and identifying an ISP would certainly be part of that, but if a proxy is just another connection, one would think a click or view from it would still be valid. If the internet is not so static, unless you want to know where I live, why even worry about a "proxy"? Then again, I think with plain logic, not tech logic, totally different things by design.
  4. Okay captain obvious, but the one thing you are missing here is that CenturyLink was there BEFORE all of this started, it has been there for years, and this is the first time I have seen this message on my screen. I have, just today, done a proxy test on my IP address and it is NOT a Proxy, so what has happened that all of a sudden dragcave.net thinks it is a proxy? While we have determined on my end dragcave is having an issue with Century Link, that could just as likely mean that something changed in the cave, not Century Link, and seeing that my IP is showing that it is not a Proxy, it tells me that the only thing left to check is how dragcave.net detects a proxy in the first place, with the likelyhood that whatever it uses to detect it may very well be labeling it wrong.
  5. And now it is back.... this is very strange....
  6. A little update, the message appears to have VANISHED, no additional action on my part to credit, no goodbye, no notification from anything or anyone, it is just... gone. Oh well, someday we might figure it out... maybe.
  7. Interesting... well by way of information, I have found that that message is showing up for me on most of my devices that use the internet through my DSL, the carrier is Century Link, but it does not show up with my phone browser, which I use on the data network (not the wifi through my DSL modem), so I am thinking it is something to do with Century Link maybe?
  8. For the past week, I have seen the following message at the top of https://dragcave.net : You appear to be using a proxy. While this won’t stop you from visiting Dragon Cave, you cannot give views and clicks to eggs/hatchlings. Thing is, I am NOT using a proxy, and none of my security settings are allowed to touch this site, and I double checked to make sure nothing there had changed and it hasn't, so why am I getting this message? I am only posting here because I can't seem to find and answer to this question anywhere else. I have never gotten this message in the time I have used this site. I have never used a Proxy, never had a reason to, so why this all of a sudden?
  9. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Nightlark Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2020 Brief description of treat: Void mana infused egg on void crystals with void energy rising like flames.
  10. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Nightlark Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: Trick or Treat 2019 Brief description of treat: It is a raven infused with void mana. The team of folks that picked the treats this year were very helpful and determined to get this sprite to look right from the original paintshop version I had made. A big thanks to the treat pickers for their help in coaching me in pixels, one pixel at a time!
  11. One would think a clean-up of the temp files and cookies ect. would help, but I have not noticed a large enough difference in the lag from before cleaning. I looked just now at the different biomes, 0-6 viewing the regular biomes, with 65 to 83 viewing the AP, heavy lag on all the pages. It has to be the traffic on the site combined with something else causing the lag, like it is under digital attack, which it isn't, but technically it is... this is what we get for this game (and this particular event) being so popular I suppose. That said, there may be little to nothing they can do to fix it without shutting the whole thing down.
  12. The lag has been a steady companion for me since halfway through the event, with the top of the hour spawn time not starting till 00:01 each hour, peaking at 10 to 20 seconds for a refresh, and the top of the hour spawn time starting at 00:02 or 00:03 for some folks, since Noon dragon cave time on the 31st. For the first few days in the event, there was a bit of lag, but not too noticeable or problematic, and the spawn times were all on-time as usual. Watching the Halloween Event announcement thread, these are what I both observed and experienced. The lag seems to now be most prevalent in the AP, but the rest of the site is lagged too. Most of the eggs and hatchlings in the AP have around 2 days remaining on them for the past two days. I think the site got very clogged, very fast, in the last couple of days in the event, and I do think all these things are related to each-other through the traffic generated on the site. That's my two cents.
  13. Throughout this thread, some artists have revealed which treat they contributed to the event. I am one that has not yet, so I think I shall, for record keeping sake: This one came about through a great deal of effort on both mine and the treat picking people, a big thanks to them for their informative help to this, a complete beginner at pixel sprites!
  14. The lag is really bad, and although I have happily caught 4 of the new 2019, I am still scratching for one more CB Arcana... why a breed that is so recent is so rare the following year in the Halloween Bio makes no sense to me, but then I don't think like others do so.... yeah. I see three or four drop in one time frame (every five to ten minutes) with sometimes they don't show up at all. I know they are the most wanted CB this year it seems, but come on, this is Halloween, and I only get one CB Arcana? okey, rant over, I hope we survive the lag monster this year!
