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  1. My favorite food is probably watermelon. >w<
  2. I'm from the US of A. Florida if you will.
  3. Well the 3DS' 3D mode hurts my eyes. But there is something called turning the 3D mode off, so they're not going to ban the system. And if they did, why don't you just ban all the other gaming systems? Most video games have the same amount violence, there's also rating the games so kids can't get games that are too violent. And for the Pokemon episodes that were banned, lots of other episodes of lots of other shows have been banned. So far, Pokemon is one of the safest anime's I have ever seen.
  4. I loved the game ~Flail~ I'm still playing actually. o3o
  5. When I was little, I had a dream that I had a frying pan on my head and a monster foot came and stepped on me. There was a flood that night...