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  1. Honestly you're better off hunting the cave during vday drops. You'd be surprised at the awesome things you'll find for free. All my old 2nd gen vdays are from the cave
  2. I'm pretty excited for another male Vday (I just tend to like them better than the girls). I really hope it takes after the alt. sweetlings though, another SAD dragon lol
  3. Initially yes because I wanted to see what I could get with a few add ons at my end. But even when I dropped the price I basically had to give it away before it grew up :/
  4. In my experience, pretty much nothing :/ I have an extremely rare line I can breed 3rd gens from and I can't get any offers on it when I post
  5. I would, trade harassment goes both ways. Also this has been my general reaction from prize owners as well, I don't even bother directly asking because most have closed lists and I'd rather not be ignored or insulted but that's just me. For a cheese hatchie I'd ask for a CB uncommon, but that's just me. I've had fairly good luck with that or multiple cb common hatchies
  6. The key is to offer the breeding with choice of mate
  7. it depends, the only the only breeding I'm reserving for myself are my heartseekers but my arsani eggs i'll give away for free unless i see something that catches my eye. I've caught all my 2nd gen offspring from the AP including the sweetling in my siggy, if you're looking for a specific pairing i'd put in a request in the Valentines lineage aid trade thread
  8. Are green opals even worth anything any more? What about a matched hatchie set?
  9. Fair enough, but "equivalent" is an arbitrary term here since 2nd gen prize owners pick what they want to trade for and no form of economics is applicable. This is also why I'm open to other offers on them, I know I'm asking for the moon but it's worth a try. I'm more surprised that I haven't gotten ANY offers at all when I know there are so many lineage collectors around.
  10. Desipis(es?) are a pretty recent holiday though, same with Heartstealers I guess it must be the latter, which I get because I've spent years looking at the trade glass ceiling! It just sucks to finally have something worth something and still no one wants it.
  11. I have the only breeding 2nd gen (only one with that mate combo) from a 2015 tinsel and no one will offer on 3rd gen offspring :/
  12. Request: This is probably the longest shot in the world, but I'd love a mate for this guy. Does anyone know a prize owner who would be willing to help out? Absolutely willing to work out a trade. Thanks!
  13. Depends on how long and how prettily lineaged i imagine. It could probably net you a 3-4th gen prize but not cb metals i would think
  14. I've seen a lot of mid gen tinsels/ shimmers from past years popping up lately (particularly tins from the original lines) how much are these worth? I was under the impression they were fairly useless at this point...
  15. How valuable are cb gold wyverns? (I've been on a bit of a hiatus)
  16. Same here. Event = ruined. I got a balloon, I loathe balloons, I don't even own one. Truly unhappy with the results, it wasn't even one of the dragons hanging around my cave. Now my beloved Heartseeker is stuck with a dragon I hate.
  17. I took your pretty baby, it will be loved
  18. Thanks! i didn't think i was being too demanding but no one's bitten. i'm hoping i'll have better luck with it as a hatchie
  19. I was wondering what something like this would be worth? i'm not asking the moon for it or anything but i haven't gotten a single offer and it is a 3rd gen gold
  20. Hello, I've found myself in a bit of a bind over an egg i was recently gifted and was wondering if anyone here could help me with a mate suggestion? This is the egg, I was thinking of doing a mirror and can breed the gold from frill but i have no idea what to sub in for the tinsels please help?
  21. Request Could someone please breed me a 2nd gen white with a yulebuck father? i'm in desperate need of one before Christmas breeding ends. I know it's last minute but any help would be greatly appreciated! i'm willing to trade for it, just name your price! Thank you
  22. I have a friend who has caught five CB metals in two days I'm lucky if i can even SEE them, i think if actually got my hands on one i might die of a heart attack Edit: Saw a gold in the desert, still didn't get it
  23. I am all in favor of a 24hr release period. I've been on since the release and have gotten NADA, I just can't compete with everyone crowding into the alpine to catch these things. Also, I believe that a longer release time would help alleviate some of the trade inflation that goes on with new releases.
  24. Sweetling are one of my favorite breeds, but i don't have any of my own yet. Looking forward to catching some second gens this year
  25. yeah, well, i still haven't been able to breed any metals. gold, silvers or tinsels congrats to all those who were able to enjoy the breeding surplus