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  1. ((FOR EVERYONE: I am changing Rule No. 6:
    I prefer posts to be at least 650 characters long. If you are in a conversation they must be 300 characters long. I will accept writers block as an excuse, but not for every post you write.
    The rule will now be 'Posts must be at least 5 sentences long.' This shouldn't be to hard.

  2. Occasionally, a wolf that had distinguished his or herself as particularly heroic would be led to the stone and either gained powers when they had been born with none, or had their powers drastically increased.

    Occasionally, a wolf that had distinguished him or herself as particularly heroic would be led to the stone and either gained powers when they had been born with none, or had their powers drastically increased.


    This looks great, I'll join when it's approved. biggrin.gif

  3. ((Saphira, please tone it down a bit. I don't care if Kerry is a Guardian of Nature, he can't read minds. And taking power from enemy spells... that's a bit much. He's to powerful already, he doesn't need a new ability every post.


    ((Oh, and he can't be a trillion years old. The world isn't that old.))

  4. Star closed her eyes, exhausted. She could hear one last wolf, a large male, leaping around, looking for dragons to kill. It saw the small nebula hatchling, and rushed forward. Its large, cruelly sharp teeth dug into the scales on Star's tail, who gave a feeble yelp of pain. The wolf picked Star up, and was about to shake the poor hatchling when Star gave a massive, final effort and shocked the wolf. Its body went ridged, and it fell over, dead. Star painfully dropped to the ground. She landed on her feet, but immediately flopped back onto her stomach. She dimly registered the warm sticky stuff on her tail, which felt numb with pain, before fainting. At least all the wolves are gone...

  5. Username: Backup77

    Character Name: Ink

    Gender: Female

    Age: Matured Hatchling

    Dragon Kind (Pygmey, silver, red, ect.) : Nebula

    Personality: Ink is normally happy and cheerful, but can be rather cold and unsympathetic, simply because she doesn't know how to show sympathy. She won't give up if she can change something, but once something is done, she knows nothing can be done about it. She is rather mature for her age, and will rarely do anything foolish. She can be quite curious, often looking for anything useful or shiny. She will often horde shiny objects, keeping coins or gems in small crevices. She can be forgetful, sometimes forgetting where she kept a small gem or gold coin, and her willingness to go see if any object is shiny enough for her horde can often get her in trouble.

    Other: She is adapt at making small, silver-blue, blowtorch like flames, but can't make larger flames without using up most of her energy.

  6. Ink instantly flared up at the tom's words. They would get out the miserable place the humans kept them in, even if the tom was to hopeless and narrow-minded to actually try. "Just because you can't get out of here, doesn't mean I can't," she retorted angrily. She padded over to the two she-cats, almost tripping several times. "Do you to have any idea how we could escape?" she asked hopefully. Then she began muttering things under her breath, random ideas on how they could escape. "Could try chewing through the chains... no, that wouldn't work... we could all try to create one blowtorch... Wait! that could maybe possibly work!" she said suddenly.


    ((Sorry, short post))

  7. *Who is your favorite Weasley twin?

    What's the difference between them?

    *Did you want Fred,Tonks,Lupin, and Mad-Eye to die?

    NO! *attacks death eater that killed Tonks*

    *What house would you be in?


    *Should've Kingsley stayed Minister of Magic PERMANENTLY?

    Yeah, sure. Better then Fudge ever was.

    *What did you think of the Potter,Diggory,and Chang love triangle?

    Harry`s to good for Cho. GinnyxHarry wins.

    *Should Hagrid and Madame Maxime elope?

    I don't know.

    *Do you believe all of Harry's triumphs were bogus or assisted with?

    Harry would never have survived his first year without help. Or his second... Or his third...

    *Who was your least like teacher?


    *When you heard about Snape's *love* did you feel sorry for him?


    *When Dumbledore and Sirius died did you cry?

    I forget. Not Dumbledore, but maybe Sirius.

    *Did you like how they portrayed the fifth movie?

    Yeah, sure.

    *If you were Harry would you want to kill Cormac McLaggen after that horrific Quidditch match?


    *RonxLavender,,, Good or bad


    *RonxFleur...Good or Bad

    Er... no.

    *What is your favorite spell,charm,jinx,or curse?

    I don't really know, but I like Expecto Patronum.

    *What is your favorite magical subject?


    *How many times have you read the HP series?

    Er... I think I'm on my seventh time.

    *Would you make a Horcrux if a person asked you to kill them because they were dying?


    *If so what would you make it out of?


  8. Ink dug happily through the layer of snow on the ground after a fat mouse, her dark brown fur flecked with bits of snow. She reached the mouse after a few seconds, which gave a terrified squeak before getting killed by Ink's sharp teeth. Holding the dead mouse by the tail, Ink stared at the view from the top of one of the Himalayas. She shook herself to rid herself of the flecks of snow that covered her pelt, but as soon as she was finished she gleefully ran and deliberately tripped into a snowbank, making her look like a snowcat. Purring gleefully, Ink began to head back to the network of tunnels she had dug into the mountain, her home. Before she could go far, however, she was interrupted by the horrible scent of humans and their filth, which had been covered by the delicious scent of the mouse. Before she could run away, Ink was blocked by a large human with an even bigger net. The human threw the net onto Ink, who promptly began to fight and burn/melt the chains with her fire. Before she could get away, or even tell what was going on, a sharp pain stabbed her in the back, and everything went black.


