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  1. So like, should we have a cryptic-y sentence for every character that's part of the prophecy, or what? It would be long, but then it wouldn't be fair to just have two or three cats mentioned but 50 cats actually part of it. xd.png


    (And if we are having a cryptic thing per character, I call 'Song of the night sings away evil' for Nightpaw. biggrin.gif)

    Yeah, that was just the basic idea I was thinking of. I think if we do one line per character, mine will be... I don't know yet. Something to do with Moonpaw's blindness. We'll just have to wait for TMD

  2. An idea a for 'bad guys': If no one submits a evil character for the prophecy, could whoever wants to make a secret character, the sheet PMed to TMD, and everyone else knows nothing about them except their name and who rps them? That would make a lot of evil characters, but we do need evil characters. Or maybe just TMD should make one or two secret characters. Or we ditch the idea altogether.



  3. Yeah, I tried to add cryptic stuff... but it's hard to do that in one sentence. All the warrior prophecies are one line, right? Now, if we made it a little different from the regular prophecies, and made it more like a Percy Jackson prophecy... lots of cryptic stuff! Maybe:

    *number of good characters* cats shall join together,

    Clan cats and loner, must save the clans from *number of evil characters*,

    A clap of thunder brightens the shadows,

    A river of wind cuts through the darkness,

    To restore *Five or four?* clans to the forest once more.


    It doesn't rhyme, but it's sorta cryticy... and took me about a minute to make. How do you like the 'clap of thunder' part? I was thinking that could refer to Lynxpaw. The river of wind... I don't really know. I just felt like adding it.


    Oh, and Packgoater, they do mention the bad guys. "A battle is coming, Fireheart. Beware a warrior you cannot trust." Or "Beware an enemy who seems to sleep." Both mention enemies. More specifically, both mention Tigerstar, who I think most people call a bad guy

  4. If TMD approves of the one cat per rper idea, I think my cat will be Moonpaw. Either her or Mosspaw. Poor Mistpaw... she has no chance of being in the prophecy.


    Oh, and Kokay, yes, Mosspaw (not Moonpaw) ran over to where Brierstar and Yewberry are.


    Wait, was the elder Icepelt or Icefur? Oops, and I called her Icepaw once too... will edit in the morning. Pretend Mosspaw said Icefur.

  5. "Yes, StarClan did give us four clans, not to. I see no reason why ShadowClan and RiverClan are convinced they must rule the forest. I would have done something about it sooner, but I am blind. If I tried to do anything about it, I would be killed and then I would only be able to help from StarClan. When I live I want to shine, not rashly throw my life away like a piece of crowfood." Moonpaw continued carefully. She did not want to offend Lynxpaw. "I think you can help me. If you want the war to end as much as I do, then we could help each other. ShadowClan trust me, and you can see. We could work to gether to take ShadowClan down from the inside. Deadstar seems better then most ShadowClan leaders, but if Yellowpath becomes Yellowstar... I wouldn't put anything past her." Moonpaw shuddered. Yellowpath wasn't the nicest cat in the forest... "Do you have any wounds?" Moonpaw said suddenly, and began to chew up the dock.

    Mosspaw's head shot above the surface of the river. She started to feel the current start to slow down, when a white she-cat hit her. "Help..." she muttered faintly as she tried to stay afloat. Mosspaw smirked to herself. It was Icefur, the worthless elder. When she was a warrior, she had tried to stop the war. In fact, she was still trying to stop the war, even as an elder. Mosspaw paddled over to her, unsheathing her claws as she went. Icefur wouldn't be bothering anyone any more... "I'll help you!" Mosspaw yelled. "Thank you..." Icefur muttered as Mosspaw reached her. "Oh, I wouldn't thank me." Mosspaw replied with a smirk. "Wha..?" Those were Icefur's final words. Mosspaw's claws slashed her throat, blood gushing out and dying the river red. Mosspaw scrambled out of the river, and hurriedly ran back to camp. "Help!" she yowled. "Icefur has been killed by rouges! Sh-she was in the r-river, an-and th-they pr-pretended t-to h-help h-her, b-but then th-they k-killed her!" Mosspaw sobbed, and pretended to be truly sad. Inside, she was grinning. She had committed her first murder. Sure, it was just a helpless elder half drowned any way, but there would be more to come...

