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  1. Hatched, influenced and precoged male Make an offer on my hatchling
  2. Have: 3rd gen Nhiostrife from female Gold Checker Lineage Looking for one of the following: - Bloodswap - 3rd gen Balloon from female Gold Checker unrelated to her - 4th gen Electric from male Gold Checker unrelated to him - 4th gen Royal Blue from female Gold Checker unrelated to her - 3rd gen Tsunami from female Gold Checker unrelated to her - 4th gen Black from male Gold Checker unrelated to him Make an offer on my egg
  3. Send some >50 sweet, pretty, rare, cute, misscolored, awesome halloweenkin to the AP. Hope whoever finds them likes them enough to keep P.S.: Still missing one last halloween mate myself. Please let e know if you can breed a 3g Almandine Pyralspite from f Grave x m Almandine Checker as a mate for her. Thank you!
  4. You're welcome! Glad it found a good home with you
  5. You're very welcome! <3 Thank you for picking it up. ^.^
  6. Are part of the dragcave irc servers down for anyone else? I can only connect via two specific servers: galio (galio.irc.technoized.com) and mustang (mustang.irc.technoized.com) . I use Nettalk. Connecting via http://irc.technoized.com/ doens't work for me at all today. Tried out sentry, proton and hawkeye as specific servers but couldn't conect via them. Forgot what the rest of the servers were called, I believ there should be one more?
  7. Gifting 3rd gen Misfit Pygmy from Pumpkin [Lineage] [Teleport] 4th gen Pillow from f Marrow [Lineage] found a nice home on Siliskor's scroll ^.^
  8. *Squee* It's awesome seeing so many of my bred eggs shown off at once ! So glad they found good homes. And you're all very welcome ^.^ And Abyss i'm almost at 6th gen just got one stubborn 3rd gen pair who won#t give me a Moonstone egg (but already have an unrelated 4th and 3rd gen). Let me know if you'd like offspring from one of my pairs ^.^
  9. I Would Like to Update My List! Forum name: Skythestral Birthday: October 23rd Original List: Star Wars 1. CB/even gen metallic 2. Goldfish (love evengen) 3. nice lineaged Daydream. Revised List:1. Common (i.e. grey, electric, waterhorse,...) CB Hatchy 2. Common Evengen Hatchy 3. 2nd gen Moonstone from Seragamma
  10. 5th gen EG Thuwed BBW x Terrae Checker http://dragcave.net/teleport/fd3359206528a...11d7df5c70ecb02
  11. Gift report! Donor's name: Skythestral Giftee's name: iamtheeyesinside Lineage link of the hatchie: http://dragcave.net/lineage/MwJ9a http://dragcave.net/lineage/60avK Breed of the gift : Horse and pink
  12. Gift report! Donors name: Skythestral Giftees name: clayosaurusrex Lineage link of the gifted egg/hatchie: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kbQfA Breed of the gifted egg: Blusang
  13. * Request: Lineage Details: I am looking for the last few Holiday mates I'm missing and any help getting them is greatly appreciated ! - 3rd gen grey from Sweetling Checker as a mate for him Thank you! Cuddles Grey egg - 4th gen Black from f Marrow Checker as a mate for her Thank you for the help! - 3rd gen Black from Tri-color Snowangel as a mate for her I'd be happy to try breeding anything off my scroll in return. Thank you.
  14. You're welcome! Glad he found a nice home ^-^ Random Fact: You're the first person to post one of my lineages in here as far as i know
  15. @Newbies This Magma is looking for a new Home. Just pm me for the teleport link
  16. I've received some awesome Trio eggs from my Santa =) Thank you again! And am sending another basket to my giftee working on the surprise me point on the list since i already gifted a few of everything else and a 2nd gen PB Gold keeps eluding me but it's fun!
  17. one green Opal and the cheese left - pm me if you need/want one.
  18. I have 2 CB Green Opals and a Cheese if any of you could use them for your giftee?
  19. I want to participate! Forum name: Skythestral Scroll name: Skythestral Wishlist: 1. CB Magma 2. 2nd gen Thunder from m Gold 3. 2nd gen Winter from m ice x f Winter 4. 3rd gen Ice from Ribbon dancer as a mate for her 5. 2nd gen Moonstone from male Seragamma x female Moonstone 6. 2nd gen Winter from Summer base
  20. I Would Like to Update My List! Forum name: Skythestral Birthday: 10/23 Original List: Star Wars 1.CB/even gen metallic 2.Goldfish (love evengen) 3.nice lineaged Daydream Revised List:1. CB/even gen gold 2. 2nd gen Moonstone from male Seragamma x female Moonstone 3. nice lineaged royal blue (love evengen)
  21. Send another shiny package to Shell - maybe she'll be speechless If there's still anyone without gifts on th Bronze list I'll happily help out as well
  22. I any of you need a CB Magi or a CB Lumina you're welcome to pm me. And I'd love a after Valentine round as well My next package for Shell is almost ready...just needs a few more hours before hatching
  23. Ardeo just gifted me a beautiful CB Pink Thank you!
  24. Just send a 3rd basket containing a 6h gen Bronze Tinsel and two fem. influenced CB Dark Greens to Shell - hope she them.