    Ink awoke in a large, glass room with a large, metal pole in the center. She blinked, and everything came into focus. (Two?) cats were in the room with her, but neither were making any attempt to escape. Furious, Ink tried to flap her wings, but couldn't move. They felt tired and heavy, whether from the large chains on them or the effects of some nasty human chemical. Ink felt drowsy and inactive, and was hardly able to move. But she wanted to. She wanted to get out of the glass cage, to fly away, and maybe find another mouse. Her stomach rumbled and complained loudly. Shakily, Ink got to her feet and looked around for something to eat. There was a small rut in the room, not far from where Ink stood. She padded over to it, trying to walk as steady as she could. Inside of the rut was a few drops of purple tinted water and a small amount of revolting smelling food. Ink thought longingly of her mouse, and how it was being wasted in the snow. This thought made her want to escape even more. Looking at the chains that held her wings, Ink thought of ways to break them. She tried to create a blowtorch-like flame, but only a small, silver, barely warm flame. She tried harder, panting with the effort, but the flame didn't change. Ink walked back to the metal pole, then ran as fast as she could away from it, which was hardly more then a walk. When she reached the end of her chains, Ink pulled and struggled, but nothing happened. Ink didn't expect anything to happen. She sat down, exhausted, by the rut. She took a small gulp of the food, and almost spat it out. She forced herself to swallow it, though it tasted like the smoke from the metal thing humans use instead of legs or wings for transport smelt. She looked around the room defiantly, and decided that one day she would get out, even if she had to eat disgusting food for another year, she would get out.

  9. Mossfang felt Froststripe's claws slash through her ears. Shaking her head and sending drops of blood flying everywhere, Mossfang raised her claws to prepare to land the final blow on the weakened traitor. Before she could slash open Froststripe's throat, however, Mossfang felt a large brown tabby tom smash into her side. She was thrown to the cold, bloodsoaked grass, looking wildly around for her attacker. She spotted him, though as she looked Mossfang realized that the battle was over. Leaving Froststripe behind, Mossfang padded over to the group of cats. She saw Yellowstar, dead. Yewberry had been victorious. The battle was over. But no... it wasn't. There was still one cat undecided on which side he was on, and one cat could make a difference in war. "Remember your loyalties, Pikeclaw! Yellowstar may be dead, but his dream lives on!" Mossfang shouted over the heads of the crowd. She had always thought Pikeclaw would be a great warrior, and now was the moment of truth. Not on the battlefield, no, great warriors didn't necessarily have to be great fighters. To be a great warrior, cats had to show where their loyalties are.

  10. Froststripe felt herself slip down onto the cold, wet ground. Her nose smacked into the grass. Froststripe felt pain shoot up her nose and struggled to stand up again, her nose wet with blood from the ground. She felt claws rake across her back as Mossfang attacked her. Froststripe rolled onto her sore back, trying to ignore the pain as dirt and grass got rubbed into her scratches. She slashed blindly upwards, and felt her claws rake through an ear. She heard a muffled crashing noise and a yowl and realized her eyes were clamped tightly shut. She opened one, trying to ignore the feeling of faintness. She couldn't faint... she'd die, and then she would never see RiverClan as it should be, without Yellowstar. Yewberry would save them... but where was he? He was battling Yellowstar, wasn't he? Then Froststripe heard a cat yowl, "No! Yewberry can't be dead!", or something of that sort. Froststripe was having difficulty distinguishing different sounds. Everything seemed so blurry, as if she was watching the scene from far away. She could still think clearly, but her senses were dull, as if all her remaining energy was going into realizing that Yewberry was dead, and that he wouldn't be saving RiverClan... Froststripe noticed that Mossfang the traitor, had gone. At least she wasn't raking her claws into Froststripe's pelt. That was a relief.


  11. (can Mosspaw have a different name?)


    Froststripe's claws were flying everywhere, trying to defend from three sides at once as rouges attacked her from everywhere. She felt her claws drag across the pelt of an orange tabby, which turned and spat at her. The tabby slashed at Froststripe's eyes, who pulled back her head just in time. She used the moment while the tabby was unbalanced to hook his legs out from under him, but just as Froststripe was about to rake her claws against the tabby's back, she heard a terrified yowl. She turned to see Venomstrike's paw disappear under a mass of rogues. She saw Drizzlefrost pulling rogues away, trying to get to her mother... Froststripe ran over to help, not caring about the claws that were pulling out tufts of her fur or leaving long scratches as she passed. She reached the spot where she had seen her mother's paw, and grabbed a rogue, a rather small she-cat, by the scruff. She pulled the rogue backwards, which slashed at her nose. Froststripe felt blood run down her face, the wound gushing blood... now one of the cats that had been in RiverClan before the rogues had come, one who was supposed to be helping drive the rogues away, was attacking her...

    Mossfang fought through the Clan cats that were trying to fight, pleased to see that the rogues were winning. Yellowstar had been the best thing that had ever happened to RiverClan, perhaps after Rosestar. Mossfang felt a large Clan cat rake its claws across her pelt, but when she looked back at it, she saw it wasn't a RiverClan cat. So ThunderClan had come to help... but no matter. Mossfang wouldn't let RiverClan be corrupted again. She saw Froststripe, one of the new warriors, trying to fight a pack of rogues that looked like they had ganged up on one cat. Mossfang ran forward to help the rogues, hooking Froststripe's legs out from under her.