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  1. Jowan [ Gate ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


    Andraste, that hurt. Cutting oneself with a sharp knife wasn't exactly pleasant, but it was apparently a lot better than tearing one's flesh apart. Increasing the pressure on the afflicted wrist helped a little. It was the best that he could manage, anyway. Now that he'd done it, he wasn't sure that injuring himself had been the best decision, but at the same time it was... comforting. There was power in it, just waiting to be used. 


    Was the quadruped actually disappointed that everyone wasn't suddenly friends? That wasn't how the world worked, and she had to know that. Fighting wasn't some kind of game, so of course people were going to die. Demons and spirits weren't innocent of that idea either, however little their understood about the material world. The Fade wasn't exactly peaceful. Speaking of which... He slowly spun around on one heel, scanning the oddly curved horizon. Nope, he hadn't just missed it. No ominous dark cities forever floating at the edge of the sky, eternally out of reach. Huh. So, he really wasn't trapped in the Fade. 


    He wasn't sure what to do with that information, and it only made him feel more lost. If he wasn't in the Fade or dreaming, that left 'oddly vivid hallucination' and 'the probably-demons are actually telling the truth'. The latter still seemed unlikely, given that teleporting went against the cardinal rules of magic, but alternative universes didn't play into any magical theories that he'd heard of. That, and though he knew that it was dangerous to assume things about demons, the quadruped really didn't seem like one. She was obviously too smart to be a rage or hunger demon, wasn't playing off of any of his wishes (fix things. go back and stop himself from ever reading that book. see Neria again and apologize one last time.) like a desire demon wouldand it was hard to imagine a pride demon pretending to be so naive. Then again, she was consorting with demons, which was almost as bad, but maybe she didn't understand what she was doing. Maybe she really did believe what she was saying. 


    Still, he wasn't planning on letting his guard down. He followed the quadruped, but only because he didn't have anywhere else to go and because it hardly seemed like it could get him into worse trouble than he was already in. Sitting in the middle of some creepy henge wasn't his idea of a fun time. At least he had learned some names; apparently the pride demon was called Nata and the person wearing a cloak and pointed mask (he was pretty sure that some doctors had worn something like that during the First or maybe Second Blight, before it had been realized that there was no helping someone that had been tainted) was Badu.


    Jowan [ XDRS Front Hall ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


    The castle was impressive, though it wasn't quite as large or grand as the palace at Redcliffe. Hopefully the dungeons were a bit nicer, though. He jumped and prepared for a fight when the quadruped suddenly stopped and started shouting and the figure at the top of the stairs, but forced himself to calm down upon noticing the lack of malice in her voice. His state of artificial calm didn't last long, however, as suddenly a set of blue barriers were revealed and the boy at the top of the stairs - Duke - launched into some kind of speech about a maze. Something under his eye seemed to be glowing as well, which was weird. Lyrium tattoos, maybe? Was Duke from Tevinter? 


    Blowing a hole through the walls did sound tempting, but Duke was probably right in that another attempt at murder was a poor choice of action. Besides, he didn't know how strong the walls were and didn't want to embarrass himself by failing to make a dent. He noticed Duke's raised eyebrow and averted his gaze. He supposed that maybe he did stick out a bit, with his chains and blood-splattered robes, but they were also accompanied by two ten foot tall metal golems. 


    When Duke finished, Jowan crossed his arms (which was made quite difficult for the chains and need to keep his left arm wrapped in his robes) and glared up at him, an incredulous expression on his face. What was the point of this? Some kind of sadistic game? He wasn't interested in playing it, anyway. Let the others do whatever it was that Duke wanted. 

  2. Jowan [ Gate ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


    "Oh, sorry," Jowan snapped, taking a nervous step backwards even as he did so. "Spirit, don't touch me." Similarly to the white-haired one, the aggressive girl looked almost like a person. She clearly wasn't as deformed or monstrous as abominations and shades usually were, but there were still a few things that looked wrong. Specifically, her hair was an unnatural shade of pink, and there was something a bit off about her ears. The angle between the top of the ear and her head was wrong, or something like that. Not to mention the electricity sparking at her shoulder, but that was probably the most normal thing about the situa- Maker have mercy, did the white haired one just pop his shoulder back into place. 


    He hadn't expected the Mind Blast to hurt or keep the white haired one away, but seeing something that looked like a child fix its own dislocated shoulder without even a wince was unsettling. "Don't call him a demon, she says," he muttered. If he had any doubts about the white haired one being inhuman, they were gone. It was really doing quite poorly of appearing to be a person. That made it seem inexperienced and nonthreatening, but then again, there was the possibility of it all being a ruse. 


    When the knife-wielding maniac started shouting, he jumped slightly. Safe!? He wasn't going to pretend a place was safe just because a demon told him it was. Then again... there hadn't been any actual violence, yet, aside from his spell and the invasion of personal space. The others that had allegedly been transported there didn't look very okay with the situation, either. Well, most of them didn't, and who knew what was going on with the golems (he briefly flicked his eyes towards them, just to make sure that they hadn't moved). Frustrated, he ran a hand across his scalp and tightened his fist around his hair. None of it made sense. 


