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  1. I feel so happy and lucky to have been able to take this precious ER hatchling from the AP. It even gendered correctly! Thank you sooo much for whoever dropped it!
  2. Mommmm what's wrong with my neck
  3. Too Sexy for Your Galaxy ----- @RecycledHeart - aw, thanks ^^
  4. *Takes Xenowyrms and Gemshards*
  5. I love her anyway - that one stuck out to me. You have a lot of good names. They're lyrical/poetical
  6. Footsteps on Fire You have a lot of good names
  7. Sweeter than the Silver Stars The s' sounds are so nice together
  8. Finals Meltdown Adult My Brain is Fried Why is That Because it's Finals Week Lol You're Dead All these names together. And this one too: Funny Dragon Name Not Found
  9. Just Seeing Faces Seems to have a deeper meaning into it.
  10. I got my three for each kind. They look really cool! I'm excited. Honestly for me, it wasn't too hard to catch...I just click as fast as I can after I refresh the page.
  11. Aw, didn't win. Grats to the winners though!
  12. ^I saw that one too! Congrats! Yessssssss! Caught a CB Silver! I've been really needing it to continue a shimmer line since my first one was refused. *o*
  13. I named mine Solstice of the Winter Moon and Ribbons of Winter Solstice Just trying to have the word 'solstice' in it.
  14. * Request: Lineage details: So I have this Holly dragon: Pretty 4th EG Holly x Pink Checker So I was hoping I could request a Holly x Pink Checker, similiar to the one above? I'd still be very satisfied with one that doesn't include Bright Pinks. Thanks!
  15. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Dragonwing1234 I just separated mine into different sections
  16. What shimmerscale or holly generation is worth a 2G PB Gold?