  6. Moonpaw waited for the ThunderClan apprentice to be done talking to the other ShadowClan apprentices. As far as she could tell, the apprentices' name was Lynxpaw. Then she picked up the bundle of dock and walked over to her. "Can I speak to you in private?" she whispered. "Maybe the forest?" Moonpaw walked out of the camp, using her nose to avoid puddles and trees. Once they were a safe distance from camp, she turned around. "Do you want the war to end as much as I do?" she asked. She hoped Lynxpaw did, or she would be in trouble. Moonpaw hadn't told any one about her dreams in her life...

  7. The waves of water slowly died down, and Moonpaw could breath again. The cool, fresh air felt so good after swallowing so much water and almost drowning in her own den, the den that cats were supposed to be healed in, to be safe in. Finally, Moonpaw's sensitive nose could smell the way out. She crawled out of the water, exhausted. Her nose twitched as she smelt something that wasn't in ShadowClan camp before the flood. It was a ThunderClan apprentice, probably taken into the camp by a clevershadow or a warrior and ready to be brainwashed. Moonpaw had an idea. Maybe she wouldn't be brainwashed. Moonpaw herself had lived in ShadowClan her whole life and still didn't believe that they had to rule the forest. Maybe the ThunderClan apprentice could help her take down RiverClan and ShadowClan and restore peace. But Moonpaw was getting ahead of herself. First she had to tend to any wounds she had and try to make friends with her. Maybe the ThunderClan apprentice would become Moonpaw's first friend...


    She walked over to the apprentice, and was about to ask her to come to the medicine cat den so she could treat her wounds when she remembered that the medicine cat den was still flooded and all the herbs had been washed away. The second thing that stopped her was when she smelt that she was near Yellowpath and the anger-scent that was coming off her. Maybe Moonpaw's plan would work. The ThunderClan apprentice wasn't going down without a fight. Moonpaw decided now would be a good time to get some dock out of the patch just outside of ShadowClan camp and get some cobwebs, too. She padded over and grabbed onto the plant, pulling out some of the leaves. She sniffed the air, but cobwebs don't give off a very strong scent, and the rain had washed the little scent they gave off away, so Moonpaw decided she wouldn't be able to find any unless she walked into one. She padded back to camp, wondering if she should stop what looked like was going to be a fight between the ThunderClan apprentice and Yellowpath.

  8. Moonpaw yowled in terror. A wave of water pushed her into the very back of the medicine cat den. She swallowed a mouthful of water. She paddled madly, anything to get a breath of air. She reached the surface, only to plummet down again after a quick breath of air. She tried to escape the flooding den, but water pushed her back whenever she made any progress. Suddenly she went under, the water twisting her around. She came up, but which way to swim? The twisting had disorientated her, and the water had washing the scent of the walls away. Moonpaw reached the surface, took a breath of air, and gave another yowl of terror before slipping down under the waves.


    Mosspaw looked into the river. There was no way she could possibly catch a fish now. The rain had scared the all away. Suddenly, Mosspaw's paw slipped, and a wave of water swept her into the water. Mosspaw panicked- she was an excellent swimmer, but the waves were too big and strong for the RiverClan apprentice. She was still doing better than Moonpaw, but she didn't know that and wouldn't have cared even if she did. All that mattered to her was herself. She even hoped a few cats would drown, mostly Deadstar. He was weak, as he showed everyone at the gathering when he gave ThunderClan new hunting grounds. Yellowpath would make a much better leader. Maybe Mosspaw could help her become the next ShadowClan leader, very soon. Mosspaw's head slipped under the waves, only her flailing limbs, tail, and the tips of her ears showing that a cat was in the water.

    Mistpaw panicked as she felt the rain pelt down harder. She was on high ground, but everyone at camp- she had to save the kits! She splashed towards the camp, looking down in dismay at the flooded camp. Water was everywhere. Mistpaw was frozen in fear and shock. She almost wished she hadn't left camp- then she would be down there helping, instead of standing at the top, safe on high ground, doing nothing. A frightened bird flew over her head, close enough that when she jumped into the air her claws caught its wings. It let out a frightened shriek as Mistpaw's claws dragged it down. She gave it a nip to the neck to kill it, then started to splash over to where she hoped everyone would be gathering after escaping the camp.

