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  1. FINALLY got a CB hellfire honestly, I don't know why it took me so long to get hold of one. Hopefully the influence will work and I'll have all my 32 CBs I've already started breeding the others. I've got most of my 2nd gens, except for my balloon*flamingo pair - they are stubbornly not giving me any eggs (even after I tried fertility on them multiple times). I'm wondering if I should go get another balloon or flamingo or something D: My current childless Barons and Baronesses Baron Arthur of Commons Baron Ellis of Commons My current childless Counts and Coutesses Countess Arline of Commons Count Blaise of Commons Countess Beulah of Commons Countess Celia of Commons Yet-to-hatch, hopefully Count Sunsong Countess Delia of Commons Kinda obvious from the pairs above, but I'm going for a rainbow theme ><! Some have not been giving me eggs I was hoping for though. I was rather hoping I'd end up with a Daydream for a King or Queen, but suprisingly it's stopped as the sunsong took over o.O Also had hoped for a BBW King but that dream was cut off short when the CB pair gave me a neotropical lol Hope I can finish this soon so I can start another King/Queen project ><
  2. I got two eggs through a trade and didn't realize that meant I'm egg-locked and bam http://dragcave.net/lineage/O7LGf Byebye pretty one D: .. my first every gold offspring (from all of my golds)
  3. Have a pretty magi tinselkin If anyone wants it Gone Wonder who got it Also have a red if anyone wants it ^^ Gone
  4. oh my GOSH They are so beautiful >_<!!!! gotta go trade to get some more aahhh
  5. AHHHH why am I egg locked D:D:D:D:D: Oh Nohessss Wish more people would refer to it as the lunar new year though Anyway, happy new year to all those who celebrate the lunar new years (me included lol)
  6. I was going to wait until all the ornaments came out but I couldn't stop myself today lol The Little Prince is still one of my favorite books, and I always loved the chapter with the fox http://dragcave.net/wreath/mjk7055 I wanted to do a field of reeds, but it didn't work out Maybe I should have done the background red-gold hm..
  7. Very pretty sunsong up for grabs >< Gone Thanks Mamamaus ^^
  8. I was wondering if we could just go ahead and start without being officially added to the members list? It's been a while since I wrote my form Meanwhile, I'm taking my time collecting the 32 CBs I'll be needing for the lineage I'm planning to use a CB Winter, so I know I won't get around to breeding much until then lol At the moment I have 9/32 CBs collected. I keep running out of influences, so I just take CB eggs and hope they gender correctly... and they don't -.- I can't believe I got 4 sunsongs all turning out male (and I couldn't get a gender-swap so I ended up gifting them out)
  9. No, unfortunately I'm not a CB Tinsel owner ... The ridgewing I received as a generous gift from Goslander, and the daydream I got as a trade ... aagh *cries again*
  10. I'm in shock... I just got a refusal from a pairing I was soooooooooo absolutely hoping would work out It would have been so pretty *cries*
  11. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name:mjk7055 Scroll Link:My Scroll Secret Word:Dirndl Oooh I have a few even gen projects and was refraining myself from starting any new ones, but this one looks sooo nice. Love the naming scheme >< will be planning on a 6th gen
  12. YAY I got the chicken Awesome event ><
  13. okay i'm in panic now what is this rainbow chicken everyone is talking about O.o?! I tried the main trail and it didn't give me anything (sobs)
  14. YAY I'm done I thought I'd already gone to one of the places.. turns out I hadnt Got 39 on completion >< Everyone seems to be agreeing that 39 is the max o.O?
  15. I have 38 collected but I can't get through the last part ><!!! AGH what am i missing?! nooooo
  16. Found two pretty tinselfails on my sister's scroll So I nagged her to breed them, and YAY http://dragcave.net/lineage/Y07Yc She actually tried last week and got an egg then, but got egglocked and ended up tossing the egg to the AP D: I told her to keep this one this time lol Probably will ask her to get me one as well
  17. My brother just grabbed a 3rd gen tinsel fail hellfire. stair from inextrica x hellfire ^^ If anyone wants it please PM me with a teleport link^^ (the poor thing turned out to be already sick when he picked it up so it's hidden) found a new home ^^
  18. My sister just grabbed these pretties off the AP ^^ http://dragcave.net/lineage/Q8KJg gone to a new home! ^^ http://dragcave.net/lineage/NhkJF gone to a new home! ^^ If anyone would like to have them, please PM me (preferably with a teleport link as my sister is out of teleports)
  19. I was planning on a seasonal lineage project, but then found it too daunting. Then I found this discussion yay =) I'm in the process of getting ready for three other different lineage projects at the moment, so I wasn't planning to breed my seasonals just yet, but well, I felt like breeding them all of a sudden =) Last week my two CB summer couples didnt give me any eggs, but this week one pair did. I want it to have a good home and was wondering if anyone in this project might want him/her? Found a good home, thanks =)
  20. Thanks so much! I'd really appreciate that >< I'll send u a PM when it genders =D
  21. Not sure if this is an appropriate post here... I'll delete it if it's a problem (I just wasn't sure where to go to ask this) I often find tinsel-fails in the AP. I would keep them but I usually end up egg-locked so I gift them to my friends who need/want them =) I'm planning on finding a mate for this little guy (influenced male). I wish I could find a tinsel-fail mate for him/her (hopefully another stairstep-silver-tinselfail with different ancestors - 9th gen if it turns out to be male, 12th gen if it turns out female). Would anyone be willing to help >< ?