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  1. You could change the password back, then the owner could use it again... And, uh, where did you find the comment?


    Lol, I just thought of something that would be hilarious on PvP. Dig a two block deep pit, push 15 pigs into it (so no more can spawn, I think that's the max number of passive mobs that can spawn) and cover it up with dirt and let the grass grow back. Next, shoot your opponent with arrows or something until they have half a heart left. Assuming they have no food on hand, that would be hilarious, especially at the beginning when they have no wheat or mob farms.

  2. ((Fury is male, and he's a giant, golden eagle. He's easily spottable. Also, DP, if Tryd can see Des, Fury can see Tryd. Just pointing that out.))

    ((Huh? I was talking about Myf! *whispers* Packgoater hasn't put her form on the first post yet.))


  3. Star: Sap-hire! I found a smallish wolf! Can I keep it?

    Sapphire: N- What!?

    Star: Look! Its fluffy!

    Sapphire: Uh... No.

    Star: But it's fluffy!


    Hehe, Star found a friend...


    I say do a timeskip after the battle.


    About the inactive members: Have you tried PMing them? They might come on after that, or at least say if they aren't coming back... because if they aren't you could just give them to other people to RP. Just a suggestion.

  4. ((Wait: What does the stone do!?))

    Star blinked. The silver hatchling was awake, and fighting! What was she doing? She should be resting. She had been unconscious a moment ago. Star jumped onto a wolf that had been lunging towards the pink and blue hatchling with the cloud. She dug her claws into the wolf's furry back. It leaped around and bucked in fury, trying to get her off. Star sent a jolt of electricity through it, and it slumped over, knocked out. Star leaped free as it rolled over. It would have crushed her if she hadn't moved. She zapped a she-wolf as she attacked, and she ran away, yelping. Star smelt burning fur. She guessed it was from the she-wolf's tail-fur, some of which had been singed off. She was looking around for more enemies when she heard a wailing. Star walked cautiously into the bush. A small wolf pup was crying. It had followed its parents into the battle, both of which had been killed. It cried and tried to crawl away from the scary black scaly thing with the lightning arcing between its horns, but it was to weak and collapsed. Star stopped the electricity from arcing and walked over to the pup, gently nuzzling it with her nose. It stopped trying to escape, thinking maybe the black thing wouldn't hurt her. It sat up and licked Star. Star began thinking of something to do with it. She had to hide it somewhere where it wouldn't get hurt by the battle. She gently picked it up by the scruff and put it in a large hollow in a tree close to the ground. It would be safe there. Star ran out of the bush and back into the battle.

  5. ((What kind of bird is she? Just wondering.))

    Amber jumped as she heard a bird speak. Her first reaction was terror- after all the talking she had heard about birds attacking wolves she had felt a little jumpy. Her second reaction was relief- maybe the bird wouldn't attack them? Maybe she would be like Nightstream and Star? Then she actually took a moment to listen to what she was saying. "...no interest is killing another race. Where are you going? If it is to do with the birds on the ledge then maybe I can help you. I do have wings you know. Unless you want to kill them of course. I do have limits too." Amber hoped that it wouldn't come to harming the birds. Even if they were attacking wolves, birds were the ones that had shown her the most kindness. Even her own species hadn't cared enough about her to take care of her as a pup. Nightstream and Star had given her a home and taken care of her, and had even sacrificed themselves to save her when they could have saved themselves. A tear trickled down Amber's cheek as she thought about it. Now they were dead, and she would never see them again. Maybe other birds were like them. Maybe they weren't the only ones who would show kindness to animals that weren't their species. Maybe.

  6. I'm going to say it anyway.  You obviously just couldn't find it, since lava in pools do not randomly disappear.  Naturally-occuring oversized lava flows will recede to normal size by themselves (I have proof in my current world; I found lava flowing directly into a lake, and watched as it receded to the point where it wasn't flowing over the cliff anymore, leaving only a checkerboard of cobble at level with the water), but lava pools do not simply disappear.  Searching for a while doesn't mean anything, placing a dirt block over the stream doesn't mean anything.  No matter what kind of underground pathfinding system you use, it's still possible to get turned around and wind up going the wrong way in a large cave system.  And since you say you searched for a while, I'm going to assume it is a large cave system.


    Should've used sand or a halfslab or even stairs, something that doesn't generate inside caves.

    Well, I guess we'll never know, because I deleted the world.

    Build a toilet. That's what I did.

    What? How do you make a toilet? blink.gif

  7. ((Does someone want to kill Amber? I'm thinking of quieting. Mostly because I'm being lazy and not posting and making everyone else wait.))

    Amber and Snowflake followed Sara, Snowflake rather reluctantly. She didn't want to stay with dogs. Well, she liked Amber, but not other dogs. It didn't matter if they didn't eat cats unless they were desperate. They were always desperate. Life in Boneland was harsh. And in it, cats were dog food. She flicked her ear in annoyance. Why did Amber have to be so cocky? They couldn't just go making friends with every dog on the street! Not if Snowflake wanted to stay alive. And she did.

  8. Flowing liquids disappear if you block off the stream. The only thing you can pick up with a bucket is the source block from which they flow. And if you accidentally place a block in the same space as the source block, you've destroyed the aforementioned source block.

