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Thanks for the banner Pandalf!

Thank you to all the people who have helped me! I accept IOUs from established playersLooking for: 2nd gen silver shimmer x sweetling as a mate for him and 2nd gen pinks from Heartseeker for this. Please PM me if you'd like a tradeIgnoring a PM is rude, a simple reply doesn't take long to write. I track all my PMs. IF I OWE YOU SOMETHING PLEASE PM ME ABOUT ITI'll breed most of my dragons on request, details on breeding lists in profile :)

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    Going crazy....just PM me
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    I like 3G even gens from shinies/ spriter's alts, I'm a sucker for perfect checkers

    Holly (possible! thank you dragoness22!)
    ND (possible! thank you Xaesha!)
    2nd gen tinsel/ prize fails (any color/ breed)
    2nd gen from alt heartseeker
    2nd gens from other spriter's alts
    2nd gen Thuwed

    2nd gen silver shimmer from sweetling
    2nd gen gold/ silver from hs
    2nd gen gold from male marrow (2x)


    3rd gen RA from bronze tinsel checker!
    2nd gen male holly from new pink mother

    Holiday mates:

    2nd gen desipsis from female bronze tinsel!
    2nd/ 3rd gen Valentines mates from val 09/ sweetling/ rosebud
    2nd/ 3rd gen Halloween mates from marrows

    Heartseeker Projects:
    2nd gen pinks from heartseekers
    2nd gen fogs from heartseekers
    2nd gen water horses from heartseekers

    EG projects:
    PM me for details :)
    Note: I only keep eggs for 24 hrs unless other arrangements are made

    IOUs/ gifts in progress:

    biruko- 3rd gen val 09 x red

    Waiting on:

    3g prize swap- Snowwall

    Always open for trades to: