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    Thanks for reminding me about this, lu! Here's some drawings I found that I haven't posted here yet. Hinami this is what happens when kittens decide that a drawing is a fun toy to play with one of my FR dragons that I'm trying to sell Ev! rescanned this one, after changing the 'coloring' on her arms and attempting to fix some problems with her legs
  2. ...He honestly had no idea what Sora was talking about. It sounded like the sort of thing America and Japan liked- portals and rockets and travelling through worlds. The kid did seem to have some idea of what was going on, which was good? Canada had thought that England had caused this, but now he really wasn’t sure. He doubted that England could do something this powerful, even by accident. Perhaps the kid was right, then…? It still didn’t make sense though. There were so many questions he wanted to ask. Space didn’t work like that, did it? Why would an alien world be so similar to Earth, and how could rocket travel so far? Nervously, he picked up his rifle and clutched it across his chest. He hoped that the others didn’t take that as a threat; that would be pretty awful, and he didn’t want to scare anyone. It was most likely a useless concern, as it wasn’t like he was holding it in any sort of useable position. Still, it was a weapon and- An earsplitting roar interrupted his thoughts. He jumped and turned his head towards the noise with wide eyes- what was that? It was biological, definitely. Machines didn’t sound like that, and a speaker would have to be huge to be so loud. It… Oh, no. They were planning on moving towards it? That was an awful plan. They didn’t seem to have any more of an idea of an idea about it than he did. It’d be best if they could get to higher ground, or find some other way of learning about the situation. ”I don’t think that’s a good idea… Shouldn’t we figure out what’s going on first?” If he was honest, he’d probably end up following them if they decided to go. He needed information, and if they had any he needed to learn about it. "I don't know where we are, but I plan to find out. Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen if I can help it. I’m Sylla, by the way." Matthew smiled softly at the bear as it sniffed him. Yeah, it was definitely a nice bear. He wasn’t sure what Sylla was planning on doing to stop anything bad from happening, but given the bear the man probably wasn’t quite normal. ”I’m Ca- Matthew. Matthew Williams.” It probably wasn’t a good idea to introduce himself as Canada. Not at this point, anyway. With luck, they’d actually remember his name.
  3. oh man sen you made an art thread? n i c e I'm glad you did, it all looks so pretty!
  4. Oh, wow lu, your art is so amazing??? how do you do it I am so impressed and it's really nice to see that speedpaint finished! it's so beautiful, I especially like her hair! (oh no, I just learned that when I try to type 'hair' I begin to type 'haise' instead, ahaha.)
  5. Canada exhaled, closing his eyes. His breath came out in a thick, misty cloud, dispersing into the air. Ice expanded outwards for miles, coated in a thick layer of snow, glittering in the sunlight. Beautiful. “It’s really nice out, eh, Kumajohn?” The bear, sitting on the snowmobile, blinked up at him. “Who are you?” Canada sighed. Perhaps he should go back to the cabin soon. His fingers were starting to ache with cold, and the wind seemed to be picking up. Still, he didn’t really want to. It felt good, just being out alone in the cold with Kumabo. Ah, well. Safety first, eh? He checked to make sure that the hunting rifle strapped to his back was still secure. It was just a precaution- there were bears in this area, and not all of them were as friendly as Kumaren. Canada hated the thought of hurting a polar bear, but getting mauled was a really unpleasant experience. Besides, bears weren’t the only dangerous things out here. He started to reach for his helmet, but before he could he was blinded by a harsh light. What… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When he opened his eyes, the light was gone and he was lying on the ground. Where.. where was he? Definitely not on the on the frozen lake anymore- the sky was the wrong colour, and… was that grass? “Kuma-Kumakana…?” he called out. He couldn’t hear the bear- whatever strange force had transported him must have left Kumaro behind. Oh, no, oh no, this wasn’t good. Had England messed up a spell again? England probably messed up a spell again. Maple, what could he do about this…? Would Kumatala be alright? Groaning, he sat up. A few metres to his left was a glittering lake, and he could hear people talking nearby. Someone with purple hair, a kid with odd, spikey hair, a lady with a spear, and… someone wearing a sort of red armor? What a strange group- half of them looked like they came from video games. “He-hello?” he asked, too quiet to be heard, as he pulled his gloves off. He brought himself to his feet, struggling with his thick clothing; he needed to remove his jacket and ski pants before he overheated. Working quickly, he unstrapped his rifle and set it on the ground. He then unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off his shoulders, revealing a red maple leaf bunny hug. Next, he untied his boots and removed them so he could take off his ski pants. That was better, though the sudden heat was making his fingers hurt. Was… was that a bear and an old man walking towards them? It wasn’t Kumachico, obviously, but it seemed tame enough. Ah, what was going on? England had never messed up this badly! “Please, someone? Where am I?” Louder this time, good. Hopefully, someone would notice him.
