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I accept IOUs if the parents are on your scroll. Other IOUs may be accepted on a case by case basis.I am always looking for 2nd gen Blunas for a breeding project. If you want a blood swap, just send me a PM.x58llf.jpgI would really love a Holly with every color nebula in its lineage, or a Holly with only red nebula in the lineage. If you have the ability to breed him please let me know.

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    Due to real life issues, I may disappear from Dragon Cave for periods of time unexpectedly. Sorry if I never claimed an IOU or it died on my scroll during one of these times. When this happens, I count the IOU as fulfilled and won't bug you about getting another.

    To everyone else: PLEASE do not assume I am gone and add all my eggs and hatchies to click sites. I have a hard time finding rare eggs and try to keep them as long as possible in hopes of trading for tinsel and shimmer eggs. Please don't crush my dreams! Also, eggs and hatchies are often on transfers and belong to someone else.

    Eggs/hatchies needed for breeding projects:
    Holiday Mates:
    2nd gen:
    White Strip from Yulebuck
    White from Yulebuck
    Gold from Valentine 09
    Pink from Valentine 09
    Silver from Sweetling
    Terrae from Sweetling
    White from Rosebud
    Moonstone from Rosebud
    Spring from Rosebud
    Red from Heartseeker
    Silver from Heartseeker
    Red Nebula from Heartseeker
    Horse from Heartseeker
    Cloud from Arsani
    Blusang form Arsani
    Sunset from Arsani
    Purple Nebula from Arsani
    Blue Nebula from Shadow Walker x2
    Ice from male Shadow Walker
    Silver from female Shadow Walker
    Purple Nebula from Shadow Walker
    Red Nebula from Shadow Walker
    Silver from Male Shadow Walker

    3rd gen checkers:
    Sunset from Valentine 09
    Gold from Valentine 09
    Purple Ridgewing from Sweetling
    Moonstone from Rosebud
    Ice from Rose
    Purple Nebula from Marrow
    Gold from Female Shadow Walkers
    Ice from Female Shadow Walkers
    Ice from Male Shadow Walkers
    Royal Blue from male Shadow Walkers
    Purple Nebula from Shadow Walkers
    Blue Nebula from Shadow Walkers
    Red Nebula from Shadow Walkers

    4th gen checkers
    Pink from Valentine 09

    Other current projects:
    2nd gen Bluna
    egg from male Sunset x female Sunsong
    2nd gen Nebula from both alt parents
    2nd gen Nebula from both non alt parents
    Pure Bred even gen any breed of dragon 4th gen or higher
    4th gen even Spring with rotating seasons (like this http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kk3Ee)
    2nd gen (or higher) PB Ice

    Current IOUs
    I am currently owed:
    PB even gen Royal Blue - Hoshino
    3rd gen shimmer - Moeru

    Longer term -
    3rd gen tinsel -IceCrystal
    2nd gen from Silas Vincent -Wolfsong442

    I currently owe:
    nothing at the moment

    Breeding requests-
    none at the moment