    His thoughts about the others were rapidly displaced by the more pressing concern of the knife maniac stalking towards him. Every muscle in his body tensed, and his hands dropped to his sides, prepared to cast spells. A few tongues of flame escaped from between his fingers, but he tightened his hands into fists to extinguish them. However self-destructive he was, he was at least able to avoid fireballing the demon threatening him with a knife. "Noted," he said, gulping.


    Suddenly, it clicked. Probably a demon, weird features, purple electricity. Just what his day needed. Some extra stabbings by a pride demon. 


    Despite his incredible ability to not start fights with pride demons, his self-preservation abilities apparently didn't extend to shutting his mouth. "Wait, I've been kidnapped by a group of dragon cult- ack!" Somehow while he had been distracted by the minor death threats, the purple quadruped had managed to sneak up on him. The same lavender glow from before wrapped itself around his shackles, and they started to assault him. He wasn't nearly quick enough to avoid the ones for his ankles, but he briefly batted away the handcuffs. They approached him a second time, and this time he waited for a cuff to partially wrap around his left wrist before he pulled his hand towards his body sharply. The jagged edge where the cuff had been broken dragged across his skin, tearing a long gash into his wrist and forcing him to suppress a scream. A moment later, both cuffs had been mended around his wrists as if they'd never been broken in the first place. At least the demon hadn't tried to gag him again. 


    He held his bleeding wrist against the front of his robes, trying to stem the bleeding. It didn't seem like a good moment to try anything, but he felt a bit better about the option being there. Or worse. It wasn't like he had ever planned to use blood magic again, but most things that he planned didn't go so well. There was a good chance that the demons would realize that the injury hadn't been an accident and just kill him, but at this point he didn't even mind much. Dying because of blood magic wasn't new or undeserved, it was just delayed. 


    He didn't expect to see the white haired one turn into a wolf and start bouncing around the quadruped excitedly while... talking? How. He'd heard of Witches of the Wilds shapeshifting, but he wasn't pretty sure that they didn't speak after they did so. Whatever. It was just one more weird thing in an incredibly tiring day. 

  3. Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ]


    Having all of their digits still attached really was nice, Natsuki mused. It took ages for the nerves to heal back properly, and one pinky still always felt a little bit chilled. Then again, that one had somehow been strangled in their sleep, so maybe the blood supply hadn't been fixed as well as it should have been. The mangled one's replacement had gone better. Xander probably didn't need to know that, though. 


    "Indeed. It's good to remain busy." They exhaled sharply in what was almost a laugh. "Yes, let's keep our priorities in order." They weren't quite sure why 'gardening' was on anyone's schedule, but maybe Xander found it relaxing, or perhaps new recruits were more likely to join up if it looked like XDRS knew what it was doing and had things under control. That, or the flowers were actually important for some weird magic reason. In any case, had it been someone else they might have made a comment, but they more than trusted Xander to manage his time effectively.  


    They frowned a bit. They had been working a bit hard, but it wasn't anything abnormal, was it? No, there was too much to do. It was good that Xander was concerned, and everyone had to be at their physical and mental best, but Natsuki could take care of themself. Well, not really, but it they doubted that anyone was expected to do much self-surgery. "I haven't gone outside, no, but I ate." They didn't mention that it had been a leftover bowl of rice that they had microwaved for breakfast. 


    "The new arrivals should have 'ported in by now, if things are going on schedule," they said, trying to change the subject. "You haven't received a Luma with an update either, right?" Hopefully one would be sent soon. It was quite disconcerting, not maintaining radio contact while others were in a potentially dangerous situation.

  4. Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ] 


    "Prince Xander," Natsuki replied, nodding politely. "I believe it has been." They liked Xander. He seemed to understand the gravity of the situation that they were in, and he was anything but a slacker. It was really quite refreshing to know someone so focused and efficient. Not that their old squad mates were anything but, but... well, that was in the past. Perhaps one day they'd make it back to their old life, but for the foreseeable future they were stuck. Not physically - they were pretty sure that Twilight and Pascal would be able to get them back if they asked, though they hadn't - but duty wouldn't let them get away so easily. Old habits. 


    They looked up at the taller man, raising an eyebrow slightly, not quite sure if it was a simple pleasantry or an actual question. It could be either, with him. They mentally shrugged and decided that it didn't really matter. "As well as ever, I suppose. I'm not dead yet, there's work to be done, and I currently have all of my digits attached. It could be worse. And you? Been busy, I see." 


    Jowan [ Gateway ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


    Jowan hesitated for a long moment. On one hand, he really did want to be free of his gag. It'd be nice to at least scream about how confused he was and demand some answers, even if it wasn't looking like they'd come. On the other hand, demons didn't just do things for you out of the goodness of their hearts. Metaphorical hearts. It probably couldn't do anything more to him directly if he accepted, but maybe it had a plan, or maybe it was trying to make him just it. Well... it couldn't hurt if he was aware that the demon was trying to manipulate him, then. He started to nod, but before the other human could react a strange lavender glow surrounded his restraints and they snapped away. A similar glow surrounded the head protrusion of the purple demon. The force that removed them was quite gentle, but that did little to assuage his worries. Clearly, that was some kind of magic, but it wasn't like anything that he had seen before. It was... too flashy and soft. There wasn't much of a reason for telekinesis to cause things to glow quite like that. Aside from that, there was the shear power that must have been required to break the bonds. The metal wasn't actually all that strong, but they carried a light enchantment designed to stop them from being damaged by magic. 