  6. Eh? I'm so sorry, I thought that for canon characters we didn't need to have a sheet? (added a link to the wiki page, I forgot about needing a picture.)
  7. I finally decided on a character, yay. Sorry if the name switching gets confusing- I should probably stick to one or the other, but I'm not sure which one to go with. Canada/Matthew Williams (Hetalia) Canada is, as his name suggests, the personification of the country. The brother of America, he often finds himself overshadowed and is very shy. He speaks in a soft, quiet voice, and dislikes fighting despite being quite good at it. Immortal: As a nation, he can't die. He can be killed, but unless the country of Canada (the actual area/people/whatever, as opposed to the personification, Matthew) is severely weakened, he can come back (either by healing the old body or reforming in a new one, depending on the damage). It's also harder to kill him than it would be to kill a human and he is able to heal faster, though he can be injured like anyone else. Insignificant: While he isn't invisible, it can be hard for others to notice him, recognize him, or remember his name. He can be noticed, especially if he's alone, but in a crowd people who aren't paying attention might miss him. Certain people are immune to this, and are able to recognize him and remember his name without difficulty. Injure: While he doesn't have any powers that could be used to directly harm others, Canada has army training and is able to use a wide variety weapons quite effectively. Currently, he has a rifle and a survival knife.
  8. Scowling back in reply to Kazuya’s grin, Natsuki turned to focus on whatever the man was saying. As it turned out, the blonde woman didn’t speak Japanese. Inconvenient, that was. Why was she here, then? Perhaps she was good enough that the CCG decided to transfer her to Japan, but it didn’t seem necessary for this mission. It wasn’t like this was a raid or anything similarly major (not that they didn’t need to be extremely cautious; they were, after all, dealing with ghouls). Was something planned in the future? Bleh, and yet another person arrived late- this one even after the meeting had officially started! He wasn’t missing much, at least, and it seemed that Natsuki’s fears of being the last one there were unfounded. That… wasn’t exactly good. They hoped that they wouldn’t have to work with him, if he had bothered to stop for ice cream of all things. Something a slight bit more nutritional and portable would have been an acceptable, and even reasonable thing to pick up, but… Esko finally showed up as well. Natsuki never understood why he was the squad leader- but that was a question to be thought of at a different time. At the moment, there were more important things to be thought about, such as the plan that Indigo had just relayed. Though not particularly detailed, it wasn’t a bad plan. So long as one group wasn’t ambushed, it was likely that things would go as smoothly as they ever did- but Natsuki sincerely hoped that there were plans for if the worst came to the worst. “Scream for help and hope that someone hears” did not count as a plan. The Hunter, eh? They frowned; too bad there was so little information on him. But, they knew enough. His kagune was a bikaku, he was dangerous, and his hunting patterns suggested a homeless, travelling ghoul. A small squad like this would probably be able to handle him. "Greetings, everyone." “Good day,” Natsuki said, nodding slightly. Alright. Time to start the mission. “You’re right, we should,” they said in reply to Nakamura. “We’ll be lucky if the Hunter hasn’t already run, and it’s a large area to search. If he escapes now, it’ll be difficult to find him later.”
