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  1. Nnnnot the best thing to say to someone who's never been able to have a job due to severe anxiety and has severe depression with suicidal thoughts. If I could just 'stop living' I would have by now but k.
  2. Wait a dang minute there is only one correct option?? It's not a 50/50 shot? Wow that's even crappier than I thought. F me for being the 'wrong' person, right?
  3. Sooo I only get one chance to get the special upside down egg and it was a 50/50 shot? Well that's... something thats rhyme with 'kitty'. Why bother with something so aggravatingly selective for an event? Just the Easter eggs would suffice. At least those aren't 100% up to luck. :\
  4. I hopped in late but managed to get a couple of each egg... first non-holiday release since my return.
  5. I got my caveborns of the last christmas dragons I missed, and two cave born hollies! ^o^ I am so happy!! I spent all day yesterday trying to get holly eggs and I finally did! YAY.
  6. I just checked and I can confirm I'm having the same issue.
  7. Took me a little bit to actually find the adult's faces, but once I did they're easy to see! :3 How terrifying.
  8. *flails at* Look at the lil fire babbies! GROW SO I MAY SEE YOUR TRUE FORM. 83
  9. I KNEW THE FOXES WOULD BE LAST. I saw em on the first day when the shop was glitched and open! It was the costume I wanted the most so of course they'd give me it last. >-> Oh well it looks great on lil baby gravey.
  10. OH MAN ARE WE GETTING OLD GOD EGGS?? 83 They are so beautiful! I'm already full up!
  11. Last night while grabbing messy Grave Linages to freeze for cute babby graves... I found this guy here. o-o I grabbed it fast as I could because like... I spend way too much time on reddit and instinctively went into "KEEP TROLLS FROM IT" mode. I'll probably name him something cute like Skipper.
  12. Man I keep seeing the same codes for Grave eggs in and out of the AP ;o; I've picked most of them up and they have decent lineages or are second gens and it's killing me to send them back to the AP. I'm only catching for frozen hatchies now so it feels wrong to pick up and freeze a clean looking lineage!
  13. Ahh a fairy costume!! A FAIRY COSTUME! And I got the purple one free. ^o^ EEEEE. I love fairies. :3
  14. ^o^ Well then thank you very much Amazon! It was a treat to see the Final Fantasy 7 themed spriter alts!
  15. I squealed when I saw the lineage of this guy when I picked him up! Especially since I've been on a bit of a FF7 kick recently. :3
  16. Woke up to the costumes glitching and was scared my account had been hacked! Though just changing my costume would have been quite a cheeky weirdness... Its fixed now thank goodness.
  17. Yarr my little gravey's a pirate wizard now! :3
  18. https://dragcave.net/lineage/laywR Meet the dragon that wants to grow up to be a lawyer (or be one for halloween) that can't quite spell!
  19. Tossed my misclicked Cavern Dweller to the AP and managed to snag two Marrow! ^o^ I am a happy camper.
  20. I am! Just started getting it now. >>; I hope buying that white ballerina outfit didn't bug it...
  21. I bought the white ballerina costume just for the shoes. I wanted to give my grave shoes but the black shoes blend into her little feeties.
  22. Hatchies I've seen: Pumpkin: 2 Black Marrow: 7 Shadow Walker: 4 Cavern Lurker: 3 Grave: 3 Desipis: 2 Caligene: 4 Witchlight: 5 Oddly, one of the Witchlight visitors I've had doesn't have a link to anyone's scroll. Everyone else does but that one particular one doesn't wanna tell me who's watching it! Little goof.
  23. @Data_Girl_3 I think that might just be the base used to design all the hatchies from.
  24. Yeah I guess I do have a conscience even when it comes to pixel creatures. Though it's a bit of a problem when I can't even play even characters in video games! So many achievements I've probably missed out on. I do love the new zombie sprites though. I'll just look at everyone else's pretties instead of having my own!
  25. Thank you purplehaze! Glad it's not a problem I'm having alone.