    He worked his jaw up and down a few times and rubbed he mouth with a hand as he listened to the purple demon speak. It was good to be free, at least. Still, no, whatever it had done for him he had no intention of following the demon. He was quite sure that that wouldn't lead to anything good, thank you very much. Still, its words were... troubling. Designed to sway him into listening and believing, sure, but "his world" being destroyed? It wouldn't be right or fair. It would be fine if he could never return (it never seemed likely, anyway- insane, delusional people didn't just go back to normal and if this was a part of the Rite he might as well be dead anyway) but if this somehow was real... Neria had done too much for Thedas. For him. If anyone deserved to be saved from a doomed world, it certainly wasn't Jowan.


    He took a startled half-step back, staring at the white-haired human. Demon. Whatever it was. That, apparently, didn't stop white-hair from resting its hand on the top of his head. It took a second to process what was even happening. Had the boy just called him mom? That seemed to confirm that he was a spirit or demon, then. Still, he wasn't really thinking when he used Mind Blast to get the boy away from him. The force pushed the boy away from him, sending him flying a few feet. The spiky-haired boy with the... staff? Weapon? Cleaning device? and the one that had offered help were close enough to be given a decent jolt, but weren't likely to be knocked off of their feet. "I don't know what you want or what your plan is, demon, but don't touch me. Or call me... whatever it is that you said." He couldn't quite keep the tremble out of his voice. 


    He almost wished that the Rite would just finish already. 

  5. Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ]

    Natsuki saved and shut the word processor before rubbing their temples. Paperwork was, at least, familiar, even if most of the agents didn't seem to know how to write a proper report. Nata, for example- however good he was in the field, they were pretty sure that they had never seen a scrap of paper from him. Which, of course, left them to pick up the slack. Perhaps they couldn't expect everyone to have much training, but the others would have to learn. Saving the multiverse wouldn't happen unless everyone was focused and organized, and they were understaffed enough as it was.  


    Speaking of Nata, they wondered how the thing at the Gate was going. With any luck, no one had died. Personally, they weren't happy with Pascal and Twilight's idea of 'security' being one man with some knives, even if they could take care of themselves. There just wasn't enough information about who or what might come through the Gate. 


    They stood and stretched their arms, followed by their legs. Joints popped and cracked with each new movement. Everything seemed to be in working order, at least. It'd be a shame if their knee joints caught again and no one could fix it. 

  6. Jowan [ Gateway ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


    He was beginning to rethink his idea that he was in the Fade as some part of the Rite. No, clearly he had gone insane. Snapped from the stress, maybe. Another blood mage was controlling his mind and locking him in a nightmare. Something like that. There was no other explanation for half of the things that- Maker's breath what are those. He let out a muffled shriek. 


    They were large, had far too much leg, were made out of some kind of metal, and had more sharp bits sticking out from them than he was comfortable with. They'd also appeared out of thin air, somehow, and that wasn't a thing that was supposed to happen. No. Nope. He was getting out of there, whatever the oddly calm blue (blue!) haired boy said. Even if Jowan accepted death, being stepped on by some kind of... golem or something wasn't what he had in mind. 


    He started to step (or shuffle, more like) backwards as quickly as he good. He didn't get very far before he bumped into someone. Startled, he turned around as quickly as he could manage. It had been a human boy with white hair, who had apparently been conversing with another human with even more improbable hair. How many people were there here? 

  7. Jowan [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


    Like the Harrowing, the the procedure of the Rite of Tranquility was a closely-guarded secret. The Tranquil never spoke of it - of course they didn't - and trying to get information from Templars that had overseen the rite was an act in futility. He would know- he'd asked more than a few people, when he had still lived at the Circle. His captors still refused to tell him anything, but he'd know the process intimately enough soon. Jowan still wished that he knew. It was obvious enough that the Rite involved a mark branded onto one's forehead with lyrium, but other than that he didn't have a clue. Not knowing was almost worse than the threat of what would happen to him. 


    He clenched his hands, but the ends of his fingers were covered with metal caps. It was unfortunate, as the pain of fingernails digging into flesh would have been a welcome distraction. He'd also been gagged. It neither painful nor meant to prevent him from speaking, but the Templars were taking precautions, however unnecessary they were. It wasn't like they'd have any trouble finding him again even if he was planning on escaping. 


    A pair of Templar guards approached his cell, one holding a key. "You'll be escorted to the chamber now." Jowan detected a hint of contempt in the Templar's voice. It wasn't unexpected; clearly, many of them thought that he should have been executed. They were probably right. He was lucky to be alive, and it was more than he deserved. 


    He nodded and rose to his feet, chains around his ankles and hands clinking as he did so. The lock on the door clicked open, and- 


    -there was a brief moment of weightlessness before the air was knocked out of his lungs and he crashed to the ground. Groaning, he pushed himself to his feet with some difficulty and squinted at the place that he found himself. Flowers had cushioned his fall slightly, and he wasn't alone. 


    It didn't make any sense. He wasn't in the Fade- at least, he didn't think he was at first. There were no other explanations for it, though. Some part of the Rite of Tranquility that they needed him to be surprised for? It certainly wasn't what he was expecting, whatever that was. Being strapped to a table while mages chanted ominously in ancient tongues, maybe. 