  9. I looked at the wiki, it didn't say anything about dens. But the camp is described as a "a dark, well concealed hollow" for the forest territories, and it is also a hollow at the lake territories, too. I would think they would have well hidden dens, probably old burrows, or dens made of pine branches, well hidden in the shadows, maybe leading into old burrows to run and hide into in the case of an attack they had to retreat from.


    RiverClan camp:

    The camp is full of lush trees and streams full of fish. There is a main stream that joins a smaller one, and on that triangle of land, RiverClan's camp resides.[1] In the camp, there is a nest of brambles which is where the nursery is. It is strongly reinforced. In other thickets are the elder's and leader's den. The medicine's den is behind a thornbush and overhangs the stream. The earth was washed away, leaving a pool in the roots and a hole in the bank. This is essential for the medicine cat who can store his/her supplies and get fresh water any time. There aren't as many shiny things as the old camp, but Twolegs often leave behind shiny things that the cats can use to decorate their nests. However, they have to be careful, as not all Twoleg things are safe for them

  10. RP Advertisement

    Name of RP:Warriors: Power of Three (I might change it to Warriors: Power of Seven)


    # of active RPers:Me and Dragcave.

    Plot Summary:Long ago, near the start of the four clans of cats, four clans of foxes lived with the cats. The foxes were driven away after evil foxes forced them to attack the cats. Now, only FlameClan is left, and there is only three members. But what no one knows, is that two animals were told a prophecy: There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of stars in their paws. You know one was Firestar, but who was the other? Sparrowfeather, (not the dark forest cat) the last members of FlameClan's grandfather. They must help Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing to battle the Dark Forests and save the clans.

    Other:Needs more cats, and more characters in general.

  11. and the thunderclan's dens are basically caves right? i need to be clear on the territories xd.png normally, it's just thunderclan's being talked about

    Don't ThunderClan make their dens out of brambles and stuff? Well, I know the leader's den is a cave, and so is the medicine cat den, but I think they make the rest out of brambles and ferns. WindClan sleep out in the open, unless it's raining or something, then they retreat to old rabbit, fox and badger burrows. Right now, the burrows would be flooded, so I doubt they would go there. I don't know about RiverClan or ShadowClan, though.

  12. I wont be able to post much for a few days, but who should be Mosspaw's mentor? I was thinking Shadowpelt, he seems like a much better mentor for her (Oaktail's grudge against ShadowClan doesn't seem to fit with Mosspaw) but both would work. Shadeflame is the only ThunderClan warrior, so I guess she has to be Mistpaw's mentor, unless we wait until someone makes another ThunderClan warrior...

  13. Moonpaw listened to thunder rumbling in the distance. She was cowering in the medicine cat den. Thunderstorms always made her nervous. The lightning, the rain pouring down, no way to know if the lightning had struck a branch above your head or if it struck a branch over where you were going to run. The rain washed all the scent trails away, leaving Moonpaw completely lost. Of course, a normal cat would be able to see the dangers, and see where they were going instead of relying on their sense of smell.


    Mosspaw stood outside the apprentice den, the wind whipping her jet black fur around. Drops of rain fell from the sky, soaking her pelt. Mosspaw didn't mind- she loved the water. She loved the storms, the cover they offered. Darkness veiled the land, rain washed your scent away, thunder boomed and startled unsuspecting cats. Mosspaw didn't even flinch when thunder boomed right overhead. Maybe tonight she would get to invade ThunderClan or WindClan camp. They wouldn't be expecting an attack. The weaklings would be cowing in their dens, ready to be attacked by RiverClan clevershadows. Mosspaw longed to attack, to rip her claws through the pelts of ThunderClan and WindClan cats. Or even Deadstar, the new leader of ShadowClan, RiverClan's allies. He was going to turn ShadowClan soft, corrupt them, make them do whatever the other clans wanted them to do instead of fighting them. Mosspaw walked over to the river. Maybe she could find some food for the fresh-kill pile. She doubted it, though. With the storm, all the fic=sh would be hiding at the bottom of the river. She wouldn't be able to catch a minnow. She stared into the depths anyway, searching for a flash of silver. Nothing, nothing, bingo. Mosspaw saw the flash of silver she had been looking for. Her paw splashed into the water, but came up empty. "Fox dung!" she muttered quietly.


