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  1. Once I played Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia for three hours strait in a moving car. As soon as we stopped I through up all over the floor.

    I live in Saskatchewan, and sometimes we get yellow spiders with backs a bit smaller than a quarter. Once I through a rock at one and it split open, writhing and twisting as white liquid spilled out of its back...

    I've never had a bad experience with dead animals (except when one of my kittens died sad.gif), and my cat(s) bring home mice and birds and stuff all the time. They never leave them on the porch or anything, and if a bird slams into the window they eat it.

    Well, now my cats have started eating stuff on the sidewalk that runs from the drive way, past the door that leads to my living room, and to the deck, or on the stairs that lead up to the living room door. Once they left a pile of guts on the sidewalk, and one of them just barfed up a HUGE string of guts. Not pretty.

  2. ((EDIT: We have one beta for The Darkness, anyone is free to send me a form for the remaining one. I'll start.))


    Star blinked sleep out of her eyes. It was an hour before sunset, and the had to get a move on or they would be late for The Shadow's meeting on the island. Two more eggs had been stolen just this week, and Lost dragons had been spotted flying around the mountain that The Darkness' camp was carved into. More eggs and hatchlings were stolen every month. Dragons guarded the camp 24/7, but it was useless. The guards would suddenly fall asleep, with no warning, and when they woke up, not long after, more eggs and hatchlings would be gone. Star sighed. Would they ever win the battle with The Lost? She shook Xaril. "Wake up. It's time to go."

    End Star.



    Sol looked up at the sky. The sun was going down, and it would soon be night. Night reminded him of her. He would never see her again, if he could help it. Unless it was in battle. He hated her, and her whole clan. They dared call themselves a clan! It was weak. One day he and his clan would destroy her clan! Maybe they would team up with The Lost. They seemed so powerful. But who were The Lost? They couldn't be the egg nappers, because she and her clan were the egg nappers. They claimed that they were losing eggs too. But The Light had never done such a thing. Maybe Sol had wanted too, but he hadn't. Maybe The Lost were stealing The Darkness' eggs.

    End Sol.


    Dawn and Dusk:

    "Fly!" Dusk screamed. "I am flying!" Dawn yelled back. "Well, then fly faster!" Dusk yelled. The grizzly bear that was chasing them was gaining. Who knew bears could run so fast? All they had done was steal a little bit of the rabbit it had just caught. Like the whole thing. But it was not happy. Dawn and Dusk dodged trees, but the canopy was too thick and they were going too fast for them too fly upwards and escape the bear. They started to go uphill, which made it harder for the bear to run as fast as they could fly. The bear kept chasing them until it got tired and decided that the two troublesome hatchlings weren't worth it, and it would be best if it reserved its energy for chasing things it could actually catch. Dawn and Dusk, panting flew higher up the mountain, but slower, to make sure they were safe. Then they stopped at a dip in the mountain, filled with dens and a pile of food in the middle. They had flown into The Light's camp.

    End Dawn and Dusk.


    Spel stretched as she woke up. She had had a busy day, planning stuff with the rest of the uncontrolled Lost. It was too bad they hadn't caught the loner hatchlings and their parents. The parents were struggling too break free of the spell that controlled them. It would be much easier to keep them controlled if their children were with them. Spel crawled out of her den, and looked over to the pile of food in the center of the camp. It was small, and the food in it going stale. She grumbled and grabbed a rabbit off the top. She crawled back into her den to eat in peace before she had to fly to The Shadow's island to find out what their plans were, and maybe give them some false information.

    End Spel.

  3. "Okay", Amber said. She didn't really want to go with the other two wolves, but they might get suspicious if she refused. Plus, traveling with them would make them less vulnerable to bears and caribou. "And I would be good at fighting the birds if it came to that." She muttered. She thought about what the other wolf had said. No wolf get a feather like that from being nice to a bird. But she had. Nightstream and Star had been her only friends ever since she had been abandoned, and she had never harmed a bird in her life. "I'm Amber." She added. "But I didn't catch your name."

  4. Come on", Amber said. "We need to get you back to your mother. She's probably very worried. Snowflake! I found one of the dog we stayed with pups! I'm going to bring him back." Snowflake trotted sleepily out of the shed, blinking sleep out of her eyes. Amber followed the pup's scent along the sidewalk, making sure he was following her. She spotted the mother dog walking on the sidewalk, her nose sniffing the ground. "Hey you", Amber called. " I found your pup."