  9. Nastuki swore under their breath as they ran to the meeting place. Of all the times to be late (and because of a wrongly set phone alarm, of all things), this was one of the worse. Not that being late at any time was in any way acceptable, but if they couldn't make a good first impression how could they get any respect? All they could hope for was that they weren't the last one there (which, knowing Kazuya, honestly wouldn't surprise them). Still, even if that was the case, there wasn't much they could do to salvage their reputation. Anyway, it would be bad for them if the rest of their squad was late as well. There really was no way to win if you were late; next time they'd be sure to set two alarms. This mission was going to be... not very enjoyable. The first thing that they noticed upon arrival was a blob of pink. Damn, so Kazuya had shown up before them. That really was pathetic, if they were that late. There were three others there as well- okay, so they weren't the last one there, if the other Quinx's were even planning on showing up. One girl seemed to be just finishing up introductions as well, so she must have just arrived. That was good, though the impatient look on the blonde woman's face certainly wasn't. To be fair to the woman, Natsuki would be annoyed as well if they were the one waiting. They bowed deeply, hands clasped in front of them. "I'm terribly sorry for my lateness, and any inconvenience it may have caused. I am Rank 3 investigator Hayashi Natsuki." Turning to look to see who else had arrived, they frowned. So, Kazuya wasn't the only one who had chosen to dye his hair, and hadn't she been in the fight the day before-? It was difficult for Natsuki to remember, after they missed hours of sleep poring over reports. Ah, well, she must not have been badly injured if she was prepared to go on a mission, right? It had been a very nasty battle, one that Natsuki had been glad to miss, but it had been so poorly handled. This mission, they would be sure to do their best to make sure that everything went well.
  10. ”Ah, perfect!” Aster said, smiling. He was glad that they had decided on that with little problems- it wouldn’t have been hard to turn something like it into an argument. Nydedri accepted, though, so it was fine. She had some concerns, of course, but it wasn’t like she said ‘no’. Besides, would anyone really be stupid enough to go without a proper raiding party to fight the boss? Stay focused, he reminded himself. Right, right, they needed to find somewhere to raise their levels. Hmm… Well, he wasn’t exactly the right person to ask, but maybe he could contribute something? It wasn’t like he knew where all of the best leveling spots were, but he wasn’t completely clueless. Every time he partied with someone new they tended to share a bit of information. Some were a bit less interested in sharing (Aster always made a mental note to never party with them again- didn’t they realize that everyone should be working together?), but he ended up learning something or other from everyone. He shrugged. ”Well, it’s dusk now, so… hm, the best place I know of is, ah, you know that one forest…?” Sighing, he decided to just pull out of map. Opening his menu, he flicked through the options and pressed a button to create a flat, physical representation of the first floor. Pointing to a forested spot on the map, he continued. ”Here. I’ve farmed here before and it wasn’t busy, hopefully it still isn’t... Normally the «Small Brown Bears» that spawn on this floor are too rare to farm properly, but it turns out that they spawn more frequently there. There’s some sort of den-like structure there, it’s probably for some quest that hasn’t been discovered yet. Anyway, they’re still not common, but there’s enough trash mobs nearby to get a decent amount of exp and with the bonus from the bears, you know. They’re a bit tougher than most- nothing we can’t handle, of course -and it’s a fair distance away, but unless anyone has anywhere else…? If not, we could meet over there...?” He really wouldn’t be surprised if they did, but eh, it was worth a shot.
  11. Taylor she mentally corrected. Not Tyler. She nearly laughed at her reaction; someone getting her name wrong should be the least of her worries. Yet she was bothered by it- that and Roderick’s puns. Was it really necessary to joke at a time like this? They didn’t need to waste any time or energy on useless things, least of all puns! Even if Roderick wasn’t planning on contributing (and, if so, why was he even here?) then he could at least be so courteous as to not distract anyone else. They were busy, or at least should be. ...Gave them his memories? That didn’t make any sense! You couldn’t just- well. She had recently met a telepathic alien, so maybe the idea wasn’t as far-fetched as it seemed at first. That doesn’t matter! Who cared what she had seen already? Memory transfer was stupid and ridiculous, and Andrew had to be lying, or making it up, or had hit his head the night before. Something, because Taylor didn’t care how many papers Andrew had as evidence. It couldn’t have happened. Simon, of course, had to ruin it all by agreeing that it had happened. They couldn’t both be making it up. Unless they planned it before…? No, no, that wasn’t it. There wasn’t a reason for that. Neither of them had anything to gain by lying like that, and Taylor couldn’t see either of them doing such a thing. Surely they both knew that this wasn’t a joke. Taylor wasn't sure that she could handle everything. Andrew’s outburst certainly wasn’t helping. What, they were deciding what to do already!? She needed more time to think, to talk about it and decide exactly what to do! Try to save the world, or no? This was a life and death decision, not something that you could think about in just a few minutes. Surely they wouldn’t accomplish anything anyway. Roderick was right, what could animals do against aliens? It was hopeless, and stupid to try. They’d just get themselves killed. They had seen that Yeerks’ weren’t weak, Elfangor had died- Ah, but if they didn’t try they’d just get enslaved! With fighting at least they had a chance... barely, but at least it was there. Everyone else, too- they wouldn’t just be fighting for themselves. The Yeerks would try to enslave the entire world. Without anyone to stop them in time, or at the very least slow them down, everyone on Earth would be enslaved. It would be wrong to abandon everyone. It went against all of Taylor’s morals- if you could do something to save people’s lives, you had to do it. She couldn’t just give up on that idea now, could she? She clenched her teeth and dug her nails into her palms, hoping that the pain would help her focus (it didn’t). Frantic thoughts ran through her mind, fighting over the two choices. It wasn’t like she could change her mind later; if she decided to help, she knew that she’d be too stubborn to stop trying. If she decided not to, she’d be too cowardly to change her mind. With a deep sigh, she spoke. “...Simon’s right. We can’t just stand by and do nothing, not when we can help. Even if we can slow the Yeerks down a little bit, it’ll help.” Maybe- “If we can help the save the world, we have to do it. This isn’t a game. If we quit before we even try, everyone on Earth will be enslaved. They’re counting on us.”