    Mistpaw yelped as a flash of thunder woke her up. She quietly crawled out of the apprentice den. Maybe no one would notice she overslept. She snuck around to the fresh-kill pile. She hadn't caught anything yet, but she just wanted to see how much was there. Not much, and what was there was soaking wet. Mistpaw snorted in disgust and walked out of the camp. Maybe she could catch an unlucky bird that wasn't hiding in its nest.



  14. Hey, can anyone make a banner for this RP? :<

    user posted image



    user posted image



    They're kinda rushed, and exactly the same except one is huge. Both of them are big.


    A good site to make banners is bannersketch.com. No watermark, you just have to replace the link to bannersketch with a link to whatever. smile.gif

  15. Moonpaw listened to the gathering, waiting to see find out if anything interesting would happen. She didn't really think anything would happen. It would probably be another gathering of ShadowClan and RiverClan trying to restrain themselves from ripping WindClan and ThunderClan to shreds. But something did happen, something that didn't involve ShadowClan ripping WindClan or ThunderClan to shreds. Her new leader, Deadstar, was giving ThunderClan new hunting grounds. ShadowClan didn't use the land, that was true, but giving it to ThunderClan? Giving them an advantage in battle by giving them more food? That wasn't usually ShadowClan's style. Was the War of The Roses coming to an end? Would it end with Deadstar, new leader of ShadowClan, ending the war? All these thoughts rushed through Moonpaw's head. She doubted the war would end soon, but she would be glad if it did. She heard a RiverClan apprentice, Mosspaw, who was training to be a Clevershadow, give a loud hiss. Moonpaw rolled her sightless eyes. From the few times she had met her, Moonpaw knew Mosspaw was certain war was the answer and ShadowClan and RiverClan should rule the lake, and 'drive the ThunderClan and WindClan weaklings away from the lake.' Moonpaw hoped that would never happen. She sniffed the air, and amongst the crowd of ThunderClan apprentices, she smelt a scent that smelt... familiar. Like she had known that cat before. Moonpaw realized Mosspaw's scent smelt familiar too. Moonpaw couldn't quite place why, though.

    Mosspaw waited for WindClan to show up. Finally, they came. Mosspaw wanted to rip them all to shreds, the weaklings. ThunderClan, too. They deserved to die. They were weak. They could never understand power. Her attention snapped from thinking about how weak ThunderClan and WindClan were to the gathering as Deadstar began to talk. "...running quite well in our territories. Well enough, at least, that I feel comfortable in giving ThunderClan new hunting grounds." Mosspaw let out a loud hiss of surprise and annoyance. Was ShadowClan going soft? RiverClan's allies in battle, the ones who had started the war in the first place, the ones who invented Clevershadows, giving up land to ThunderClan, giving them an advantage in battle!? Mosspaw hoped the war would end when every ThunderClan and WindClan cat was dead, driven away or a part of ShadowClan or RiverClan. And she also hoped it wouldn't end until she got to play a part in it, to become a Clevershadow, to show the weaklings a lesson.


    Mistpaw listened suspiciously as Deadstar delivered the news. ShadowClan was giving up territory? Impossible. It was some kid of trick. They would hide an army of warriors and Clevershadows and attack every ThunderClan cat that entered. Something like that. There was no way ShadowClan, the most evil cats in the lake would give up territory. And even if the impossible happened and there was a good cat in ShadowClan, he wouldn't be made deputy or become leader. ShadowClan was evil, every one of them. Cats that could create something as evil as Clevershadows, who would brainwash kits into becoming them, had to be evil. She saw one ShadowClan cat looking at her with strange eyes. They were staring, but it didn't seem like them saw anything. The cat's eyes were a blazing green, just like her eyes were. Out of the corner of her eye, Mistpaw saw another cat with the same eyes, but this cat was a RiverClan, and her eyes could see, but were cold and empty. Mistpaw shivered and looked away.