  5. Amber looked in shock as the pill of junk covered the pup. She was relived when she heard a tiny howl come from the center of the pile. But how was she going to get to the pile of junk so she could dig the pup out? She looked around and saw a larger hole in the fence a few yards away. She trotted over to it and squeezed through. When she reached the pile of junk she started to dig furiously, searching for any sign of the pup. She reached the sink and flipped it over with a heave. Underneath was the scared looking pup, covered in dust. "Are you okay?" She asked.

  6. Coolio! I updated my house, so now, I'd say it's done...for now.

    My pathway of FIYAH!

    My back door.

    My crafting room. Now new and improved!

    Also made a pathway/park behind my house. Not sure what for, but it's there. Want pics?

    Ooh... If I had Minecraft, and I made a pathway of FIYAH, I waould use burning netherack. Then it looks awesome and burns mobs! But torches looks good to. Your house looks awesome. Now I just need to buy Minecraft and build a more epic house with a gazillion rooms...

  7. Amber yawned. A dog had just barked loudly a couple times and woken her up. She walked out of the shed, just to stretch her legs a bit. She froze as she looked through the fence of the junkyard. A small puppy was sitting just inside it, and it was one the mother dogs puppies. She quickly walked over to the gate, trying not to walk to quickly or she would scare the pup. "You. Puppy." She whispered, not knowing the puppy's name. "You should get back to your mom. I'll take you if you're lost."

  8. "Thank you for letting us sleep in your shed," Amber said. "I hope if we meet again I can repay you the favor." Amber and Snowflake bounded away, blinking in the sunlight. They picked up the faint trail of a rat, but it disappeared at a hole in the ground. Snowflake pounced on a mouse, but it was too small to do Amber any good. Snowflake gulped it down before anything could jump out and try to steal it and they trotted away. They came to the edge of the junkyard, but by then the sun was climbing and they were starting to get sleepy again. They hadn't had much more than a nap in the mother dog's shed, and they needed their rest. They climbed into an empty shed just outside the junkyard and drifted off to sleep.

  9. Amber looked at the other wolf. He had asked if she was following the birds. That was true, of course, but she couldn't let him know. What would happen if she did? He certainly wasn't being very hostile, but that could easily change. He couldn't know that she had lived with birds for most of her life. "Why would I be following the birds?" Amber asked. "You seem to be going in the same direction." She hoped the other wolf wouldn't see the foot-long feather woven in with the fur on her back. It had been one of Star's feathers, and it had fallen out during the battle.

  10. Amber felt another wolf barrel into her. Shaking the snow of her pelt, she got up. "A bear?" She asked. She growled, remembering the bear that had taken her life away. "And I'm not stupid. I'm just a little insane." She hesitated, wondering how much she should tell this wolf. Should she tell him about her past? About Nightstream and Star? He might attack her and hate her for the rest of his life, if she even got away. She hardly knew anything about wolf fighting skills, except the ones she had taught herself. She hadn't lived long enough in her pack to learn very much. She could fight birds, if she had to, but not a wolf.

  11. Granted, but it gets stuck in Sky Form and attacks you because it feels like it and is annoyed that it is stuck in Sky Form and always gets x4 damage from ice attacks.


    I wish for Minecraft and a super-fast computer to run it on.

  12. Amber and Snowflake woke up, blinking as the sunlight streaming in from the doorway hit their eyes. The mother dog was sitting at the entrance, waiting for them to wake up. They had slept long enough that they could maybe find some breakfast, or at least search for some, and find another shed to sleep in. They didn't want to make the mother dog afraid that if she left her pups would be harmed. Amber knew she wouldn't feel very comfortable with leaving Snowflake with another dog. "Thank you for letting us stay here," Amber said. "We'll leave you and your pups alone now." Amber and Snowflake waited for the mother dog to move so they could leave.

  13. Scot it said on the first post that everyone starts out as either a junkyard dog or a loner

    ((It says you have to start out as a loner, junkpack member or shadowpack member, but that hasn't been updated since the Tall Stone pack was made. You can start out as a member of the Tall Stone packi, someone correct me if I'm wrong.))

  14. I want to buy Minecraft, but I can't until I buy my own computer. So I'm stuck playing the demo until I can get enough money to buy a computer.

    Ah, Minecraft. Four words. This game is awesome.

    Warning, video may cause you to have an unusual case of the smiles:

    This quote sums Minecraft up pretty well. And the video is awesome.