  12. Ah, Nydedri. Harsh and uncompromising as always. How they had managed to not kill each other last time they partied was a mystery (more like 'how Aster had avoided being killed, if he was honest, because he was sure that Nydedri could take him in a fight). Ah, well. He supposed that it made her an effective leader, even if she was rude and difficult to get along with, and he had to agree with her on this bit. Sort of, anyway. This was serious business, but did she have to be quite so cruel? Amanda obviously had thought about that a bit, and had to have some experience with video games. Not that video game experience was rare or anything, but it still deserved a bit of respect, didn't it? ...At least the question of whether they were splitting up or not was settled. "Great, we've decided on something." The Phoenix Knights? He wasn't sure that he had heard of them before. Maybe they'd been mentioned somewhere? Whatever. If Naudleigh trusted them, then Aster didn't think that he'd have a problem working with them. Obviously, increasing the group size would mean less mobs to fight and therefore less loot and exp, but it would be safer. "Sure, why not? We might as well go with another party. It's not like this is a hunting expedition where the goal is to raise our levels or something. If there's more of us, then I doubt we'll have much trouble with the mobs at all!" ...that sounded a bit too carefree. "I mean, we still shouldn't be reckless! We'll be just be safer. We could all still die," he backpedaled. "Anyway! Do you have a way to contact them? You've friended one of them or...?"
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    Annnnnd posting some HB sketches, so people can find them again: Cheeseboy Jessica Dae
  14. Is there a way for us to split up the characters sometime soon ish? I think that we've got a few too many in one spot. It's getting confusing, and I don't want to slow anyone down but I'm having trouble keeping up.
  15. A small group seemed to be gathered in one spot, along with their pokemon. Excellent, perhaps she could talk to them. She approached the group at a jog, Vaporeon following quickly behind her. "...xcuse me?" Things didn't seem to be off to that good of a start, if someone was already using that tone. How? They were all the champions of legendaries, weren't they? They were supposed to be helping each other, not fighting! The girl continued talking, and Katrina started to like her less and less. Even if someone tried to insult her, it was no reason to react like that. What was she, five? Well, actually, taking a closer look, she didn't look much older than nine. The girl was sickly and pale and- oh, what had happened to her fingers? Katrina felt a pang of sympathy; that was horrible. The girl's skull had mutated as well, giving her squarish horns, and her feet had become too warped for shoes. Looking around, Katrina realized that her own mutations had actually been quite tame. The girl wasn't the only one with horns, and one boy had this weird... thing around his abdomen. Still others didn't really seem to have any odd features at all. Why was that, she wondered? Shouldn't they all have been changed similarly? The girl's mother, at least, seemed to be much more mature and likable. That was good, at least there was someone who didn't seem to be rude or horrid in any other way. She didn't like boy with the thing on his abdomen all that much, either. He seemed overly commanding to her, to be honest. Calm down, couldn't he? As serious as the situation was, he didn't have to make it sound so hopeless. At least he seemed to know something, unlike everyone else. The legendaries were trapped by Hoopa? That would explain why they'd left. "I'm Katrina, champion of Ho-oh. Cheer up, won't you all? There's no point in fighting, and I'm sure we'll be able to manage," she said, smiling. "Where are be supposed to go next, anyways? Ho-oh's told be almost nothing."
