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    Finding the Lost

    It *is* a thuwed! Thanks for the link. Very handy.
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    Finding the Lost

    Me too. I picked up a Nebula from the AP that has a Thuwed lineage, but no diceased parents. It goes back to a silver Jacloh Thuwed and a purple Fihfco Thuwed. Here's the lienage, it's big: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rA7og
  3. Me too. Whenever I add a dragon (I only add those that are having trouble) I remove a few adults from the nursery to help keep the place clean. I hope that's not an issue?
  4. Thank you very much for building and maintaining this site . I got home today to find my Thunder Dragon hatchling hadn't matured yet and had only one hour to go and I managed to save it in the ER. I also love that I don't have to set up an account with have more passwords and such that I forget half the time.
  5. I says sometimes that I tend to collect collections, because I grab many little things but don't really know enough about any one item to really get into it. I used to collect piles of cards most often, trading cards games and such up to and including: Pokemon, YGO, MTG, Star Wars, LOTR, White Wolf, and regular decks of cards. I used to collect Breyer Horses too but haven't been actively looking for sometime, though I picked up a couple more recently that I couldn't resist. . As of now, the only thing I go out of my way to collect are country patches when I go abroad. I insist it has to be from the country I'm in so I check all the little shops and such until I find one. Otherwise, I collect charms (not the new kind with the hooks or square bracelet guys, the old kind with the rings), the occasional coin that I like, and the occasional stamp.
  6. 'nother Canuck here! I'm out west though, and no matter what forum I'm on I inevitabley get overun by easterners. Gets lonely late at night here! West coast of British Columbia if people would like to know how far west.
  7. I believed you missed the one that gives you the double magic meter. Not sure where it is though, off the top of my head.
  8. Umm, let's see. Might and Magic 6, directing my sister who was playing in a speedy escape of a dungeon we've been looting repeatedly. She's playing and I'm watching the map. She yells out "which way do I go?" being that there's a turn coming up. I look at the map and shout "left!" The map is facing south, not north... Instead of the safe path out she lands in a pit of vipers. Perhaps 10 or so. Never seen a party make that many pained faces and all go green that fast. Yeah, so characters in Might and Magic has facial expressions and voices. They react when hit and make grunting sounds and how bloody they are indicates damage and how green and sick looking they are indicates poison and disease. They even all say "pick me! pick me!" repeatedly while cycling through faces when picking the starting party. Gets REALLY annoying.
  9. I picked up a mansion mod for my Morrowind game, (Ravenloft it's called). I can spend as much time running around and decorating my mansion as I do actually playing the game. Not sure where my character is level wise. I'm past the corpus issue and need to head for Ghost Gate soon but I can't be bothered yet. I hear there are good things about oblivion, like being able to have a horse, though my friend says getting on the thing is a pain. They had horses in daggerfall but none in Morrowind, and you can't get houses either unless you steal somebody elses or park in a tunnel somewhere. I found an absolutely delightful smugglers tunnel but I can't remember where it is now. I do have a general idea though. Horses are back in Skyrim though. Yay!
  10. Not sure when Daggerfall came out and haven't looked at the details of the dowload but I imagine it was altered a little to accomodate for newer computers. It should say on the page, which is a link on Elder Scrolls dot com, in the usual website fashion. I haven't tried it yet.
  11. I've only played OoT and TP all the way though. My sister and I played the games together. Ocarina we rented and insisted on not renewing it so we used a walkthrough the entire time, which actually made the game seem harder than it was. Less having to explore means less familiarity with the land scape. This proved very true in the water temple. We've (my siblings and I) have all finsihed the game so many times we can get through it fairly easy now, and usually without dying unless the end fight with Ganandorf, round one. Get unlucky with the return serve on occasion. My big thing was archery in that game. I practiced enough to get really good at it so I often got expanded quivers for my friends or hunted big poes for them. When we played Twilight. Princess and decided we wouldn't use any walkthroughs this time, excpet to find the odd rogue heart piece though we did pretty well on our own. The one time we got stumped, she went to go check the net and I figured it out before she got back so we say it doesn't count . We would swap turns, she would play human Link since she was better with the sword moves, and I would play wolf Link. I just bought the GotY version which is on for cheap now. I'll have to learn to fight with swords now. Those are the only two I've finished. I used to have an emulator version of Link to the past on my laptop but tis gone now. . I haven't tried to dig it up again for my new one. Knowing me, I wont be looking into Skysword either until it does down in price. I'm cheap.
  12. Whoops. My bad. That should say "morrowind" when chatting about the games I've been playing. Going back to fix that. And here's the Daggerfall link for those in North America. The main site asks about country so I'm not sure if there are regional issues with downloads or not. http://www.elderscrolls.com/daggerfall/
  13. I have two that I use in different circumstances. Not sure how to put that in. "Kingly" prefix = Kingsfoil/Athleas (DC name/forum name) "Kingsfoil" suffix = Kingsfoil/Athleas (DC name/forum name), used for abandoned eggs and cave born. I guess go with whatever user name is appropriate for the list.
  14. I'm new and don't have any growing dragons yet, but I have a softspot for abandoned eggs. Three of my first four are abandoned eggs, one computer generated (I think because it has no lineage) and two with lineages attached. I'd love to chat however briefly or leave a note for the user where the egg came from to say I have their egg but I don't know who they are on the forum, if they are here at all. I'm eagarly awaiting my eggs to hatch so I can grab more eggs! I plan on making a my own lineage from "adopted" eggs and maybe turning it into a project. I'd be happy to see any abandoned eggs of mine finding a new home. Knowing myself, I'm going to check now and then.
  15. I've never played Oblivion. I'm still taking my sweet time with Morrowind. I have blood moon and tribunal and just like walking around and doing my own thing. . I hoping to snag Skyrim when it comes out. I like the Nord themed stuff in Blood Moon and I'm curious if anything like it will show up. I thought the details in the settings and such in Blood Moon were great. Oh, and if anyone's curious, Bethesda released Daggerfall again as a free download from their main website to celebrate and anniversary of some kind. I still haven't picked it up yet, been meaning to, but I love that game.