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  1. I can hereby announce that I managed to get 4 Gustitches, unfortunately I've named them before I've realized I haven't check their gender. So I have 3 females and 1 male now. I think I'll wait for Windy/Gusty eggs to start breeding those two excessive girls, but I still have one pair to start pb lineage 😄
  2. Okay so I it seems I have to quote some dictionary for clarification. amateur [am-uh-choo r, -cher, -ter, am-uh-tur] noun [...] 4. a person who admires something; devotee; fan: an amateur of the cinema. Here. I wasn't trying to insult anyone. They - Pyrovars. Amateurs - fans. Them - Pyrovars. That's it. Sorry for misunderstanding.
  3. Wow those glassies are ugly. And Pyrovar sounds like some machinery for brewing a hot beverage. I kinda knew I wouldn't like it (because of color scheme I'm not necessarily fond of), but their anatomy seems way off. This presumably was a good idea and not very good execution. But I see they have some amateurs here, so good for them. I'm positively surprised by mustys (Truffle, who would have thought), their hatchlings were bulky and a bit plain, adults however look pretty good. And the subtle rainbow is back! Anyway, if Truffles will be as common as they were in this past couple of days, I could fairly easily catch some for you. I was afraid that they would be so hard to get, but they're really aren't that much.
  4. I don't see much coppers around, and mustys are dropping nearly every 5 minutes, I'd say it's 1-2 per drop. As I said, at least for now. Maybe it'll change, but they're definitely closer to uncommons than rares.
  5. They are definitely not "the true rares", I see them far too often and it's far too easy to catch them. I'd say they're about as rare as zyumorphs or even more common. So, they're like uncommon, at least for now.
  6. Yees, finally! I've tried this way, but it doesn,t work - and now it works! Thanks for help.
  7. Hm, I'm trying to find the last item - Rainbow Chicken. I'm trying still and still "Wooded area" and - nothing. Yes, I finish the quest. But it still doesn't work.