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  1. Oh thank you for the name claiming feature!!! This is very helpful for someone like me who often looses internet for months at a time. I never do get around to renaming my hundreds of dragons, but I am going to start renaming them now I can't wait to see the Encyclopedia too!
  2. @FortyTwo Wow, the possibilities! I agree with ytak that pair matching the shimmerscale and tinsel with the same/simmilar mates would look wonderful as 3rd gens, but it may look a little messier than natli's suggestion of dividing them into pize-type sections in the long run. I personally like the idea of the prize-type organization, but it would be much harder to build up. (my humble opinion would be to make both someday ) As for deciding the overall order for either lineage, it would indeed be very hard to make a rainbow pattern when you are constantly getting more 2nd gens you want
  3. Here is my S3 winter (summer start) ...no one wanted a bloodswap Hopefully someone here will enjoy her: http://dragcave.net/teleport/08a0f9e2e4545...e6019cd1965711b
  4. I have a S3 Winter with a Summer start. I am looking for a bloodswap, but if I can't find one before he/she grows up, I will just gift him/her away here. Trade Link Free and still no one took her...I guess I will just love her
  5. Yay! I have flowers! This event is awesome. Pretty Flowers
  6. Thanks for the new dragons and awesome event! I love flowers!
  7. Yay! Haunted Village AND Trick or Treat! I can't seem to get the trick or treat to work though...I was able to grab the first item, but no others have shown up in about 2 hours. Is each item assigned a specific hiding spot, or is it like easter?
  8. Look! It is really making a difference! Thank You! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/...ians-Ditch-SOPA