  16. Username:Backup77




    Age:7 moons

    Position:Med. cat apprentice

    Appearance:A small, slim she-cat with blazing green eyes. She is the darkest black except for her chest, the tip of her tail and her paws, which are silver as the moon.

    Personality:Moonpaw is... different from the other apprentices in ShadowClan. She wonders why ShadowClan and RiverClan are so convinced that they must rule the Clans. She despises the idea of killing kits, and follows the warrior code when ever she can. She is very good at hiding her emotions, so every cat in the lake area still believes she is exactly like the other ShadowClan cats. But mention her blindness and she will rip your head off.

    History:Born in ShadowClan, she was almost killed by the ShadowClan leader when it was found out she is blind. Her mother, who loved her kits more than anything, pleaded with the leader to give her a second chance. The leader agreed to let Moonkit live, but told Moonpaw's mother that she would only allow her to live if she proved to be useful to her clan and not just a waste of fresh-kill. Moonkit's mother, fearful that something would happen to her other two kits, Mistkit and Mosskit, sent Mosskit to RiverClan, where she would be safe from clevershadows, and Mistkit to ThunderClan, where she would grow up knowing the Code.

    Moons past, and Moonkit became a Med. Cat apprentice while her sisters became apprentices. They knew nothing about having any sisters, and Mosspaw and Mistpaw believed the she-cats that took care of them were their mothers. Their real mother died moons ago, and none of them, even Moonpaw, know who their father was. The secret died with their mother.

    Other:She is blind. Rosestar.






    Age:7 moons


    Appearance:A larger she-cat than her sisters, Mistpaw is still as slim as them. Her eyes blaze the same green, and her pelt is the same black, but her ears and tail are silver, and she has a streak of silver on her back.

    Personality:Mistpaw was raised in ThunderClan, and believes every cat in RiverClan and ShadowClan are pure evil. She hates them all, and longs for the days where the clans trusted each other, the days that her 'mother' told her stories about. She is kind out of battle, but will die defending her clan, and is fierce in battle. She doesn't trust any RiverClan or ShadowClan cat.

    History:She Moonpaw's history.







    Age:7 moons

    Position:Clevershadow Apprentice

    Appearance:Slim, slightly smaller then Moonpaw, is fast and deadly. Her pelt is pure black, perfect for blending into the shadows. Her eyes blaze green.

    Personality:Mosspaw is merciless, unkind, and has no problem killing in cold blood. She will kill you before you have a chance to unsheathe your claws if she has the chance. She thinks the warrior code is stupid and unnecessary. She loves the taste of blood and the squeal of prey, the feeling of her claws running through fur and flesh.

    History:She Moonpaw's history


  17. Amber listened to the plans, uncertain whether or not the other two wolves would agree to the plan. One of them had made his feelings clear that he wouldn't, then the other one agreed and ran off. She started to follow him, mostly to make sure he didn't harm any birds, but then heard a shriek and saw a golden comet racing towards him. Amber ran as fast as she could. She ran towards the other wolf, barreling into him when she reached him. It wasn't the best idea, she realized later. Hadn't the plan been to draw the eagle away? What if the whole plan had been ruined, and now the eagle was going to kill the other wolf and everyone who was close to him would hate birds even more? She didn't even think that the bird might kill her to.

  18. You could change the password back, then the owner could use it again... And, uh, where did you find the comment?


    Lol, I just thought of something that would be hilarious on PvP. Dig a two block deep pit, push 15 pigs into it (so no more can spawn, I think that's the max number of passive mobs that can spawn) and cover it up with dirt and let the grass grow back. Next, shoot your opponent with arrows or something until they have half a heart left. Assuming they have no food on hand, that would be hilarious, especially at the beginning when they have no wheat or mob farms.

  19. ((Fury is male, and he's a giant, golden eagle. He's easily spottable. Also, DP, if Tryd can see Des, Fury can see Tryd. Just pointing that out.))

    ((Huh? I was talking about Myf! *whispers* Packgoater hasn't put her form on the first post yet.))