    I know that. I put the dirt over the source block. And I didn't touch the pool. And don't say I just couldn't find it, because I searched for a while. The only light in the cave was my torches. Maybe it was Herobrine!

  9. Okay, I found away to get to the nether without diamonds (though the first time I tried I spent the whole demo trying to find why it wasn't working, just to find out at the end that it was to tall.

    Anyway, while I was looking for iron, I stumbled upon a huge cave. In the cave was a three or four block long stream of lava and a pool of lava. When I went up with some iron and came back down with a bucket or two, all the lava was gone. I know because I placed a dirtblock over the stream, and when I came back there was no lava.

    Has any else had this problem with the demo?

  10. "No... just thinking." Amber said. Why was everyone fighting? Why were they all so intent on becoming the next 'top species'? Did there have to be one? Why couldn't they just work together to make the world better, instead of tearing it apart with sadness and bloodshed? Someday, just maybe, the world wouldn't have a top species. The world would finally be at peace.

  11. Snowflake grabbed Amber's leg and pulled her aside. "Why should we stay with them?" She whispered unhappily. "We hardly know them!"

    "It'll be fine."

    "How do you know she and her pups aren't planning on eating me?"

    "You have nine lives." Amber turned around. "I'm Amber. And this grumpy cat is Snowflake." Snowflake glared at her.


  12. Amber was unsure if she should accept. She hardly knew this dog, and what if she harmed Snowflake? On the other hand/paw, the mother dog had pups to protect. Harming Snowflake would put them in danger. Plus they would have a better chance of survival. Amber realized that she didn't know the other dog's name. "Thank you," said Amber. "But we, er, don't really know your name."

  13. Star:

    Star caught up to her mate. "Come on, open up, let me through. Yes I'm a member of The Shadows, so let me through!"

    End Star.


    Sol examined the two hatchlings who had refused to join his clan! why would anyone refuse to join his clan!? Just the thought of it made Sol angry. "Well in that case," Sol said, barely able to contain his rage. "Would you be so kind TO GET OFF OUR TERRITORY!?"

    End Sol.


    Spel grumbled as she flew over the sea. Off to another boring meeting. Yippee. As she reached the barrier, she yelled "I, Spel, member of The Shadows and gamma of The Darkness, request entry to The Island of The Shadows!"

    End Spel.

    Dawn and Dusk:

    Dawn and Dusk, terrified, scrambled away from the camp as fast as they could. They flew up into the air to get more speed. The gold dragon was angry. They didn't want to be anywhere near him while he was angry. They headed north, unaware that they were heading into yet another clan's territory.

    End Dawn and Dusk.

  14. (where is Backup77. Sara has been sitting there for a couple of days now.)


    "Well I couldn't have just left him to die, now could I?"Amber said. "Especially after you let me and Snowflake sleep in your shed." It felt good helping another dog. Amber sighed. If she could join a pack she could help dogs all the time. But she couldn't. She needed to protect Snowflake.

  15. The more Amber thought about the war, the angrier she got. Everyone was fighting. Families were being torn apart. You always had to be looking out for yourself, and sometimes you could only save yourself or someone you loved. If a lion saw a bear, they automatically thought they had to kill each other. Everything was falling apart.

  16. Star

    Star rose up into the air. "Let's go!" She rose joyfully into the air. She skimmed over the lake, letting one claw touch the water, sending up a spray.

    End Star.


    Sol looked at the two panting hatchlings. "Well? Do you want to join The Light, the best clan in history? We could use some more young warriors, like you. We have to battle The Darkness, who are stealing our eggs." Sol waited for their answer, wondering what it would be.

    End Sol.

    Dawn and Dusk

    "Well..." Dawn said. This clan looked great. Why shouldn't they join? "Can I speak to my brother for a bit?" Dusk asked. Sol nodded, and dawn and Dusk padded away into the trees. "I'm not going to join The Light." Dusk decided. "But we have to!" Dawn wailed. "It will be much safer. And we would have more food! And training! What more could you want?" "But I don't want to join them." Dusk replied. "I don't know why. Maybe it's just because they sleep at night and are awake the whole day. I'm not going to join them." "But I won't join The Darkness!" Dawn said. "Maybe there are some other clans we could join?" Dusk asked. "Okay," Dawn said. They walked out of the trees. "We have decided not to join. I hope you'll forgive us for intruding on your territory. We will leave now." Dawn and Dusk said in unison.

    End Dawn and Dusk.


    Spel licked the last of the rabbit off her lips and grumbled about nocturns. She tossed him a rabbit, aimed at his eyes. She took off towards the island of The Shadows.

    End Spel.

  17. ((Yep!))


    "Yes." Sol replied. "And what does her clan need with all those eggs? We lost another one just yesterday night! They must be stealing them so they can create a bigger army. Oh, look, what have we here?" Sol noticed Dawn and Dusk sitting on the edge of the camp.

    End Sol.


    "Okay, well, get moving!" Star was grumpier than normal today. She was tired of doing everything she could to help the clan, but getting nowhere. She crawled out of the den and blinked in the remaining sunlight. The sun was such a bright, greedy star. It hogged the whole sky in the daylight, and blocked out all the other stars. The night sky was much more beautiful than the daysky. A thousand beautiful points of silver across a black background, or one, painful to the eyes, bright, fiery ball against a blue background? No contest.

    End Star.