    Hearing someone speaking, he looked up and took a startled step backwards and nearly feel when the chain among his ankles drew taut. Aside from several humans (demons?) wearing very odd clothing there was some kind of purple quadruped that spoke. Yeah, no, he wasn't going to believe anything that it or its companion were saying. This seemed more like the whispered rumors of what the Harrowing was like than anything that was supposed to make him Tranquil, but whatever was going on listening to some oddly-shaped demon wouldn't help him. Besides, it wasn't saying anything that made sense. Gateway to the Starry Sky? Even most ancient and legendary artifacts didn't have such ridiculous names. 


    One problem- he didn't actually have any way to escape, fight back, or speak out against the demons, whether he listened or not. 

  8. Name: Natsuki
    Origin: Original Character
    Info: A no-nonsense artificially created human and former policeman. They are very loyal to authority. 

    • Hard to Kill: Natsuki's body has been altered even before their 'birth'. Though they can die like anyone else if their brain is destroyed or deprived of oxygen, they're a bit more resilient than most. Their major arteries are surrounded in a protective mesh, their spine is reinforced with metal, most of their bones bend rather than break, their blood vessels close off as much as possible when they are wounded, and their blood carries high amounts of oxygen, to name the most obvious modifications. On the downside, they have joint issues (mainly their hips, knees, and ankles) and circulation problems. 
    • Police Training: They know how to use handguns, tasers, and batons, as well as how to act in a combat situation. 
    • University Education: Before joining the police, Natsuki received two years of education at the local university with a modified schedule. Though they aren't a medic, they have decent knowledge of drugs, the workings of the human body, and their own biology. 

    Appearance: Natsuki is Japanese (or, rather, the genetic base used to create them was Japanese). They are a little over five feet tall and are well-muscled from working out (as it is unknown how muscle growth enhancing drugs would interact with their body). Externally, there is no indication that they aren't an unaltered human. Their hair is short and tends to stick up every which way, either because they forgot to brush it in the morning or because they ran their hands through it in exasperation. Natsuki has a sharp gaze, and doesn't fidget or glance around needlessly. 

    History: Natsuki is either seventeen or around twenty-five, depending on how you look at it. As an experiment meant to double as an urban combatant, there was incentive to increase their development rate. Being forced to grow up so fast had its drawbacks, to say nothing of the medical risks they'll experience later. Though, legally, they are considered their own person that shouldn't be forced into any particular career path, a life where they were always expected to join the police left them with few other options or desires. 

    Extra: Natsuki is from a biopunk universe of my own making. Lu will probably cry if you hurt them, so please do. 


    Name: Jowan
    Origin: Dragon Age: Origins
    Info: A blood mage with a tendency to make bad decisions without thinking things through. 

    • Mage: Jowan has a stronger connection to the Fade than most people, allowing him to cast spells. Each spell has its own cooldown and uses a portion of Jowan's mana, which slowly regenerates over time. 
    • Blood Magic: Instead of casting spells with mana, Jowan can fuel them by spilling his own blood. This increases the power of his spells, though comes with the obvious drawback of losing blood and gaining wounds. Blood Wound and Blood Control can only be fueled with blood magic. 
    • Blood Wound: The blood of all enemies in a 10m sphere is boiled in their veins, holding them in place and damaging them through the duration of the spell. 
    • Blood Sacrifice/Drain Life: Jowan drains some of the life-force from another entity, healing himself. 
    • Blood Control: The blood of a single enemy is moved, putting them directly under Jowan's control. It's possible to resist, but deals damage. 
    • Flame Blast and Winter's Grasp: Elemental spells that create a small cone a of flame and a blast of cold directed at a single target, respectively. 
    • Disorient: A spell that momentarily confuses the target. 
    • Mind Blast: A wave of telekinetic force throws away everything in a small sphere around the caster. 

    Link to wiki:  Wiki Page
    Extra: He's trying to make up for past mistakes. It might take him awhile. 

  9. Interesting.

    [I'll start with questions about Bulwark, specifically, because this one sticks out to me. How does he interact with Endbringers? Either his power is quite different from canon, the fact that he's a Master must be pretty well known (the PRT higher-ups need to know in any case- imagine if they tried to ship Bulwark off to a fight in a jet and he disappeared because his real body couldn't keep up), or he claims to have a teleportation ability as well.


    Canon!Siberian can push through any ordinary matter like it's nothing, and if she can't for some reason (like it's clockblocked or affected by Sting) she disappears, right? So at first, it'd look like he'd be able to take out the Endbringers easily. Eventually, though, he'd hit the core, which would make him poof (or be destroyed, but given how the core blocks most powers I doubt that). Even if this isn't noticed the first time and he tries to avoid touching the core again, people are going to catch on pretty quickly that something's up. Of course, this is working off of the assumption that his powers are similar to canon, so please correct me if I'm wrong.


    The second thing is, Cauldron has their noses stuck in so many parts of the world that it might help to clarify what other changes there are from canon that results from them being nonexistent. For example, Director Costa-Brown not being the head of the PRT anymore is a pretty big deal- even the circumstances of the PRT and Protectorate being formed has to be very different. They've been working behind the scenes to manipulate things since before Scion even showed up. ]


    A few more minor things, mostly just because I'm curious (let me know if I'm asking too many questions):


    [-Who fought Charybdis in the Kyushu battle? No Contessa, no Lung.