  16. Oh, good, more people. The announcement had been popular enough, then. He supposed that that made sense, given how well-known «Lily's Thorns» was. Actually, he wouldn't be too surprised if more people showed up, but then they'd have to turn them down or create two parties. They'd just hit the limit of six with the arrival of the second girl whose name he didn't yet know. Perfect! Though, he wasn't all that sure about Naudleigh's plan. Splitting up at all... well, it seemed like something might go terribly wrong. What if the scouts got surrounded? What if there was some kind of trap involving a closing door? It sounded too dangerous. Still, seven paces wasn't all that far and having some kind of scout would be helpful. The question was, which option was more risky? The increase in efficiency wasn't worth it if it came with increased danger. His gut instinct went with 'stay together'. Might as well argue for that, then, even if he'd just go with whatever the other decided. The girl, Amanda, seemed to be considering Naudleigh's plan as well. It was a pretty name, but Aster wondered about it. It was a common English name, wasn't it? Huh, from his experience most SAO names were uncommon names, words, or just whatever the user thought sounded cool. It wasn't that odd, though. "Hey, Amanda! Nice to meet you, I'm Aster. Light armor, one-handed sword, shield, nothing special," he said. "Anyways, should we really split up at all? I mean, if we have two people walking between the scouts and the main party, then what's the point? We might as well just walk in a single-file line. I think that it'd be safer to stick together. There could be door-traps or something that try to split people off from the rest of the group."
  17. Katrina shivered as the warmth from the transformation left her. At least some of her hair had changed color, which was weird. It wasn't something that bothered her (on the contrary, she'd been thinking on and off about dying it), but she was a slight bit worried. Ho-oh had never mentioned anything about her physical appearance changing. Was there anything else they hadn't told her? A small mirror was included in the room. She turned to look at it, curious about what her hair looked like. It was better than she expected. Bright streaks of color melded together, flowing down her shoulders. Her eyes, too, were different. They kept changing in color, from blue to violet to red. Her new appearance was fitting of the Rainbow Pokemon, then. "So, my hair's all colorful now, then?" The legendary didn't reply. Apparently she wasn't going to get much help, then. A bit bothered by this, she drew a hair tie from her pocket and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Next, she put on a raincoat. The hood would hopefully hide her hair, for now. She'd like to avoid as many questions as possible until she reached the fields. There wasn't much that could be done about her eyes, but oh well. If anyone asked, then... ah, she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. She returned Houndoom and Ninetales to their pokeballs before exiting the room and heading downstairs. She explained that there had been a change of plans and was leaving, then paid the price for the partial day use of the room and left the Pokemon Center. In a flash of white light, she released Vaporeon from his pokeball and the pokemon trotted beside her. It was good to have some sort of protection, nowadays. Besides, Vaporeon actually liked the rain, unlike the more intimidating Houndoom. Might as well let him enjoy it. Eventually, she reached the fields. There were many other people there- too many for it to be unrelated to her situation, what with the weather how it was. Another thing Ho-oh hadn't told her, then (should have asked a few more questions). She supposed that it did make sense: if she was Ho-oh's champion, then obviously the other legendaries had champions as well. That also explained why she was supposed to go to the fields in the first place, to meet the other champions. It had been an odd order. Maybe someone else had some more answers?
  18. I'm going to have to go with Fortree as well, for convenience. Katrina's been stubbornly running around and trying to beat the gyms, but I said in my post that she's somewhere without electricity and everywhere else is pretty far away. I'm guessing that Fly doesn't work nearly as well as it does in the games? Also, after thinking about it I changed Katrina's post-transformation hair color a bit. Is that alright? I'm very sorry, I forgot ask.
