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    Funny Images

    <- Dunno if this is a swear.
  2. What great misfortune! You still there? Huh? You aren't...?
  3. Why, you... Ugh. If I were to put my thoughts here, then it would happen to be personally attacking another user. I'm not even going to start with this.
  4. *just woke up* I'm so tired...
  5. What do you mean "What?" You made her have to put a sentence that uses terrible grammar in her signature. It's "DO NOT DISTURB! I've already been disturbed enough!" not "DO NOT DISTURB I disturbed enough as is!" Grammar nazi duck.
  6. Suwako

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Sneaks to your scroll, and cuts around the gold tinsel named Number 6 and pastes it on my scroll, then quietly leads the number to my lair*
  7. I feel your pain as a fellow grammar nazi. D: Duckah.
  8. Holy crepe! (I use this a lot. :L) Holy titanic! (Inside joke between me and my friend.)
  9. Joste died for having "coockies" and milk in the first place.
  10. Strawberry suger Because "sugar" is spelled incorrectly.
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    Funny Images

    L-linked... I guess...