    -How'd Eden die? I find it unlikely that she could have died from just the impact. Unless you mean that Contessa still exists, but only in her homeworld?

    -If there's no Simurgh, does that mean that Sphere actually managed to complete his city designs, or did his shard conspire to prevent that some other way?]

  10. Nice to see that someone's making a Worm RP! A few questions (brackets contain possible spoilers written in white):

    -To clarify, when you say that the S9 and Cauldron aren't appearing, do you mean that they don't exist, that they exist but shouldn't be mentioned, or that they can be mentioned but just wont show up? [What about Cauldron capes and Case 53's?]

    -Did Alexandria never exist, or is she just not part of the Triumvirate for some reason? If she does exist but isn't part of the Triumvirate, is the term 'Alexandria package' still used?

    -Sorry if this was intentional, but it's implied that the PRT rating scale doesn't have an upper limit in canon. As far as I can tell no one is outright given a rating higher than 12, but Weaver said that Contessa and Glaistig Uaine "were easily twelves or higher" (Extinction 27.4).

    -Behemoth is only a Brute 10, while Typhon is a Brute 12. Again, my apologies if this was intentional.


    Looks really good so far! I might be interested in joining, depending on how my schedule turns out.

  11. Hm, do all of the interaction have to happen at the same time? What I mean is, no one from the bakery subplot has interacted with anyone outside of it. Essentially, if we decided that everything in the bakery is already happening on Day 2 (or Day 3, or the second week- whenever you want to move things to), it wouldn't affect anyone else, if that makes sense?

  12. Vogel | Janine's Bakery


    Vogel glanced towards Ciel, thinking that he had heard his name, but he seemed to just be muttering to himself. Who knew what that was about, but it probably wasn't a big deal. Vogel muttered to himself often enough, so it wasn't that weird if someone else did it, right? In any case, he was hungry and there was food.


    Hector had said that they could pick anything they wanted, though he wasn't sure if she knew exactly how hungry he was. Ah, well, they'd sort it out afterwards. He looked over the selection of sweet pastries and muffins. Oh, good, Janine did have the raspberry ones.


    Janine seemed to be busy dealing with the new customer. He had to admit that he was feeling a bit impatient, but it'd be terribly rude to interrupt them. To occupy himself, he ran his fingers through his feathers and glanced around absently. Ciel was looking at him; he wondered why and paused his gaze on the man for a moment. Well, as long as he wasn't planning on stealing anything he didn't need to worry about it.


    When it seemed that Janine had finished dealing with the new customer and was prepared to take their order, Vogel stepped forward. "Ah, thanks, I'll take two of the extra-large raspberry muffins- the ones with the cinnamon sugar topping? - one of the extra-large blueberry muffins, and... an apple turnover," he said, pointing to each of the items in turn. He wasn't particularly worried about ordering too much; he'd gotten similar amounts of food before after making less-than-good decisions about his priorities.

  13. Vogel | Morning | Janine's Bakery


    Vogel smiled at Janine, then scratched his cheek and looked away sheepishly. It was true that he hadn't be to the bakery in awhile, but who could really blame him? Last time he'd left the house had been more than enough adventure for awhile. Still, he'd have to endeavor to show up more often (as much as he didn't want to give Ciel the satisfaction). The food was more than worth it alone, to say nothing of the company. "Good to see you again too, Janine. I hope you've been well in this past fortnight."


    Speaking of food, the scents of the bakery were making his mouth water. It really wasn't a great plan to go without food for so long, but he doubted he'd be able to remember the lesson in the future. He held off from ordering, if only because he hadn't wanted to interrupt Ciel and Janine's reunion and he'd been surprised by Hector's implication that she was paying for his food as well. He'd have to just insist on paying for his own meal later, then. They were all too hungry to worry about it now, and he had the funds for it, mostly. Besides, seeing the menu was important no matter how impatient he was.


    Vogel frowned slightly and turned towards Ciel. "Wait, have you really been stalking me?" It was honestly quite hard to tell whether he was making a joke or not- but if it was true, that would mean that it hadn't been a coincidence that he had bumped into him. In that case, his paranoia had been entirely justified. How annoying.


    Upon seeing Ciel turn his head towards the door, Vogel did as well. The tinkling of the bell had barely registered in his mind, but movement was much harder to ignore. Someone had entered the bakery- she wasn't anyone he recognized, and so he assumed that she was there simply to buy some food. He was more concerned by the way Ciel was looking at her. Perhaps it would be best to try to remember to keep an eye on the thief and make sure that he didn't "accidentally" bump into the newcomer or anything.

  14. Vogel | Morning | En Route to Janine's


    He nodded absently in response to Hector's question. "Mm. She runs a bakery; the raspberry muffins are really good." Despite the situation, he found he was rather looking forward to lunch. Ignoring his hunger had become second nature to him, but now that he was paying attention it was beginning to make itself known.


    Vogel was curious about Hector's offer to Ciel. She had already paid for the apple he had stolen. Why pay for lunch as well? He hoped it wasn't for his sake. It was true that he much preferred to have his arm not be trapped, but he didn't want to cause a drain on her finances. Perhaps she and Ciel were knew each other well enough that this was simply a normal occurrence for them.