  19. Katrina sighed as she looked out the window of the Pokemon Centre, then dropped her gaze back down to her candle-lit book. Through her headphones (the power of her music player had died awhile ago, but she still wore them out of habit) she could hear the sound of raindrops pounding against the glass. The weather had been so strange lately- clouds gathered much faster than they should have, and dissipated just as quickly after a heavy rainfall. It was frustrating; she would go outside to train or play with her pokemon, only to get soaked. Ninetales could only affect the weather so much- the poor pokemon couldn't keep the sun out for very long, especially when the weather was like it was. Besides, the fire-type was injured, and was being cared for. Really, I should have picked a more interesting book to read, Katrina thought as she stroked Houndoom's head. This one had a dull writing style, and she knew most of what it was saying already. She was hoping for more info on dealing with her team's weakness to rock-type attacks, but the book couldn't seem to do much more than state the obvious. Why did Stone Edge have to be such a common move... Oh, look, a rainbow. Maybe if she should have found something else to do, if the sky was more interesting on her book. Hm... Katrina looked up and glanced around wildly. Was someone talking to her? No, she decided. She hadn't heard a sound; it felt more like the soft presence of something in her mind. Feathers brushing against her consciousness, the warmth of flames flickering against her soul. Something like that, if she wanted to be poetic. The presence faded as the clouds moved to cover the sun in the distance, causing the rainbow to fade. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For about an hour, things were normal. Ninetales was successfully healed, but Katrina didn't plan on leaving. She was currently in her rented room, and was staying the night. Hopefully the sky would clear up the next day. The Pokemon Center was barely able to run, what with the lack of power and all, but it was still open. The clouds broke open once again, and the presence returned. I have found you to be worthy. Worthy? What...? I can tell that you are confused. My name is Ho-oh. Ho-oh? She hadn't even been sure that the legendary existed. Why would they be talking to her now? Will you be my champion? "I don't know what that means," she whispered, hoping that no-one else would notice her and think that she was talking to herself. She wasn't sure if Ho-oh would be able to hear her or not, but she didn't know what else to try. How did telepathy work, exactly? You will gain my power- the power over fire and life. In turn, you will promise to fight for me. Once you have received it, you will head to the fields outside of Fortree City. Do you accept? This is crazy. It was Ho-oh talking to her, though. Surely they wouldn't lie or harm her. They were a pokemon known for bringing happiness and rainbows, after all. "I accept." Instantly, she was bathed in a bright light. It swirled around like fire, if fire was colored in blues and greens and reds. At first she was shocked, but it wasn't hot at all. It was just pleasantly warm, and brought a feeling of joy with it. Houndoom barked, waking Ninetales from where she was sleeping. Her eyes tingled slightly, and the light faded. Katrina gasped; she felt exhausted, yet energized at the same time. She watched in awe as color seeped into the hair that had fallen in front of her face, like ink spreading through water.
  20. Yay, I finished my form. Name: Katrina Mason Age: 17 Legendary: Ho-oh Appearance: Before: Katrina's dark brown hair is long, reaching down past her shoulders. It's usually kept tied back in various ways- clips, braids, a ponytail- whatever she feels like for the day. Her large eyes are a deep brown, and her olive skin has been tanned from constant exposure to sunlight. She has a slender build, and is a few inches taller than average. Preferring bright colors, she likes to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts. After: Ho-oh has caused Katrina's hair to change colors, becoming bright and vibrant. On the top of her head, most of it has become red. A lock of hair above her eyes has become golden, mimicking Ho-oh's crest. Starting just above the tops of her ears, orange steaks starts becoming mixed in with the red. Lower than that the hair is yellow, and so on to violet (each strand of hair is just one color, so it looks more like streaks than horizontal stripes, if that makes sense). She's glad about this change, but some might say that her hair is now painfully bright. Her eyes, meanwhile, can't seem to decide on what color they are. Depending on the lighting and angle that they're viewed at, they switch through the colors of the rainbow. Personality: Katrina is very cheerful, and wishes to bring happiness to people. People whom she likes, anyway. She doesn't like anyone who is mean, rude, untrustworthy, etc., and she often refuses to even talk to them. Why would she waste her time with them, when they'd probably never change? Second chances aren't a thing that she gives out freely. However, she is intensely loyal to those whom she likes, and doesn't jump to conclusions. Once someone earns her trust, it takes a lot to break it. She is also very passionate and determined, and isn't likely to give up on saving her friends. Pokémon: Houndoom (38) Vaporeon (35) Swellow (36) Ninetales (37) Leafeon (35) Cherrim (34) History: -- Abilities/Skills: Kill it with Fire She can create small amounts of fire. It's not very hot or suited for combat, but can help out in a pinch. With great effort she can create a larger fireball, but it would likely make her faint on the spot. Heal it with Fire: Katrina has become resistance to damage from fire. High temperatures will still burn her, but the flames of campfires will slowly heal her instead. Other: She loves sunlight, and thus her pokemon team is based around using intense sunlight.
