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  1. I just bred this It took me forever... I got Magis the first nine times
  2. Ooh... O.o I'm excited for Dino Cave
  3. Didn't win either, but that was expected c: Congratulations to those lucky winners!
  4. I got my vine alt on my 19th try ^^" The alt black didn't take very long... only about 5 tries or so.
  5. I love the chickens and the tan ridewings
  6. I am in absolute LOVE with the male neotropical and pillows :3 But i gotta say, the neotrops are beautiful
  7. Love the dressed up male neotropicals :3
  8. Love the Dickens Story!!! It's wonderful! I love the ghost dragons :3 The ornaments are a lovely color as well.
  9. Gathered all my festive dragons together and took a picture: ... noticed i missed some and for some reason had 3 pillows... :3
  10. I love the dress-up!! All my dragons look amazing! Thanks so much! The story and picture are amazing as well!!!
  11. Sounds cool!! Can't wait to start!!
  12. Was egg-locked while scavenging the AP. I got the over burdened message for a 4th gen. nocturne tinsel fail from TREE (Arboriel Morchaint) and a red dino in the AP D':
  13. ?!?!?!?! A CB MAGMA IN THE AP and I was too busy looking up something to notice it until it was too late... a CB Magma?!
  14. I missed 2 CB reds, 2 CB nebulas, 1 CB white, 1 LEETLE TREE ;-; (first one i've actually seen since last year), 1 CB BLACK, and 1 CB split the last cavedrop *headdesk*
  15. Derp. in the last cavedrop, i missed a split, thunder, pink, and a paper. And the drop before that, i missed a silver ;-; Epic fail. Edit: And a red.
  16. I think this is quite a pretty lineage :3
  17. My friend told me about this... She found it by randomly searching up something about dragons on good ol' google :3
  18. TWO hatchlings next to each other at the same time...
  19. ...What happened here? I came back, and suddenly there was a mass of guardians... o.o
  20. I just got my gold trophy last week :3
  21. Bred a white egg with the code "Tox1c"