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After 4 years, 5 months and 18 days I finally summoned her. :D 

I'm looking for the code VOXXY or a variant of it. Please PM me if you see one! :3 


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    Regarding my CB Silver Tinsel:

    I am still taking requests if you do not mind the wait time.

    - Minimum Wait Time (if everything goes to plan) is: Open! :D -

    Currently Breeds on: ---

    ** If it takes longer to get you your egg, please don't panic. I do my best to stay on track, and sometimes Silver Dreams simply doesn't cooperate. I will get you your Shiny as promised as soon as possible. :) **

    If it's been a hot minute (a few weeks) and you haven't heard back about your request, shoot me a PM and I'll update you on the situation.

    I do not have a list of names here because a lot of those who have asked for eggs have their scrolls hidden, and if they wish to trade 3rd gen offspring they may advertise that themselves. I don't wish to null their privacy if they hid their scroll names for a reason. :)

    I'll only ask for 1:1 rare trades.
    Either a 2nd/3rd gen Tinsel/Shimmer I don't already have lines of, or a CB Metal/Other Rare (any Rare).
    If these are unobtainable for you (because GoNs know they are for me), we can work out another deal. I seem to have trouble getting the last few rounds of new releases. :P

    There are a couple of reasons for this seemingly low price (compared to others).

    The first is I think it's silly to ask a lot for something I got out of pure luck and that I'm very happy and grateful to have. :D (Seriously, the trade requirements I see on Eggs Around the World for 3rd gens, man... It's ridiculous. :x)

    The second is the potential wait time. Lady of Silver Dreams (or sometimes I'll refer to her as just 'Silver Dreams') is a very stubborn Tinsel. It took around 6 weeks, a refusal, several disinterests, and a few failed breedings to get her the reliable mate she has now (Herobrine the Blusang Lindwurm), and that's including using fertility.

    I will allow you to choose her mate regardless of how long the list is. However, it cannot be a Legendary because believe me I've tried, and they hated each other. It wasn't pretty. :x

    If you wish to change her mate before a Shiny is produced, you may do so only twice. I can't be switching out mates on a whim as it starts to get confusing who wanted what mate, especially when the same person has asked for multiple mates. Speaking of which..

    You may ask for multiple mates (1:1 trade ratio still applies), however, if the wait time is long, your secondary (or even tertiary) mate choices might be pushed back so that others in the list will get a turn as well.

    If she gives an egg that is the sire's breed or no egg at all 3 times in a row, I will have to put that request at the back of the list for the sake of fairness in wait time for the others in line. I hope you will understand that I must stick with what works so that I can get everyone their Tinsel as soon as possible in this case. :)

    ** I promise I will get to every request. If you've been placed on the retry list, I WILL get to it when the other requests have been filled. **

    If she produces an egg that is the sire's breed, I'd be more than happy to let that current requester have it as a freebie if they want it. No additional trade necessary. ;)

    If there are any further questions that I have not answered here, feel free to send me a PM! I may look like a hermit, but I promise not to bite. ^_^