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  1. Type O are Gothic metal, love them so so much <3 I'm not 100% sure but I think I'm AB...
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    I must admit, I used to think that astrology was fake and a waste of time because of this. It seemed a strange idea to me that, for example, everyone born in February would be one way and everyone born in March would be completely different My friend, another Leo, used to scoff at astrology because she's not outwardly showy or dramatic at all, until she learned that practically all of her other signs were in Cancer! ETA: Chinese astrology is also very interesting, though I have much less knowledge in the topic. I'm a Water Rooster, which is quite accurate! And it does match my Leo sun and Scorp rising
  3. I hope this isn't already a topic, but the Search function's turned off so... This is a place to discuss astrology! I love astrology (and many other "pseudosciences") and find it interesting and pretty scarily true a lot of the time, though I don't believe in "magazine horoscope astrology". What's your opinion? Do you swear by it? Do you think it's just for fun? Or do you think it's complete bull? What are your sun/moon/rising etc signs? Discuss away! For reference, I'm a Leo sun, Aries moon, and Scorpio rising :3 It's pretty spot-on for me! Interesting links Natal Chart (finds out all your signs, gives a good explanation of them) More simple, colour-based natal chart Zodiac type personalities Commonly found terms **If you're not offended by strong language/sarcasm, " The Signs Say" is a great Tumblr blog for some astrology humour
  4. Love the dragons, congrats to Aangs-Sister! Now I need to think long and hard over the perfect names haha!
  5. We're Polish, so we open our presents on the evening of the 24th. I got a Walkman, a few Strokes CDs, a really cool vintage-looking sewing machine (!!!), pjs from Victoria's Secret, and some tea! I love my Walkman so much I made gifts for a lot of my friends and family (mostly ornaments and plushies) and got my mum a really nice Dior lipstick. It just started snowing about an hour ago, and it's going really strong! Looks like we're going to have a white Christmas after all
  6. Yeah, that event was one of my favourites so far! I know that feeling, RaeSun, missed out on the Christmas tree decorating.
  7. @RaeSun16: I have no idea, can't see their scroll. Hope it isn't though!
  8. That's what I'm hoping, still scary though. @Kaini, it's not my Holly egg, just one of my grown Holly's eggs that was auto-abandoned (so it's not on my scroll)
  9. We were at this school camping trip a few years ago, and the guys and girls were all sleeping in one huge tent... It was really late, and most people had already fallen asleep, only a few of my friends and I were still awake and quietly talking. All of a sudden we see a guy in my class sit up in his sleeping bag, look around frantically, and yell "LET'S GO [other male friend's name]" (funny thing is, he had a girlfriend and everything) Needless to say, it was really awkward for them in the morning
  10. It's really depressing seeing that one of my Holly babies is probably going to die It's got like 12 views, 5 uvs, 5 clicks and 4d left :/ I wish there was a way of transferring it to someone who deserves it.
  11. I posted on this thread almost a year ago, hah! Back then it was forest green, purple, and silver. Right now I don't like forest green as much anymore, but I still love purple and silver. I don't really have a favourite colour, though. I like colour combinations more, especially red/black/white, turquoise/brown, purple/silver, gold/white etc... I've recently been loving lavender and oxblood.
  12. Can't wait, also really excited for the new prize dragons! Although I'm a bit sad there probably won't be a chance of getting a CB Tinsel anymore... Thank you TJ & others!
  13. I'm going opening night as well! I'm so so excited, though I have a sinking feeling that it won't be as good as the LOTR movies. The Rottentomatoes rating is only about 73%, which really worries me (LOTR were 93-95%)
  14. Here in the barren North we use the good ol' Metric system. Or we're supposed to use it, anyways. We sometimes still talk about our height in feet and inches and our weight in pounds (I usually use the Metric system for these things, since I'm European). Everything else is generally Metric, and I love it. It's so much simpler, since everything is in nice round numbers. I also use Celsius, the Fahrenheit system never made sense to me. I use the 12-hour clock, but I'm very familiar with the 24-hour clock since that's what we use when we speak Polish. I only use AM/PM in English, since seventeen o'clock just sounds really weird to me I say half seven instead of seven thirty (it's the British way, I think, but my parents have always said it like that). Question for you guys: what day is the first day of the week? For me it's Monday, but everyone tells me I'm wrong and it's Sunday.
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    Totally remember these! I was kind of too old for them (in grade 8 when they first started getting popular, which was about five years ago), but my brother had a few! I still have the baby cow he gave me when he outgrew them, it's so cute :3
  16. One does not simply float into Mordor.
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    Folk Music, anyone?

    Mathias has such a beautiful voice :3 I've heard of them, but I've only listened to them a few times. Checking out By The Sword In My Hand right now. Pretty good, nice catchy chorus
  18. I wasn't aware that people thought in words Thought that only happened in books, lol. That's so weird for me! I always think in pictures, or "videos" (replaying something someone said in my mind, or a future scenario etc).
  19. Round 1, Part 2 District 1: Bangle vs. Mercura - No Result District 2: Castel vs. Maxima - Maxima wins! District 7: Basel vs. Cornelia - Basel wins! District 8: Reuben vs. Toobere - Toobere wins!
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    Folk Music, anyone?

    Celtic music is beautiful. I also like folk metal (Finntroll, Turisas, Ensiferum).
  21. The Strokes, HIM, and recently Die Antwoord. Yo-Landi is so, so cool. I also love M.I.A and Children of Bodom. My music tastes are all over the place
  22. It's All Tears by HIM Can't wait for the new album!
  23. I really want to go a bit lighter. My natural hair right now is golden-blonde (think Blake Lively), but I'll probably get it toned to get the copper out. If I ever want to go a lot lighter, I'd want something like Cara Delevingne. Crazy colours... probably lavender/light pink like Audrey Kitching or black with blonde/white highlights like her.
  24. I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord Yo-Landi's voice