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    Call me MJ :)

    I do breed on request if asked nicely
    Exception being my metallics
    If I usually trade the offspring of the pair you are asking for, I may ask for something in return - don't worry, I won't ask for something outrageous

    General Rules I Have for Gifted Eggs:
    1. Name them please. PLEASE
    2. Do NOT trade them off - I don't mind if you gift them to a friend or family, but I do not like to see them being treated as trading fodder

    Sometimes I have some eggs which I would like to get rid of, but can't be bothered to trade them, but feel like it'd be a waste to throw them into the AP (I do that from time to time though). Then I will start stalking the thread, clicking on random forum names in the "active members" list, checking to see if they have a wishlist on their signature or profile, and if they are searching for the egg I try to get rid of.\
    Result?: me sending out a bunch of PMs to people with a 1-way teleport link.
    Just stating this so that you aren't completely alarmed when I send something over. I've had a lot of people take the gifts and replying with a "Uh..but...why..?" - the only answer I could come up with was "I was bored..? and I wanted to get rid of the egg..?"

    BTW, these will usually be dinos, chickens, cheese, uncommon-ish CBs such as CB Pinks or Reds and such, sometimes tinsels etc

    A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been so generous as to help me with my lineage project :D

    I'm working on an even-gen tinsel lineage, which will have all the 2011 CB tinsels in the lineage and NOT be inbred.
    So far managed to create a 7th-gen with 13 :)

    actively seeking even-gens (does not have to be a tinsel) containing the following CB tinsels.