  15. What this all tells me is that google (which is what controls the ad content in these ads) is tracking us and leaving giant footprints in places they should not. I still think the placement of the ads are very odd, and it strikes me as something TJ may need to check on to make sure the ads are only showing up where he wants them too on the site. The site host may have changed something that he needs to look at and adjust, like ad preferences. Good to know there is a fix for it for some of us meanwhile.
  16. I HATE not knowing the ending. PLEASE put the story back up. In case people are wondering what took so long for it to fill these last few days here is a clue: 1. The event was started way later then it should have been. I should have been reading about the final festivities on Christmas Eve, not the 5th of January, it felt totally misplaced in time, and after the new year it became out of season. 2. The puzzles actually started to glitch, making it hard to place the pieces unless you were very patient. Thankfully we Dragon Cave folk tend to patient with the site, but still. 3. As of the 3rd of January, it was back to work for me, so my time to do the puzzles was limited, I imagine there are others with similar reasons.
  17. It might be neat to have the other past dragon drop in the new Halloween biome during the week, but on the day of the 31st, have the Vampires take over LOL @TJ09 if not this year, maybe next year.... pwease?
  18. Fascinating details there, so I am now able to tell what from what by also including the date. That being said, IF we were to get them this year at all, they would have a new date, and depending on what he wanted to do with the cave itself, they might also have "Halloween" listed as their native biome.
  19. Laugh all you like, but let the facts be known: A cave-born that has been bitten has this on their information: https://dragcave.net/view/cRhFX Gender:Male Breed:Vampire Dragon Location:Desert Bitten By:Kirill Andrick View Bitten It lists the specific biome from which the egg was taken AND the "Bitten By" dragons name. You can also click to see a list of dragons that have been bitten that were successfully turned (its children) In any Vampire's case, you can click on the name in the "Bitten By" to follow the Bloodline back to the TRUE "cave-born" Vampire. In this I need only click once, and this is what I see on the TRUE "cave-born" Vampire information: https://dragcave.net/view/Ghub Gender:Male Breed:Vampire Dragon Location:Cave Bitten:(0Bc5), (4NVw9), (7hi4D), Maharet Akasha, CottonCandy Vampire, Vladimir Das Andrick NOTE: A TRUE "cave-born" Vampire dragon will have the "CAVE" shone as its native location AND it will NOT have a "Bitten By" section. Like all Vampires that have been able to successfully turn another dragon, it will have a "Bitten" dragon list. @TJ09 I would love for the Vampires to come back, if only for a day, just so I could catch one from the cave, or the new Halloween biome. Thanks.
  20. And yet heedless of what the community may consider them due to their bite and year-round hunger, it still stands that it was the FIRST Halloween dragon released. Trends of thought cannot change that fact, nor can trends change the fact that yes, the "bitten by" lineage is a type of traceable connection between Vampires just like the breeding dragons. I like to call it their Bloodline, but that's just me. And it still stands, Vampires that have a Bloodline behind them, though they were CB before they were bitten, are still not TRUE CB Vampires. Or shall we start calling it CF for "Cave Found" since the Vampire isn't exactly "born"? Just the same it would be nice if it was included at some point, if for no other reason than it was the first Halloween dragon released.
  21. Even if it takes a day or two to add them, we still have the 31st to catch them, technically of course... then again maybe that is the plan: have it take over the Halloween biom like it did the cave the first year it was released, as though it converted all the Halloween eggs LOL just a thought LOL
  22. A TRUE CB Vampire is a Vampire that has never been bitten, thus no, you cannot have a true CB Vampire by biting a CB egg. I am looking for a TRUE CB Vampire egg.
  23. I have been hunting for a while now, and I have not seen any eggs with the Vampire description on it, only those eggs from the pygmy pumpkin year forward, is this intentional?
  24. There is a partial guide to the event on the "currently being released page", its hidden so you have to un-hide it (hide spoiler feature). It is "interesting", but I would not dare call it "fun", its "new" but that's not the only reason I am having issues with it. And to the person who post the "partial" guide, if you didn't have time to post the rest of the story, why did you bother posting it in the first place? A Waste of my Wasting time