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  1. What is the worth of a third gen shimmerscale?
  2. What can I get for four cb black eggs?
  3. Almost switched biomes before I saw a cb gold so I clicked the gold and guess what I got my first cb gold ever http://dragcave.net/lineage/usdHX
  4. Caught myself a cb gold along with a cb stripe and cb black silently screams for joy
  5. What I can get from three cb stripes?
  6. Caught two cb stripes in the same hourly drop
  7. I also saw a silver and gold go by as well
  8. How about bronze x red or silver x shadow walker
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GodjT It is backwards for tj is a god
  10. What is the worth of a cb magma and a cb black?
  11. Caught my third cb black in the last few days
  12. Getting a cb magma a month after I joined nearly four years ago and getting a messy frill when they were still around
  13. What can I get for a cb nebula and a purple Dino?
  14. I just caught a purple Dino egg Edit Just now I also caught a cb nebula
  15. Congrats Ps I also saw the same silver
  16. I caught my second cb black that has not been gifted to me and I have not traded for