  21. Aster hated quests where you had to wait for an item to be randomly dropped. It was impossible to tell how long they would take from the start, but it was always a long time if you wanted something good. Take this quest, for example; he'd been trying all day to get a sword better than his NPC-made «Iron Straight-Sword», and had only gotten halfway through the quest. He'd heard that, two days into the game, two players had been killed by the «Small Yellow Bees» that they were fighting. He wasn’t worried, though. Five days later, everyone had become much stronger, and he was working with three other players. Despite the bees’ tendency to swarm every once in a while, the group had no difficulty fighting them off. They were almost pathetically weak. Of course, this meant that their exp. and Cor drops were terrible, and it was boring to fight them. One or two good sword strokes would cause them to shatter into blue polygons, and they were slow for insect-type monsters. After dismissing yet another exp. window, Aster checked the time. There was plenty of time left in the day, but they’d been killing bees for hours and it had become terribly dull. Seriously, who designs these quests…? To advance in the quest, a dozen of the rare drops were needed. Aster had so far gotten half that many, and the others hadn’t been having much better luck. The sun was beginning to set, anyway, so the diurnal bees were starting to spawn less often. “I think I’m going to head back to the Town of Beginnings to drop off my vendor trash, anyone else coming?” “There’s a bit of time left. I’m going to try to get another drop before heading back,” one of the others said. “Alright. Well, the spawning’s slowing down a bit now, so if I leave then then you guys won’t have to wait. Sound good? Bye!” The rest of them echoed his farewell as he turned to leave. There was some other reason that he wanted to get back to town around sunset… what was it? Ah, he’d remember once he got back. Probably. If he didn't, it probably wasn't a big deal. Once he reached town, Aster sold his vendor trash to an NPC. It didn't take long, as the price was fixed and couldn't be changed by arguing (not that the NPCs would even be able to understand if you tried). He then went to check the announcement board for any updates- oh. Right, of course, that was it. The labyrinth entrance had finally been opened, so someone had been looking for a group to explore it with. That had sounded interesting- why not go? It had been open for a day or two already, so it was likely that all of the good stuff was already taken by the beta testers. Still, it would be cool to explore, and maybe they could help clear the dungeon. At the current rate it would take years to clear the game- well. Hopefully things would speed up a bit later, or they’d be stuck for quite awhile. Best not to think about it too much. "Hey man, what's good?" Oh, hey, it was Naudleigh. "Nothing much, I'm going to go meet up with this group that's planning to go explore the labyrinth. You busy?" "Nah, mind if I come along?" "Of course not, that'd be great. Let's go, then?" The more the merrier, after all. Plus, it would be more fun to go with someone that he already knew. "Let's go." The tavern wasn't very full, which made sense, given the time of day. Aster scanned the tavern for anyone that he might know, and spotted Nydedri. Ah. Lovely. Right, now that he thought of it the announcement had mentioned her guild (perhaps he should have paid more attention to it). Last time they partied they hadn't gotten along all that great. Nydedri had been a bit rude. ...Maybe they would get along better this time? Hopefully some other people would show up. He didn't want to be in a party that was too small if he had to talk to her. For now he might as well go talk to her, though. “Hey Nydedri!” he said, walking over to her. He sat down at a different table, then turned his chair around a bit so that he could face Nydedri and Ybyl. “So, uh, you’re gathering people to explore the labyrinth, righ? I can come. Probably. So can Naudleigh.” Great, now I've annoyed her and she won’t let me come…
  22. This looks fun. I'd like to reserve Ho-oh, please?
  23. Ah, you finished the Elucidator and Lambent Light background! Lambent's Light's colors are so pretty <3
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    Thanks! That's exactly was I was thinking. I was really confused about what was going on while lining it, haha. I need to work on drawing heads from different angles. (The crit is very much appreciated, don't worry )
  25. Aster's basically been partying with different people, taking group quests, and so on. Like Narvix said, at some point Aster and Nydedri partied together and didn't get along very well. Anyone else should let me know if they want their character and Aster to have met before the start. At the beginning of the RP he'll probably be in a tavern or something after leaving his last party, where he could meet up with a few other characters. This could be changed, if there's somewhere more convenient where he could start.