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  1. ...and in the end I went to a dance with Olivia. ❤️ And loved that one just most, because she is so gorgeous in Malfoy-ish kind of way Sophisticated, gracious, and just otherworldly. I think I'm just officially in love ❤️ The event is gorgeous, dragons are fantastic, I had a great time!
  2. I just got him to the dance, but I don't remember what exactly I picked... ugh.. I think those lines of support most and all that. xD So far I like Mordred and Alun most, teehee (played them, Wilda and Ion, gotta try others too haha)
  3. Choose volunteering in nurse office
  4. You always choose the most gentle and soft replies/approaches. It seems he's scared of abruptness and things like that, so in the end day you choose "gentle greeting" (if I recall correctly), and then you get to the dance with him and watch starry skies (yaaa). 😍
  5. Sooo... so far I went to the dance with Ion (yaay, he's so sweet, poor thing!), and had fun hypering punch on a dance with Mordred ❤️ I LOVE THIS EVENT and I wanna try every option with every dragon, before I choose whom I love most! :D
  6. I absolutely love this event! My favorite Valentine event I participated in so far! Also, thanks to all sending cards, it's so fun and awesome! I absolutely ADORE dragons' responses, they are too lovely, I can't even pick fave one.
  7. I beg to forgive any mistakes, since English is not my mother tongue. Here is my submission! Author: Celestiella Fandom(s): Reflections of Eterna (Vera Kamsha) My story: It seemed rather obvious that the Sorting Hat would take him to Gryffindor. Just like Emil seconds before. After all, they are twins and, what's more important - they are from the Savignak house. Lionel expected the same what happened with Emil - as soon as the Hat touched his hair, it declared "Gryffindor!" without any hesitation. But... "Hmm," - Sorting Hat's voice seemed thoughtful. - "This is rather interesting." "Gryffindor, right? What's interesting about that?" "Wouldn't say so, lad. You've got the courage, true enough, but you also got the wits to become much more than that." "But..." "You're Savignak, yes, but I'd say there is always exception to the rule. So - Slytherin!" - the Hat declared out loud. Lionel felt the chill creeping down his spine. It was too sudden and unexpected, not to mention his parents will probably... oh, come on, why did he have to be sorted like this? He glanced to the Gryffindor table. Emil was looking at him. Then, as though he felt Lionel's emotions, Emil smiled and nodded encouragingly. Author: Celestiella Fandom(s): The Dark Tower (Stephen King) My story: Cuthbert got to Ravenclaw – well, that was obvious, at least to Roland. Those who didn’t know Bert would be surprised to see there is more to smile and wits in that boy. When Roland’s House was declared, the Great Hall fell to silence – the Deschains were always in Gryffindor and he now… Roland was afraid to look at Bert, to see the expression in his eyes. He couldn’t take off his mind Sorting Hat’s words – “On your way to the top you’ll destroy them all.” As he settled at the Slytherin table, Alain was sorted to Hufflepuff. Roland heard Bert’s sigh from across the room.
  8. Can't catch those at all... can't drops at least last a BIT longer?
  9. Ooooh, egg-collecting! *just woke up* Cool! *off to hunting*
  10. YAY caught on April 1st! <3 *is feeling happy now* http://dragcave.net/lineage/8duVp
  11. I've sent mail 12 hours ago, and still nothing.
  12. Gaaah, I'll become color-blind, trying to decipher all the hues of eggs all day long - seems every time there's something new.
  13. ...then it's my screen-colors messing with me (I've noticed some dragons look a bit differently-colored on my laptop, than from library's comp)
  14. I wonder if this one could be considered golden or it's just my screen colors are messing with me.
  15. I believe silver one's rare. But it's really pretty colored!
  16. I loved that color too, and also silver one is absolutely adorable. *___*
  17. Thank you! Been wondering how to get this fun thingy for a while, looks really nice.
  18. *sigh* me too... waiting for e-mail for almost 6 hours now, still nothing.
  19. Omg, Soap Dragon idea is a total win!
  20. Perhaps it just takes longer for codes to be sent? *is waiting*
  21. Dino Cave! <3 Love the idea, seems fun! Um, would anyone be so kind to give me invite code, please? I'll be sure to invite those who need too!
  22. I know right I didn't even know that, about yoshi(s) - my friend told me, when saw my dino *isn't knowledgeable about this either*
  23. Oh my God I just got a Dino with the code Yoshi (well, almost)! *__* http://dragcave.net/lineage/YosH1 And I also have fantastic code on this sunstone (gift-to-be for friend): http://dragcave.net/lineage/dECoY This is the first time I got such interesting codes.