    It took him a moment to realize that he could move his arm again. Once he did, he shook it out and let it rejoin the other in combing out his feathers. He sent a grateful smile in Hector's direction, then took a few hurried steps to catch up to Ciel before falling into step beside him. He could have taken the chance to run or jump onto a rooftop, but he didn't particularly want to when following Ciel led to food. "Sure it is," he said, letting out a huff. "Why do I even need to talk to- stealing a dog?" He paused. "More of a cat person, really."


    "She has," he said, stretching a wing out in front of him to better tell which feathers need to be realigned. The action brought his thoughts to Ciel's wing- or rather, lack thereof. He had never found out what had happened to the other one, which was something he'd have to remedy. Being one-winged wasn't unheard of, but it was rare enough that he was interested- especially as Ciel didn't strike him as a banished noble.


    One feather was sticking up oddly. He pulled it sharply to remove it with a wince of pain. Cocking his head, he wondered what Ciel meant by 'change'. He looked in his direction and raised his eyebrows briefly, but decided not to ask. Instead, he pointed his hand towards Janine's bakery and let the feather within it drift to the ground. "We're almost there."

  15. Vogel | Morning | Marketplace


    Vogel gave a sigh of relief. Hector really was just as kind and good at negotiating as both the rumors and his own personal experience said. He was lucky she'd shown up- who knew what kind of shenanigans Ciel would have dragged him into had she not been there. "Thank you, Hector, it's-" he began before being cut off by Ciel.


    "I get out sometimes!" he said, his feathers puffing out. His tone conveyed annoyance, though no real anger. Some things one simply had to deal with before they could go home. "Once a week, usually. There's probably even people I talk to, sometimes." What'd he care about his social life, anyway? It wasn't hurting Ciel if Vogel spent most of his time indoors. Besides, talking to cats counted as social interaction.


    At the mention of food, he was reminded of how hungry he was. Involuntarily, his feathers fell back into place, and he didn't have the heart to keep them erect. It wouldn't really be so bad to have lunch with Ciel, would it? At least, if Hector came it'd be alright, and the gods knew she deserved it. He'd survived a night with Ciel, an hour'd be fine. Ciel's wording wasn't exactly reassuring, but he was probably joking about the arrests or stealing his food. Maybe.


    "...Janine's?" he said hopefully, reaching back with his free hand to brush his feathers. He wished that he could use both arms, and felt the fingers of his trapped hand twitch, but it was the best he could do if Ciel wasn't planning on releasing him.



  16. questions, featuring doc, lu, and zor. Hopefully the copy-paste didn't mess up the formatting too badly.



    -What’s the area of the sky cities? Is there large areas on the ground underneath the cities that are lifeless due to lack of sunlight?

    -Comparatively, what are the populations of the sky and the ground?

    -What kind of resources do the sky cities have? Water, agriculture, soil, rubber, metal, lumber, stone? Are these transported up from the ground, or are they present in the sky?

    -It sounds like the skyling cities are man-made? In that case, they’d be relatively recent, in geographic terms. If there is sky agriculture, is it made difficult by the lack of plants that have evolved to survive at such high altitudes?

    -Cloud cats. It’s mentioned that they hunt in the air- do they hunt birds? What pressured them to become so much larger than their prey, in that case?

    -How much contact between skylings and groundlings is there? Is it mostly one way (banished skylings taking information to the ground) or is there a lot of back-and-forth?

    -Why do the Dark Wings even want to live in the sky cities? Is it just a ‘take back what should be ours’ thing? Does the sky have things that the ground doesn’t (resource-wise - cities and infrastructure can be built)?

    -How do most groundlings feel about the skylings? Do they hate them? Feel jealous? Awe? Anger? Do they care about them at all?

    -What’s the weaponry like on both the ground and the sky? Are there any wars with outside nations that would lead to the development of a large military, or are the knights for domestic peacekeeping only?

    -Do the groundlings have access to enough airships to launch a large-scale invasion?

    -The way I picture it, there are multiple skyling cities held aloft on their own ‘islands’. Is this accurate? If so, how much communication is there between cities? Do different cities have different economic specialties? Are there tensions between different cities? Could infighting be sparked?

    - If the skylings and groundlings are separated by social classes of nobles and peasants, are lords, barons, and etc a thing?

    - From my knowledge, people transverse between the skyling and groundling cities via airships. Can groundlings afford to get on these airships or is this reserved for the upper class/those who can pay a fee?


    social structure notes by lu, a communist™

    governmental system of the skylings ???? absolute monarchy ????

    social structure ???? like ,, is it > king > nobles > peasants. who are the peasants

    groundling social structure ??? is there a ruler of the groundlings or are they all just anarchists. wait. how were towns even formed

    who are the authoritative people in the groundling world

    is capital punishment a thing

    some older day cities used to have special punishments depending on the crime committed. is this the case do they cut hands off thieves is ciel missing a hand

    how’s the trading between skylings/groundlings like are there special traders who move between both worlds


    ~*skyling royal family*~ (oooo)

    whats their current status? is there a main branch of royalty who are the monarchs and then separate family-related branches?

    line of succession?

    arranged marriages? the possibility of nobles wanting arrange marriages between the royal family + their own heirs is pretty possible

    Why does the king care about Simon, who likely won’t be accepted as a king by the skylings and doesn’t know how to rule? Why doesn’t he just marry another wife or half-dozen to produce a new heir?


    dark wings ???

    so is this like. are they radical revolutionaries or terrorist anarchists

    liberte egalite fraternite


    nous devons écrire en francais



    Medicine regarding groundlings

    What’s the general understanding of sterilization and infection?

