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  1. Star yelped. When the wolves had come and attacked her, she had fled, running as fast as she could, searching for a tree that she could climb, anything she could use to escape the slobbery mouth that was trying to devour her. She had found the tree with her nest in it and climbed, fear propelling her to scratch at the trunk, shooting up the tree faster than she thought she ever could. Now she was staring down at the wolves that had gathered around her tree. Eight eyes watched her, waiting for her to make a wrong move so they could devour her. Star watched, her eyes wide, staring at the wolves. They're so big... too big. How will I ever get away? Will they leave? Or will I die of hunger or thirst first?

  2. Everyone, I got a new email and was trying to change the email that dragoncave sends stuff to and I typed it in wrong. So I won't be able to post with my old account. If you don't believe me look in my old account's siggy. Sorry I haven't been on.