    Are bandages, splints, stitches, and similar objects in existence? (This doesn’t apply to instruments that are improvised as medical tools since that would probably happen no matter what)

    What’s the medical standard in terms of medical procedure and knowledge needed by professional doctors?

    Are there any medical techniques that the groundlings developed but have not necessarily reached high society? (Such as early vaccinations in the form of rubbing scabs on open wounds to prevent diseases which happened in the real world)

    Is there a difference in diseases between skylings and groundlings? If so, what sort of major diseases would groundlings be immune to that skylings might have trouble with and vice versa?

  17. Vogel | Morning | Marketplace


    Vogel felt his heart sink as he was dragged back into hell. He tugged lightly against Ciel's arm, but quickly saw that the effort was futile. Letting his shoulders droop, he drew his wings tightly against his back in resignation. What had he done to deserve this?


    "The pleasure is all mine," he responded dryly. Honestly, the only part that surprised him about Ciel's speech was that he had had time for breaking three ribs among his many other exploits (which he had delighted in telling him about). It was nice to know how the baker had gotten that hole in her roof, at least. That had been a mystery that Vogel had never found time to ask about.


    Hector was someone that he had heard about, though they had only met briefly. He could only hope that she would choose to help him. She was good at helping people, right? Vogel glanced towards her, trying his best "please rescue me" face. He was out of practice, unfortunately, and was pretty sure that he only managed "terrified". It'd have to do.


    "Pale? Surely not. Why would I be pale? It's not like you're going to get me arrested - again - or anything like that." He gave a nervous chuckle and tried to pull away again, hoping that Ciel's grip had maybe loosened. It had not.


    "Nice to meet you again, Hector. Now I should really..." be getting home soon. Had he left the window open? He had, hadn't he? Lovely. Grimalkin always escaped for a day or two when she was angry, and she'd really be angry if he was arrested before feeding her.


    "Good to see you again, but I really must get going, you understand? I'm very, ah, busy. What with all of the, uh, reading and note taking I need to do. Very important. Goodbye."


    He gave an internal sigh. It was going to be a long day.

  18. Vogel | Morning | Marketplace

    It'd been two weeks since the last time he had left his house, and Grimalkin had started to get quite displeased with him.


    It hadn't been so bad. The food had lasted until two days ago, though he had grown tired of canned beans towards the end of it. The paper had run short, and he'd been left scrabbling around the house for a clean corner or an empty page margin. Still, it had been the disappearance of the last of the cat food, two hours ago, that had finally forced him to leave. He'd managed to endure nearly an hour of Grimalkin's staring, but eventually he couldn't stand the her sad eyes or the irregular pawing at his face.


    He allowed himself a light smile as he pulled the towel away from his face to examine it. Grimalkin is so adorable, isn't she? he thought. The once white towel had a small spot of red on it, but the bleeding had probably stopped. Good; his arm had been starting to get tired.


    Being momentarily distracted by the thoughts about his cat, Vogel missed where he was going. Later, he would blame the lack of food for his fatal error.


    In any case, Vogel made a quite yelp of surprise, half-flared his wings out, and took a step backwards in reaction to walking right into someone's back. "Oh, sorry-"


    Oh gods, it was him.


    It wasn't difficult to recognize the man that stood before him. His dark eye and silver hair were quite distinctive, and that was without how he'd had plenty of time to memorize the man's beautiful face while spending the night in a jail cell with him.




    Abruptly, he spun on one heel and began walking in the opposite direction. Nope, nope, he wasn't dealing with that. Not after the last time. Vogel hadn't noticed it before, but it seemed as though the area was louder than the normal din of the marketplace. That wasn't a surprise, if he was nearby, and was all the more reason to leave.


    He didn't get more than a few steps before he stopped again. The closest path to the cat food (and the best paper in town) was in the other direction. Hm. Quite the dilemma, it seemed.

  19. Ah, however I neglected to say this before. There's no scientists on Avi. They use a magic and science combination that is alchemy, however alchemists are extremely rare, and very difficult for magic was lost to the avi peoples five hundred years prior after the Great War split the once unified people. He may study the mathematical and physical part of alchemy, however things will not work properly or would backfire without the use of magic.

    I'm not quite sure understand what you're saying, sorry. When you say that there's no scientists, why would that be the case? Science is simply trying to find out how things work through experimentation, and would be necessary for the technology shown (like forging metal tools and armor).


    Regardless, I don't envision him having much to do with alchemy or magic. I was thinking more mathematics, physics, anatomy, maybe some heredity- stuff focused around the variation and function of wings.


    Anyway, here's my sheet; it's mostly just the old one with some slight edits.


    Username: Backup77

    Name: Vogel Avem

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Ground or Sky: Ground

    Class/occupation: Scientist (Physics, some biology)

    Dark Wing supporter: He’d prefer to focus on his work, but he’d rather they win over the alternative.

    Appearance: Vogel has straight, messy black hair that reaches slightly past his ears. His eyes are a deep brown, and switch between flickering around and staring off into space. His skin is light brown. He has a lithe build, and is 5’8”. It’s common for him to forget to wash splashes of ink off of his face or leave notes and doodles across his arms and hands.

    Personality: Vogel shows an intent focus towards things that he is interested in, but is otherwise scatterbrained and disorganized. He frequently forgets to eat because he’s too busy researching. While he might not be completely apathetic to the world around him, it can seem that way when his only response to learning about a war is to worry about his books getting damaged. He often stares off into space mid-conversation, fidgeting with his feathers.

    Wing appearance: Vogel’s wings are short and rounded, and his wingspan is fifteen feet. The feathers are white, with black edges, like a Sebright chicken’s. Out of habit, he keeps they carefully cleaned.

    History: Vogel was born and educated as a skyling. He was particularly interested in everything about wings- how they developed, why there were so many different kinds, how Avians could fly when all mathematical models suggested that doing so should be impossible. Though the bright patterns on his wings gave him time, when he was seventeen he realized that he wasn’t safe in the sky. Without so much as a note, he packed up all of his books and equipment (as well as some stuff that wasn’t his) and jumped.

    As he couldn’t fly properly and was weighed down, he hit the ground hard. Fortunately, he managed to avoid breaking any bones. There on the ground, he managed to find spare work as a scribe, and continued his research when he could.

    Skills: Mathematics, physics, anatomy (wings, shoulder joints, upper torso), and wing genetics.

    War or peace: Conflicted. War would be a disturbance, but an interesting one.

  20. Thanks guys, I appreciate you offering to sacrifice your characters. Glad it didn't have to come to that, I wouldn't have wanted your charries to be cut out. Thanks for letting me in, Arorara; I'll go find his sheet/edit it in a minute.

  21. Midnight let a soft growl rise in his throat. The pack needed a new Beta, that much was true, but what was Peregrine thinking? One couldn't just go around promoting the first wolf they laid eyes on! What reason was there to promote Eclipse instead of one of the Hunters? Surely, they would be better suited to such an important task. Truly, this had to be the beginning of the end of the pack. Weak leadership led to the entire pack being weakened, and that would lead to the death of them all.


    He lowered his head, flattened his ears, and struggled to keep his teeth concealed. Without so much as a congratulations, he turned from the scene and stalked away. Perhaps he could find his brother. Soon he found him, appearing to be following a scent. Not hearing or seeing anything too close, he bounded to catch up. "Finding something? Honestly, can you believe Peregrine? We'll all fall with this decision; she's dragging us all down into the abyss with her."

  22. Name- Midnight

    Gender- Male.

    Crush- Nah, not at the moment.

    Appearance- Midnight has a coat of pure black, and eyes of deepest red. When one stares into them, they can see the sadness buried in his very soul. Similarly to his brother, his fur always stands on end. He is slightly smaller and shorter than him, and has a long, feathery tail.

    Mate- No.

    Personality- He introverted, tending to spend long nights staring at the stars alone. Prone to spouting long monologues about the deep sorrow that fills the world, he isn't very cheerful or fun to be around. Still, he seems to have a sort of soft spot for his brother- despite frequently insulting Noon, he hardly leaves his side (excepting his nightly stargazing sessions) and is fiercely protective of him if anyone else bothers him. He claims to be motivated by 'vengeance', though no one is quite sure who exactly against or why.

    Pups- No.

    Pack- Blizzard

    Rank- Guard

    Age- 3

    Other- N/A

  23. Vogel was quite bemused by how protective the boy seemed over his guitar, but then, he of all people couldn't judge. Mostly, it was strange that the boy was complaining about the possibility of anyone taking it when he had shoved it into a stranger's hands, but oh well. People frequently justified their decisions in irrational manner.


    On the plus side, the boy didn't seem so convinced that he was a shady, radical murderer anymore! He hadn't admitted that he was wrong, but his reaction was close enough for it to count as a sort-of apology. Vogel was making progress with him, though he wasn't sure what for. Silently, he thought that the boy's coffee order probably cost more than his guitar had.


    Vogel nodded. Being a student at twenty-two was normal, right? He grinned as he answered the question that followed. Someone other than a classmate was interested in his studies? "Marine biology, technically, but practically a huge portion of it's been shifted to sapient sea life recently. Especially with a coastal city like here- you wouldn't believe all of the breakthroughs we've been making."


    He stared at a bird in the distance. "Like, I wonder if this is how it feels, to discover a new island filled with unknown animals? But it's all right there, and always has been. Humans, they just didn't realize it until now. It's like, everyone living here is a part of history, you feel?"


    Too late, he realized that he had talked a bit more then intended when he had to stop to catch his breath. "Ah, sorry about that," he said, turning his gaze downwards.


    "Don't worry about it; I think nothing's broken. Unless the ink... hopefully nothing's broken. It looked fine, anyway. It doesn't matter; how did you do that? It was amazing- your power? Wait, your guitar- tell me about it later, yeah?"


    Villads left, and Vogel addressed the silent boy. "To the coffee shop, then?" He hoped the boy actually wanted coffee- truth be told, he hadn't been paying as much attention to him. Villads had been a more pressing concern, what with the thievery and accusations and ridiculous coffee orders.